Thankful Thursday

I am thankful we have our Farm.

I am thankful for all the animals.
Food ones, pets, working animals.
All of them.

I am thankful that our animals have no idea of what’s going on out in the world.
I am thankful that it will stay that way.

I am thankful that we can grow our own food.
I am thankful that we can grow *a lot* of our own.
And that we can preserve it for winter.
And the the bulk of our veggies come from heirloom plants that I can save seeds from.

The world…
It’s getting uglier out there.
I read a FB post today where a local business, a computer repair guy, is literally demanding people show him proof of their c-19 shot in order for him to render services.
Anyone who isn’t willing to prove they’re had the shot, or show proof from their doctor that they can’t have it, will not be able to use his services.

My head is reeling from this.
People are congratulating him, saying it’s the “right and responsible” thing to do.
Did I not say medical discrimination was coming?
And who the eff does some computer tech guy think he is that he’s demanding access to personal medical records??

But this is what we’ve become.
The govt fosters this attitude with their pushing of shot passports to travel and attend events.
It won’t be long before it’s to work, to get health care, to buy groceries.
And anyone who might be hesitant or flat out can’t get it is discriminated against.
Think I’m wrong?
Again, people are *praising* this guy for medical discrimination.

At no time in history when humans have set a random group of people apart as “other” and “undesirable” has it ever turned out well.

We are on the brink of it happening again.
Whether people want to admit it, choose to see it, or not.

And I am grateful that, in the very least, I can take care of my family.
For how long?
I don’t know.

Sharing with Brian’s Home for Thankful Thursday
(and I really am thankful, even if the post has a bit of a doomed tone to it)

Interesting Times

There’s speculation where the curse “may you live in interesting times” comes from.
Some say it’s Chinese, some say English, others Irish.
Does it matter?
Eh, not so much right now.
Perhaps we’ll explore it more another day…

Today I’m just going to say, we are indeed living in interesting times.
Between Schrodinger’s Virus and politics…yeesh, the times they are…interesting.
And I do wish they were far less so.
But, we’re not going to talk about the Virus or the politics.
I’m going to tell you this…

Always, always, always, have a plan to keep in contact with your people.
What do I mean?
Welp, part of what’s going on *waves hands* out there, is people are being de-platformed.
And I ain’t discussing reasons why (because it doesn’t matter the why, just that it’s happening), but just know how to contact your people in case you, or they, are cut off.
Just that simple.
Have a safe back up contact, be it email, phone number, or even snail mail, so that if for some reason, you are cut off from the standard ways of staying in touch with your folks, you can still check in.
Got it?


Here, this blog, *should* be okay.
Not a lot of politics.
Not much talk of The Virus.
So unless angry vegans come along, we should be good here. 😉
But the Farm email is on the sidebar, so I can be found, if necessary.

So that said, check out my handsome rooster:

This guy is from our last hatch of last year…

Have a look at his leg there…
Yup, the oddball has feathers down the outside of his legs!
While there are breeds that have feathered legs and feet, I don’t have any in my flock, so this was a surprise to see!
For now, he’ll be staying on.
Mostly because it’s too cold to butcher anyone, and because I have enough hens that having 5 roosters is no big deal.
How many hens do I have?
Well…yesterday was a record laying day with 62 eggs collected.
So, uh…I have a few hens.