Transplanting Seedlings

I’m quite excited that my peppers are at the point of needing to be transplanted.
This is exciting to me because, even though there is snow on the ground outside, the garden will soon enough be filled and growing.
The problem is always those seedling trays.
What on Earth is with them blowing holes in the corners all. the. time?
I get it, they’re not the sturdiest of plastics, but why doesn’t someone make a sturdy, hard plastic version?
I have said I would happily pay more so that I don’t have to re-buy them every season or two.

Yesterday, in our nearest small town, Hubby went into the hardware store to see if they had seedling trays.
Well, they did, but for some strange and ridiculous reason, they had drainage holes in the bottom.
Um, does the manufacturer (in this case Jiffy) even understand the usage of the trays?

But, The Kid and Hubby came up with a fix, so that I can get the peppers transplanted:

Yeah, that’s a drawer.
And that’s gonna work out juuuuuuuust fine!
But this is what manufacturers need to do.
Make us trays that are rugged and sturdy like this drawer.
We serious gardeners would *happily* pay more for them.
And let’s be honest, not having to ditch those flimsy ones every year or two and replace them would be a helluva lot better for the environment.

In other news, tomorrow is day 25 for the turkey eggs.
Tomorrow we take the turners out of the incubator, raise the humidity and wait…anxiously, for the turkey chirp, chirp, chirps to begin!
Still haven’t seen any eggs from the girls in the turkey yard, but that’s okay.
Last night I had to carry 3 of them back to the yard because they thought they should escape and go to bed with the chickens.
Um, no my poor silly birbs.
What I did notice is that they have the tell tale signs on the backs of their heads that Oscar and/or Dingus are doing their job(s). So hopefully soon, but even if not until next year, that’s okay too.
Good breeding stock is worth the time and investment, and these guys are quality birbs.

Oh Monday πŸ™„

It all started at 4ish am…
Hubby helped me run the next set of pork bellies out to the smoker, so I could pull out the done ones and re-load.
This was after I stayed up ’til midnight and The Kid and I checked to see if the first ones were done…obviously, they weren’t.

Once Hubby was off to work, I napped in the recliner chair for a bit.
As the sun was coming up I wandered off to the bathroom…and that’s when I heard it…
The very distinct sound of one of my stupid feathered children calling his stupid feathered siblings.

I’m just gonna say it…
Turkeys. Is. Stupid.
They’re flighty and dumb and just plain stupid.
They’re also sweet and rather endearing.
So even when I call them my “stupid children” it’s said with love.

So what’s the big deal with hearing a turkey calling at just past dawn?
Uh, I hadn’t let them out of their coop yet…so this stupid feathered child had managed to hide out somewhere outside of the turkey yard for the night.
Clearly *someone* missed the memo about coyotes having chicken snak paks at night…trust me, Ol’ Wile E Coyote would love him some turkey bird snax!
Stupid turkey.

So off I went, leaving the dog inside, to capture the feathered idiot and put him back into the turkey yard…it wasn’t much of a chase. He *really* wanted back into the yard…he kept calling his siblings, who of course, were calling back.
Finally he just hunkered down by the fence and I picked him up.
And then he started to cuddle.
Oh yeah…
Turkeys, once caught, seem to love to cuddle.
By the time I had him back in the yard and cuddling, The Kid had made it out to give me a hand clipping the idiot’s flight feathers. Only 1 wing…that way they (supposedly) can’t fly.

Some of my feathered idiots…

Hopefully tonight everyone will go to bed properly…fingers crossed…but they’re stupid, so I’m more hopeful than sure.