Pasture Clean Up

This is a never-ending chore. Not just clean up of manure. There is a lot of that, and more appearing everyday! LOL! No, I’m talking about the sheer amounts of garbage…it’s feeling like it’s endless.

For some reason, the folks who lived here before us-whether it was the immediate previous owner, or those before her-felt that taking garbage to the dump was too difficult. They used the pasture as a dumping ground.

Before the girls came home, we spent most of our weekends pulling garbage from the pasture. Midnight made so many trips to the dump, fully loaded (some times way over loaded!) it’s not even funny.

We’ve pulled out…glass jars, whole and broken; piles of rotted eavestrough; chunks of bricks, and endless piles of rocks; barbed wire that was half buried-one pile, Hubby had to pull out of the ground with the tractor!; a rusted, broken washtub; the chunk of culvert we use for the hobo barrel; a trailer frame-this we’re going to fix up and use as a trailer; parts of a rusted out car; another car frame; chunks of broken dishes; electrical stuff…light fixtures(porcelain and metal), wire…miles and miles of aluminum wire, plus junction boxes…Oh Goddess! Musta been about 1000 junction boxes! Those things have sharp edges! Imagine what that might do to the underside of a hoof if stepped on. 😦

That’s just a sample of the garbage…and it’s still coming. Every day, when I take a walk through there, I come out with hands full of garbage. It’s mind-boggling.

I long for the day that I can walk through the pasture, enjoy time with the girls, and not have to pick up garbage. I fear it will be a long time coming.


Using What You Have

This past Sunday, we had a pasture clean up. There will be, sad to say, many more Sundays of this. In case folks are wondering, our local dump is open Sundays and Fridays, and since Hubby works Fridays, well, we clean up things for the dump when we can. We have this Sunday off, because the dump is closed all holidays, and this is Canadian Thanksgiving.

One of the things we are doing this weekend, is having some friends out for a bonfire. In planning this, we had to figure out the best placement for a fire-we have our burn barrel, for things that have to be burnt, but aren’t fun to do, but the bonfire is supposed to be fun, so no yucky things will go in that fire. That left us with figuring out a safe, fun place to sit around a fire…and a way to keep that fire contained. We are in the country, and winds come up faster, and stronger than in the city.

Happily, in the pasture, Husband found a length of culvert-supposed to be under roads to give water a chance to run through ditches, but instead someone tried to cut it, couldn’t, and dumped it in the pasture. Sharp edges and all. Same pasture where the former owner kept her horses.

Looking at it, I asked Hubby if he could cut off the jagged edge of the culvert….BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!….uh, yeah, he’s steel worker, and I asked him if he could…oh gosh, I’m such a dork sometimes. **Of course** he could cut it! D’oh!

A small fraction of the garbage pulled from the pasture.

A small fraction of the garbage pulled from the pasture.

Ugh. That barbed wire was hidden in the grass. I am astounded by this, because, like I said, the former owner had her horses in this pasture. Did it not occur to her to walk through and look for stuff like this?

This was in the pasture too...

This was in the pasture too…

At the top you can see where someone tried to cut it. We think they may have been trying to cut it straight, in order to use it as a burn barrel. They gave up when it went awry…


Inside you can see the long jagged piece...

Inside you can see the long jagged piece…

This was standing on the flat edge, with the long jagged piece sticking straight up in the air. Maybe they thought it would be a great scratching area for the horses? I don’t know…I can’t fathom how humans think, sometimes.


Hubby gets to work!

Hubby gets to work!

Getting there!

Getting there!

Once I had realized my blunder, asking him if he could cut this, I clued into the fact that this was going to be a sparky cut! So, I grabbed the camera…idea for a blog post came later. 😉 If you zoom in, you can see a few sparks, but not as many as I would have liked…Hubby has offered though, to do a night time steel cutting, just for a sparky photo shoot….Hey, Shaila, wanna know when we do it, so you can join in too?



Leveled off, ground sorta smooth, and ready for a bonfire.
Sure beats taking it to the dump.