Ruby the Painted Alien

After the Area51North shoot, I had the bright idea that I could put the “alien” head wear on Ruby.
Handing Voldemort to my Hubby I said “Here, hold my camera and watch this…”
These are the images he captured while hilarity ensued.

“Uh, I don’t think I want to wear that…” says Ruby.

“Well…maybe just the headband part…”

What the hell is hitting my ears?!
What’s going on here??!
You’re trying to kill me!”

“I coulda DIED y’kno…wait…are those cookies I see in your pocket?”

Here, my very brave Painted Alien, have a cookie. ❀

And in the end, the final image was worth the snorting, the pulling back, the cajoling and the feeding of many, many cookies to get our Painted Unicorn to, ever so briefly, become The Painted Alien.

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This Fool Horse

Back on Saturday, I told you this fool scared the crap out of me, and I promised to explain…

Thursday was a day of wind.
Much, much wind.
And some snow.
Just crappy March weather that went on into the night.

Friday, I go out and feed the nags.
Everyone is good.
A little tired and grumpy, but that’s to be expected when you’ve had shit weather to deal with.
So after a few scratches and back rubs, I left everyone to their hay breakfast.

Couple hours later, I have a look outside.
Must be around noonish.
Ruby is laying down, so is Astrid, and Sable’s dozing on her feet.

I grab Voldemort (my camera…story for another time πŸ˜‰ ) and head out for pictures.
I get cats helping, because cats go everywhere with me…note Max in the background having a drink. πŸ˜‰

I get my shots, I scratch and cuddle with Ruby a bit, then head inside.
2 hours later, I peek out again…
Ruby’s still laying down.
She’d clearly gotten up and moved, but not far.
But Astrid was laying right next to her.
Okay, well, it was a rough night and the sun was shining…

By 3:30, Ruby still hadn’t gotten up.
Now, it’s not unusual for a horse to sleep lying down. Especially when they feel safe in their home.
But, the *length* of time she was down was worrying me.
More info here:
The Dreaded “Down” Horse

Out I went again…she wasn’t in any distress.
Her temp and heart rate were normal.
And she enjoyed the scratches behind her ears I gave her.
It was also getting close to equine dinner time.
At their supper, they get a pail of beet pulp, with alfalfa cubes and ground flax.
So I thought to myself, “Self…if this bitch don’t get up when the dinner pails come out, we’re gonna have to call Dr. Neil”
“Ah, shit” I said to myself “That’s gonna suck if we have to call him…but if we have to, we have to…”

And then…

10 minutes later, Hubby pulls into the drive.
I step out onto the deck, to get him up to speed on said painted moron’s condition and what do I see??
Madam Walking Stomach, on her feet, wandering over to where the dinner pails get hung up.


So yeah.
Like I said Saturday…
She worried the hell out of me, but it all turned out just fine.
The big donkey pants was just enjoying a nice long, warm nap in the sunshine.
Still, I gave her an extra little gift of a few minty Tums, just to be sure.

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Ruby’s New Year’s Wish

Just over a year ago, I took a leap and started an instagram account for Ruby, our Painted Unicorn.
There she describes her self as:

“I’m a slightly alcoholic Fat Girl
I’m πŸ¦„β›¦Majesticβ›¦πŸ¦„ af
Ain’t no rainbows and moonbeams type unicorn
More like a cussin’, beer and whiskey kinda gal”

It’s all in fun, of course. πŸ˜‰
Keeps me with my camera in hand as much as possible, and well…it gives me a chance to do some odd ball shoots with her.
Like when she got a beer for every Winnipeg Jets hockey team playoff win…
She thought those beers were awesome!

Now, sometimes when it’s really cold or really hot, I put electrolytes or apple juice right into the auto waterer.
Once the Merry Mares figure out there’s some sort of flavour (even though it’s not much and it’s diluted rapidly as they drink) they get excited and drink more…which, when there is even the teensiest risk of dehydration and the much dreaded by horse owners everywhere “c” word, drinking more is a darn good thing…and super cheap insurance!

One day while bbq’ing I says to Hubby, “dontcha think Ruby would *love* it if our waterer was a beer fountain?”
He says “I’d love it if the waterer was a beer fountain!!”

So the next day, I’m out taking pictures and happen to catch our unicorn drinking…

“Pretty sure this is supposed to be beer…doesn’t *taste* like beer. at. all.”

I’m tryin’ to convince The Food Lady to fill the waterer with beer…wouldn’t that be wonderful??!?
A never-ending beer fountain!!

🎢🎡how happy I would be
if there was 🍺🍻🍺
in my waterer 🎡🎢

And that is Ruby’s New Year’s Wish…
That we turn her water fountain into a never ending beer fountain.

Sharing Brian’s Home for Thankful Thursday…because I am thankful everyday that we chose this horse to join our Farm.
She’s got such personality and is so expressive…makes living with her interesting and crazy fun.
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Cheering on the Winnipeg Jets

Hubby is the hockey fan.
Ruby is a beer fan.
For every playoff game the Jets win, Ruby gets a beer.
Her first was on the 15th…

“Jets won their game, here’s a beer for you.”
~ Hubby to Ruby

“Nom nom nom…I like beer!!”
~ Ruby

“Don’t give any to Astrid!!
Pour it all in here!!”
~ Ruby

“Geez DadGuy…she’s spillin’ the precious all over the place.” 😑
~ Ruby

The Jets also won their game last night, so Ruby will get another beer tonight.
She’s rather happy with this arrangement!

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It’s Coming!

I took this shot at 7:59am.
This morning.
Like, and hour and a half(ish) ago…

I annoyed the crap out of her (literally!) moving around, trying to catch the sunspots and flares just right on the lens.
The tongue tells the story…
“Go’way…tryna sleep here. Yer sucha pain in my rump with that damn beepy thing!”
I’m a fair bit out of practice with my morning sunrise shots…but still, I do love this shot, even if it’s not perfect.

Spring is on her way!

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The Painted Unicorn

Ruby has her own Instagram account now:

It’s a special account, with Ruby herself providing commentary on the images shared.
She’s a real card, our Ruby is.
So if you need a laugh, and you’re on Insta, be sure to follow her.

“Haha Food Lady…you’re so funny!”

Blowing snots all over Astrid

She is the cutest thing when she’s down…sleeping or slightly drunk?
One never knows with Ruby… πŸ˜‰

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