Friday’s…Nope…Saturday’s Hunt

So it’s been a while since I’ve managed to get a post up for Friday’s Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills.
It’s been a busy time here at the Farm, and um, well, I’ve been a bit lazy about blogging…which I’m sure y’all have noticed. 😛
But, I’m hoping Teresa will continue on after this round of the alphabet to another one, and I’ll try to keep up. No promises…but, I’ll try.

This week’s prompts are Starts with W, Week’s Favorite, and Rough.

I can do this all in one image…

It was a rough start to the week (starts with w) when I shared this image, and it was stolen (from my personal FB page!)by a yoga blogger who used it as the header on her blog…it is also my favorite image this week, because it’s taken me 2 years to catch her in this position…

Cookie doing her morning yoga stretches. <3

Cookie doing her morning yoga stretches. ❤

There was a bunch of emailing, a lot of swearing, a few tears, but in the end, it worked out, and her blog was shut down.
That wasn’t my end goal, I just wanted her to remove my picture, but it’s what was done.

Some other pictures from the week:

"Mom, my tummy is upset" ~Sable

“Mom, my tummy is upset”

We came home last Saturday to find Sable had an upset tummy. 😦
Normally that means her and I go for a looooong walk. Until she poops. Then, 99.9% of the time, she’s fine.
Can you tell I know her pattern?
Thank goodness!
This time, she didn’t want to walk, she wanted to lie down.
Y’know, I don’t care what anyone says, when 1400lbs(ish) wants to lay down, no human is stopping them. She wasn’t trying to roll, she was just clearly exhausted. So, I let her lay…and gave her a back rub.

About 10 minutes in, Astrid came and stood beside us. As much as I wanted to shoo her off (um, hello woman in the middle of a horsie sandwich…all I could think was “please don’t spook and kill me!” and “C’mon Bella, please poop!”) she just seemed to want to be close to her pal. At one point, she rested her chin on my back, while I was massaging Sable.
Finally, the tail came up, the fart and the poop came out.
Almost immediately, she was ready to get up, and wandered off.
Yes, this is normal for her. 🙂

Later on, after her tummy was better, grazing with Astrid.

Later on, after her tummy was better, grazing with Astrid.

And then, after my last post, giving Ruby a hard time about her, um, lack of grace, the next morning, I caught this…

"Screw you Mama. I **am** graceful and beautiful." ~Ruby

“Screw you Mama. I **am** graceful and beautiful.”

Of course she’s (not always) graceful and (always) beautiful…she’s our Unicorn in Disguise. 🙂

At the same time, my Girl showed me her cute and cuddly side…if cute and cuddly was the equivalent of “Piss off! I’m sleeping here!”

Oooooh!! The mare stare!

Oooooh!! The mare stare!

Finally, my two sweethearts…never far from each other, and when one is flat, the other stands guard.

Best friends

❤ Best friends ❤