Almost Here!

Tracking says my incubator is in the nearest big city.
All I need is for it to make it to where we can pick it up.

And, I’ve contacted the lady I bought Lemon Chicken’s batch of chicks from…

Lemon Chicken is in this box somewhere!

She’s selling hatching eggs from the same crosses that Lemon Chicken came from.
Hopefully I’ll be getting 2 dozen from her at the end of the month.
Looking forward to firing up the incubators!

Hoping to hatch out a few more like her! πŸ˜‰

Blessed Imbolc

January is done.
We’re at the half way point of winter.
Spring is coming.

Rest up lovelies, for soon the busyness of the beginnings of Spring life will burst forth.
And then…there will be no time for naps in the sunshine.
We’ll be taking care of new lives once more.

Blessed Imbolc!

53 Days…

53 days until Spring.
Another month before we fire up the incubator. Still just the one…haven’t managed to get the $$$ together to order the 2nd yet.
I keep spending the egg money on things that come up…
Like new blankets for all before Yule.
Groceries when Hubby found a spanky deal on some veggies/fruits.
Feed, now that the layers are gearing up and laying more…they need more than just the barley chop and wheat so we’re mixing in layer feed now too…

But, I can still run batches of 24 eggs at a time.
And I’m waiting for some money to come in at the end of the month, so the next incubator should be ordered and arrive in time for hatching season’s start.

I’m looking out the window at our unseasonably, but oh so appreciated, -8*c.
Normally we’d be at least 10 degrees colder.
Of course, I’m also dreaming wistfully of the garden.
Unseasonably warm weather will do that to a Farm gal. πŸ˜‰
We’ll start seeds soon though…right around the time we fire up the incubator.
So much life to start in just a few months!!

One of the best parts of this weather is how much less The Merry Mares are eating.
Hay consumption has slowed down, and for that I’m grateful.
They did decide to dig out the last bit of the first oat straw bale and have a bit more fun with it…

Astrid buried her head way down in there, looking for left over grain bits.

She was awful peeved that I called her ’til she lifted her head out…Sable dove into the spot she had been and probably found the tasty bits she was digging around for.

And Ruby wore her straw beard whilst trying to have a nap…apparently I was annoying her again by taking pictures.
Too bad for her.

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66 Days to Spring

Only 66 days ’til Spring!
I just keep counting the days down, because before we know it, it’s gonna be spring and the world here on the Farm is gonna get busy, busy, busy!
The hurry-up-and-wait every year is a bit mind boggling…but it’s also a huge part of Farm life.
Well, life in general, right?

I’m already looking at dates to start collecting eggs for firing up the incubator.
I’m squirreling the money away to build an inexpensive hoop greenhouse to extend our tomato season.
I’m watching for the absolute right time to start those peppers and tomatoes in the house.

At the same time, I’m watching the weather for cold snaps.
I’m watching my hay stack dwindle as the Merry Mares eat to stay warm (and fat and healthy).
I’m waiting for just the right moment to give them the next (and last) oat straw bale to destroy, eat and sleep in…though they still have a pretty good amount of the first one, so I’m not frantic there.
And, I’m waiting to bottle the summer started green tomato wine, the grapefruit wine and the apple wine…and start another batch of something…banana maybe? Or another green tomato? Or maybe a hard blueberry lemonade?

Either way…
It’s only 66 to days to Spring.

Somebody said I needed peppermint cookies! I’d like to know where those are and when they’ll be delivered to me? And it had better not be Spring!

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Itchy, Itchy, Itchy

This is a tough time of year for me.
There’s so much that I want to get going on the Farm, but the weather…oh lawdy the weather!

98% of our snow has melted.
A lot of the resulting water from that has soaked in.
There’s still too much water to take the tractor into the pasture.
The ground is still too wet to rake the yard(s)…which also means it’s too wet to use the tractor to move big bales of straw to the garden.
The garden is drying out nicely, and I could probably think about pulling out the rototiller…except I really want to move to a no-till garden.
Which means getting the big straw bales I have for the garden over there, using the tractor, where it’s too wet to use the tractor without ripping up the lawn/pasture something fierce.

And that’s my conundrum.
So much to do, but hurry up and wait before I can do it.

At least my tomatoes have started.
I already ordered more, because with what I can start in the various places in the house, it’s still not enough for our garden.
And we need to figure out how to keep the rotten not-supposed-to-be free ranging asshole chickens out of the garden so they don’t destroy tender shoots when they start coming up.
Like they did my garlic.

Lemon Chicken…she does what she wants…like standing onΒ  one leg to make people think she’s a one-legged chicken when she’s not. She’s just a feathered asshole.

Soon enough I know it’ll be time, and I’ll have more work to do getting the garden and food animals going that I won’t even have time to think.
But for right now, there’s too much time to think while I plot and plan and long for things to dry up enough that we can get going.


Monday Morning

Mother Nature seems to be having a little joke on us this morning.
This past weekend was lovely out, with sunshine and warmth and a whole lot of melting snow…

Cheering for the Winnipeg Jets

The Merry Mares had a good round of grooming, then they posed for pictures with Winnipeg Jets attire, and even got a couple of cookies…
And now, this morning?

From 8:35am
April 15th, 2019

Really Mother Nature?