It’s a quiet, grey day here on the Farm.
Skunk season has begun.
This morning I woke to find the current Pepe LePew, that felt residence in the garage after binge eating eggs was a good idea, in the trap.
So, there’s that issue to deal with.

Since Pepe is right at the garage door (maybe I’ll get more eggs today??) I had to feed the horses on the other side of the driveway.
Poor silly nags, as I’m moving the wheel barrow, they’re calling “Mom! Mom! Mooooommmm!! We’re over *here*!!”
Sorry, not sorry, I ain’t tossing hay whilst standing next to a Fart Squirrel.
And, needless to say, Daphne was tied to the tree stump in the backyard, lest she think that Fart Squirrel is the best playmate ever.
She’s not really the smartest dog on the planet, but she’s got a lotta play in her. πŸ˜‰

After explaining myself several times, and her herdmates figuring things out, I finally led The Cookie around to the food. She thought I should just open the gates and let her go over…and in theory, this could have worked.
Except, the idea of leaving the pasture makes her defecate explosively.
She’s getting better at it, but it really was just easier to lead her around.
Must say, I’m pretty darn proud of her…no halter, and after the first 3 steps with my hand under her chin to guide her, she simply followed me, as if on the lead. So, good pony. πŸ˜‰
And, her foot is so much better. Yesterday, after the rains stopped, she got a liniment massage (such as my limited skills can do) to help ease the aching of trying not to walk on the ouchy hoof.

Then, yesterday, I woke to what was playing out in Vegas.
I normally don’t discuss current events here…it’s not that I don’t have opinions. Anyone who knows me even reasonably well, knows I have them. This blog has never been about anything but Farm life, so rarely do I touch on current events.
But this is huge and mind-boggling and soul crushing…and frankly, tragedies like this bring out the worst in people.

I will never understand people whose immediate thoughts after a tragedy like this turn political.
From the hoplophobes to the paranoids…I don’t get it.
I don’t get their bloviating to anyone and everyone their opinions, as if those opinions are the most important thing to be seen and heard.
And the memes…the ridiculous, stupid effing memes.
*shakes head*
Not when families are wondering if their loved one is one of the casualties or one of the dead.
Tragedies should not be fodder for one’s agenda.
And yet…social media yesterday, and today, are full of it.
In the wake of horrible situations, political agendas are inappropriate.
Compassion and aid are what people need right now.
Not some ghoul using innocent bloodshed to fuel their oh-so-very-important argument.

And, I gotta tell ya, when I see some Canadians crowing about how our gun laws here are soooo much better, it makes me ashamed to be Canadian.
I love my country. No doubt about it.
Even with all Her faults, there is no where I would rather live.
Her people??
Some of those fuckers could learn a lesson in what “tact” means.

There will be a time and a place for all of this…the agendas, the political pushes, the fear, the anger, the accusations and placing blame.

Now is not that time.

Not when some families are still waiting, wondering, hoping, praying or grieving.
Those lives lost are not just numbers, they are not tools to use for your agendas…they were real, living beings. Out for an evening of fun and music.
People who had families and friends who love them.
People who had hopes and dreams that will never be fulfilled.

Don’t sully their importance, who they were and what was lost, with bullshit.

Today I’ll be spending time with my loved ones…the hoofed ones. πŸ˜‰
Equine therapy is the order for today.
PonyFace and I are still discussing this blanket thing…and I’m sure another liniment rub will improve her mood.

Be good to each other, people.
We’re a Continent in pain right now.
Try to remember that.
Donate blood, if you can.
Consider a monetary donation to a fund that’s going to help the victims and their families.
And, if you can’t manage to not be a C.U.Next.Tuesday, then seriously, just keep your gob shut, ‘kay?


Yesterday on the Farm

We’ve been having some lovely weather. Warm, but not too warm, windy, but not crazy windy, and oh, the sunshine!! Just right to soothe Spirits that were rain/wind battered just a few short weeks ago.
This kind of weather leads to very sleepy horses…

Asleep on her feet...

Asleep on her feet…

Front legs locked, hip cocked, and look at that bottom lip. That Girl was out!

Napping in the sunshine

Napping in the sunshine

Such a sleepy Girl. So nice though, to have that sunshine to enjoy. That last storm was even hard on her. *sigh* Sucks getting old. πŸ˜‰

"Can't talk Mom. Busy sleeping..."

“Can’t talk Mom. Busy sleeping…”

❀ those droopy, sleepy bottom lips! ❀

These 2 were sleeping like this...not unusual for them.

These 2 were dozing like this…not unusual for them.



Oh, Ruby! She was so asleep, she had one front knee buckle…I’d never seen that before! She caught herself before she fell though. She probably should have just laid down. πŸ˜‰

While the Girl’s dozed I wandered off to take a few other pictures…the best 2 were the grackle…

Grackle on a post...

Grackle on a post…

And the piggie in the water pan…

"Yes, I stand in my water to drink. So what?!?"

“Yes, I stand in my water to drink. So what?!?”

Finally, a shot from early yesterday morning…
I was busy doing some work when The Kid calls me to tell me the neighbours dog is out in our big field again. Normally, not a big deal, but she’s some sort of herding dog mix, and I have 4 big old herd animals that she wants to herd something fierce! So, we try, as gently as possible, to discourage her from coming to visit the horses.
Yes, we’ve talked to her owners, and she’s normally really good about staying home, but sometimes she makes the grand escape and comes to visit.

So, the Kid grabs the binoculars and yells “It’s not Paulie it’s…”

"...a deer!!"

“…a deer!!”

What a lovely early morning visitor! And, thanks to The Kid’s great eye, and a quick lens change, I got a few great shots of her. ❀

Surprise in the Hay

One of the many joys of life out here is the surprises…sometimes, in doing routine things, you never know what you’ll find. Like last night. Hubby’s out getting the hay to feed the girls, and finds these in the hay.

Egg in hayWe don’t know what birds they’re from. We do have a whole bunch of red wing blackbirds around, and some all black song birds too. I don’t know enough about birds to know what types they are. I just like seeing them.

So pretty!

So pretty!

Eggs in hay2We just tucked some hay back around them and left them. The eggs should hatch out before we need to use that bale anyways, and we see no reason to disturb them. πŸ™‚

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Pondering Farm Life

As I sit here this afternoon, silently thankful the rain/snow has stopped, I am pondering farm life. Make no mistake, I love it here. I have always had a love for the country, for being close to the land. Even in the city, I relished that contact with the Earth, growing as much food as I could for my family, creating my Urban Jungle, and giving back by stirring in the compost.

It’s different, out here. It’s wide open, and beautiful. My closest neighbour is a 1/4 mile away. We have the pleasure of having the horses here at home with us. It’s a lot of work, but they are worth it. We have wildlife that we see every day…from the geese, ducks and swans, to the skunks, coyotes, foxes and the eagles. Sadly, we’ve lost a barn cat or two to the predators, but it’s farm life.

If our young miss Fiona doesn’t produce litters of kittens, we’ll be looking for a few more cats, to replace our lost ones. We are surrounded by grain fields. Grain fields means rodents. Now, yes, we could just put out poison for the rodents, but…stop and think for a moment about who else eats rodents. Our 80 acres is part of a larger ecosystem, one that we have to be mindful of, because things we do here, can have far-reaching, long-lasting effects.

We have foxes, coyotes, hawks, eagles…all eat rodents. If we put down poison to get rid of the rodents, we are killing the natural predators too. Add to that, it puts the cats we do have at risk as well.

Instead we have more cats. Means we have to have a little more cat food for the winter months, when hunting is leaner, but, it also means we are not poisoning the ecosystem, by introducing poison into the rodent population.

To me, and, I think, the rest of the family, this is an important thing. We’re Stewards of this land. Yes, we bought it, we own it, but really, in the grand scheme of Life, we’re Stewards.While we use this land for our own needs, we have a responsibility to not damage it, or the original inhabitants…the animals. We may hunt here, but we take only what we will use, and no more.

It is not our job to drive out the wildlife, in order to have a comfortable life here-or really, anywhere. It is our responsibility to learn to live in Harmony with the wildlife, and with the land. Human lives are so short, we have no business forcing the world around us to get out of our way, just because we want to live somewhere.

Harmony at the feeder.

Harmony at the feeder.

After all, Harmony is a beautiful thing!

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