Ruby’s face says it all…

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Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

Sunrise photos have been happening again.
This makes me happy because sunrise is my favorite time to take pictures…

This set is from just shortly after, on a cool cloudy morning…but the light was still marvelous!

It all started when I saw a certain Palomino laying down in the green, green grass:

“Whatchu want Mama, with the beepy thing…”

“Well, if I don’t have to get up that’s good…I’m a little peckish”

“Oh, oh, oh!”

“Soooooo itchy!!”

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Monday was Cookie’s 13th birthday.
I had in my mind for a while, long before she passed, that I wanted to do a cake smash with her.
This was supposed to be her year for it…

Instead, her herdmates enjoyed her cake for her.
Seems like it should have been a bittersweet shoot, but it turned out to be great fun. ❤

Hubby offers some cake to Sable…

He mighta smooshed it into her muzzle a wee bit…being it’s a cake smash and all… 😉

Ruby’s turn…you can see icing on Astrid’s muzzle…

That tongue…lol!

And then Hubby set the cake down, so all 3 could enjoy it at once…

“Y’know what I like?”


And then our dear sweet Blonde Girl had a moment with her friend’s halter…

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Love is the strange
that overtakes one person
on account
of another person.
– James Thurber

This is my equine “hard keeper”.
Clearly, I’m doing something right this winter.
That mare is positively chunky, and her Girlie is going to have to get her back into shape come nicer weather. 🙂
This, my friends, is a good thing.

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