Canada Geese

The geese have returned.

We’re right in the flight path of thousands of Canada Geese.
Which means they often land on our field in the spring and in the fall.
If it’s snow geese in the spring, we’re happy, because our fall hunting tag is valid for spring hunting of snow geese.
In the fall, we don’t care what lands, Canadas, snows…they’re both good eating.

One side effect of the geese arriving though, is sleep deprived horses.
Unless you’ve lived next to a hoard of honkers, you have no idea how loud they are.
And, at all hours.

This ^^^ is the face of a pissed off at the geese honking 24/7 horse.
She’s actually lying in the straw pile (from February’s bale explosion) trying to nap.
But those geese…they never stop honking.

Today we’re dealing with a snow storm.
I was a wee bit worried about my chicks, outside in the brooder.
But they have 2 heat lamps, a whole lot of feed and clean water.
They’re bopping around in there just fine.
We did lose 2 of them earlier this week.
It happens sometimes.
1 was really small, the other was normal sized, but it died under the heat lamp.
Either it was crushed in a pileup or it just wasn’t a healthy chick.
So far though, the other 43 are doing amazing!

Next run of the incubators is coming up…hopefully this weekend I’ll hear from the woman with the hatching eggs I wanted.
And then, it’s collect eggs from my birds and go.

I’m looking forward to that.

Yay it’s Saturday!

Got a whole lot of stuff going on today.
We had a March storm blow through yesterday…literally!
With wind gusts in the low 90Km/hr range, it was a bit breezy.
Today we’re cleaning up after that with some snow moving and then it’s rooster rehabilitation day.
Which means 6 of 9 roosters are going into the freezer. 😉

More tomorrow (or Monday) after the work is done.
And then I’ll have a story to tell about how Ruby scared the carp out of me…
Everything is fine, Ruby is fine, so no worries.
It’s just gonna be a story about an over worrying horse owner and lazy horse.

She’s so darn cute.

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Capture52 ~ Week 7 Love

I’m slow.
Last week was Love.
But I was waiting for weather to settle down, for the sun to shine, for things to be just right before I created the images I wanted for this prompt.

My Dad bought this rifle for my Mom’s birthday.
Had their names and the date engraved on it.
“Elaine May 13/78
Love Rene”

Both my parents are gone now, and this is mine.
A family heirloom that will be passed on to my daughter when she’s ready for it.
Love is shown in so many different ways…this one, to me, is beautiful and captures my parents love for each other perfectly.


I ask this, with real heartfelt emotion…

What the actual fuck, Mother Nature?

Yesterday we were a beautiful -1*c, and that ^^^ is today.
And it’s warmed up 5* already.
Holy. Effing. Moly.

Here’s a shot of Astrid sleeping on the composting poo pile for warmth…

Awww, she’s so cute when she sleeps like this.

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Sable is a Little Grumpy

I’m getting a whole lot of attitude from Sable lately.
Nothing that makes me think she needs a training tune up.
More that she needs some hands on time with her Girl.
Since The Kid spent time in the hospital and has been recovering from that, Sable has not gotten as much attention as she likes from her.
As much as that horse likes me, I’m just Mom.
I’m not Her Person.
Plus, I keep taking her picture…

She’s definitely suffering from Photographer’s Child Syndrome.
Which is not normal for her, but she’s out of sorts waiting for her Girl to come back to her.

Oh the side eye for daring to turn the camera towards her!

I even tried calling her and offering her a cookie…

“Not even going to look at you…”
~ Sable

Not even then.

Ah well, we have nicer weather coming this week and next…maybe we can get The Kid out there to groom her and pamper her a bit…so she can go back to being my happy to pose equine model again.

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Digging Out

That special weather disturbance seems to have finally past us.
Leaving us with a whole lot of snow.
And then there was the wind blowing it around, which made for some pretty darn big drifts.
But it all seems to be light and fluffy stuff, so today, after my coffee, I’ll go man the shovel while Hubby runs the tractor.

And this weirdo?

Snow loving weirdo freak dog…

She’ll love every second blasting around in the snow.
She’s from Nunavut.
She lives for snowy weather.
‘Til she gets ice balls in her paw fur, then she’s ready to go back inside.

Mares! 😂

It’s well known that Ruby runs the pasture.
It’s been that way since the Original 3 got settled in here all those 6 years ago…
It never changed.
Only 2nd in command did, and that was because Cookie died.

Every now and then though, Astrid gets it in her head that she would like to be lead mare.
She really doesn’t have the temperament for it. She’s not too bad at 2nd in command, but she really is a mid-herd kinda gal. I suspect whenever our herd grows again, whomever comes in will likely step into the 2nd spot…and Astrid might kvetch about it, but I think she’ll also be happier too.
And Sable?
Sable is happy as our Omega.
It’s just where she fits.

Yesterday was one of those hilarious moments where Astrid had done nothing to challenge Ruby, but Ruby put her in her place anyways.

Hey Astrid…

You’re in my way…

Get out of my way…

This is my spot.

Some people’s horses.
Ruby will happily throw her weight around to clinch her spot.

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I didn’t even have the slightest idea what I was going to post for the Word of the Day Challenge.
Apparently WordPress was going to help me out with that though.
I have been sitting here for the past 2 hours trying to upload photos.
But they kept being rejected as too big (same size I always upload at, and I still have plenty of space) or timing out.

Either way, I finally got a few images uploaded and now y’all get my Capture52 image for the week.
The theme for the week was Architecture.

Once a place of laughter and fun, the dome is quiet in the still of the winter’s day.

Next week’s theme is green.
It’s January in Canada.
Green is gonna take some creativity…which is the point of the challenge, right?
We’ll just have to see what I can come up with.

And now, I’m off to try to up load more images.
If you hear a loud “Hurray!!” yelled, it’s because things worked the way they should.
As long as you don’t hear the endless cursing, we’re good.

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