What a Difference 10 Days Makes…

10 days since my last post and so much has gone on here…

First, Lake Midnight has receded. YAY!!!
Now we’re deep into Mud Season. Which y’all saw some of in my “Dance!” post. Yeah, it’s a little muddier out there now. Soon, though…with sunshine and warmer winds, the standing water will soak into the ground and the grass will begin to grow.
Here, see some of the fun Ruby and Astrid were having in the Lake…

Astrid told me she'd had a bath, and was no longer a stinky little horse...

Astrid told me she’d had a bath, and was no longer a stinky little horse…

Yeah, I begged to differ! She was a s stinky as before...if not moreso!

Yeah, I begged to differ! She was as stinky as before…if not more so!

Silly girl, was sure she could roll in the water...this is the moment she learned she can't breath underwater. :P

Silly girl, was sure she could roll in the water…this is the moment she learned she can’t breath underwater. 😛

And then, Ms Cookie decided to show them how splashing is really done…

"Oh, you bitches are so cute with your teeny splashes...let me show you how this is done!"

“Oh, you bitches are so cute with your teeny splashes…let me show you how this is done!”

Photo ops with water playing horses are awesome! ❤

And then, there was Parker…
Unfortunately, Sir Parker could not stay with us. 😦
Parker is a great dog…he’s calm, quiet, well-behaved, and listens well. He likes to run and play with the jolly ball, and in the house he loves when someone sits on the floor with him. Lying in a lap is one of his favorite places.
I was easily in love with him…
So, why couldn’t he stay with us?

He bit Sable’s muzzle.

That was April 5th.
He was playing outside with Daphne, and when the Girls had the heads over the fence, he jumped at both Astrid and Ruby. While I was reprimanding him for that, and in the midst of hooking up his leash again, Sable popped her head over the fence, Parker pulled loose and lunged, catching her muzzle, and drawing blood.
Not so bad that I had to have the vet out, but still…
That led to a chain of events that saw, after a false start on Friday, him being loaded onto an airplane and being sent back to the West Coast.

At one point, on the Friday, I really began thinking we were making a mistake, sending him back. We were driving into the airport and he was lying on the seat beside me, head in my lap, snoring…he was the sweetest dog ever. And my heart was breaking at the though of giving him up.
But then, we got a text saying the flight had been cancelled and we had to keep him ’til Monday and send him out then.
Back home we went, where, when we pulled in Astrid was standing by the garage, head over the fence…
Understand here, my horses are very people friendly. They love pets and scratches and hands on time with people. For them to greet us when coming home is a normal thing. So Astrid (or any of the Girls) waiting for me to get out of the truck to get some love is the norm around here…

So imagine my surprise when Parker comes flying out of the truck and hits the end of the leash, damn near dragging me off my feet! And what was he after?? Yeah, he was lunging at Astrid’s face.

So that just confirmed that we had made the right decision.
Thank freakin’ goodness I had the smarts to hang onto the leash when getting out of the truck, or goodness only knows what he’d have done to Astrid.
Monday, we got him to the airline (after a quick trip to a nearby pet store and a 2nd new crate purchase, because he was too big for the first one), checked him in and walked away. And I sat in the truck and cried.

I am not one to give up on an animal.
And it’s not like I don’t have 20 years experience with German Shepherds…
But, let’s face it…what do I do with a dog the size of a wolf, who’s prey drive is so strong that he’s willing to repeatedly go after horses?
I mean, the Girls were here first. They have seniority! I can’t take the chance of putting their safety at risk, for the love of a dog.
Oh, and I loved him.
And don’t think I didn’t try to make it work.
Trust me, it breaks my heart that I couldn’t make it work…for us, for Parker…he was so happy here, with the space to run, his jolly ball, Daphne to play with…Daphne loved having a pal to run with!
One day…
One day, we’ll try again to add a second dog.
Just not right now.

And, in the midst of all this going on with Parker, the West Wind Family lost a gelding named Jack.

Jack enjoying his grain...

Jack enjoying his grain…

He was a sweet spirited horse, who so many of the riders loved. He was one of those baby sitter type boys, where you could put absolute beginners on him, and he was one of the therapy horses for MRDA.
For a big guy, he was amazingly gentle.
He was also a great horse for the more experienced riders.
My Girlie enjoyed when she got to work with him.

Jack Memorial2

The memorial for Jack in his stall… ❤

Brazzle wonders what the heck I'm doing.

Brazzle wonders what the heck I’m doing.

I love that the folks who run the stable do the stall memorials. It’s so much better than coming in to see an empty stall…or, even worse, a whole new horse in the stall, like the one who crossed the Bridge was so easily forgotten. This gives us all a chance to say goodbye and shed a few tears…which makes taking pictures hard. Just so you all know. 😥 ❤

At the end of it all, I did what I do best…wandered around with my camera and took pictures. Edited some old ones, and I’m still working through the shots from the March Schooling Show.
Photography is therapy, as I’m sure many of you know.
It soothes the heart and spirit.
It gives us something else to hold onto for a while.
The capturing (or creating) of an image that offers a little escape, and yet reminds us of what we were feeling at the same time.

My escape this week was muddy, sleepy horses. What else? lol

Astrid ~ "Mom's here! Maybe she has treats!" Ruby ~ "Nope. She's got the beepy thing." Cookie ~ "Zzzzzzzzzz....."

Astrid ~ “Mom’s here! Maybe she has treats!”
Ruby ~ “Nope. She’s got the beepy thing.”
Cookie ~ “Zzzzzzzzzz…..”

Ruby ~ "Mom and that darn beepy thing again..." Sable ~ "Zzzzzzz...." Cookie ~ "....I'm gone..."

Ruby ~ “Mom and that darn beepy thing again…”
Sable ~ “Zzzzzzz….”
Cookie ~ “….I’m gone…”

Who could ask for anything more?


Introducing Parker

Parker is a pure bred German Shepherd youngster who has joined us on the Farm.

"This is my toy!"

“This is my toy!”

He is our new farm dog (n is for new).
He comes from the West Coast of Canada, where he was much-loved by his Boy, but, life happened. As it sometimes does. And, Sir Parker needed a soft place to land.
80 acres, a friend in Daphne, cats, horses, a jolly ball…all new stuff for him. And a few adjustment pains…

What's left of Midnight's driver seat.

What’s left of Midnight’s driver seat.

My (vintage) truck got a bit of a remodel…thanks to Parker.

Right down to the frame!

Right down to the frame!

Oh my!

Oh my!

But, sometimes, when life happens, a Pup has anxiety about his life changing. Sometimes that manifests in the destruction of a truck seat.

Oh, that face, though!

Oh, that face, though!

I couldn’t give him trouble…he knew I was upset, but it was human (Mine. All mine) error that put him in the position to be able to eat Midnight in the first place. So, when he came out of Midnight, he already was feeling the anxiety of knowing he’d done something wrong, fighting with the joy of people returning to him.
Best thing to do was give him a simple-to-do command, and praise him for doing it. Redirect the anxiety to “Oh! I can do that!!”



Happy to see the swans return. (week’s favorite)
Though, I daresay, they are not likely terribly happy for the latest blast of winter weather we’re getting. I know we humans (horses, dogs, cats) are not.
Can’t we just have Spring already?

The Girls...huddled up beside the shelter.

The Girls…huddled up beside the shelter.

We’ll all be happy when Spring finally settles in.

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