We’re Back on the Hunt!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday that is. 🙂
This weeks prompts are When I Grow Up, Pattern, Festive, Triangle and Fancy.

And, away we go…

When I Grow Up

Erik the Viking

Erik the Viking

This little boy needed a fierce name. A name that would strike fear into the hearts of all men…okay with that cute face? Not going to happen, no matter what we named him. I just wanted to give him a name that would override his habit of pooping himself when he got picked up.

Poor little boy…he was so scared the first couple of times we caught him, he just let the poop fly. lol!
He’s actually Nancy, Robin and Sophie’s (now Suzie) littermate. Yup, he’s a Meatloaf too.

When he grows up, Erik the Viking wants to be just like big brother Trouble…that’s who he’s looking at, sitting on top the cat house.


Hmmm, what to use for a pattern picture…I think we’ll go with this:

Cookie and Ruby

Cookie and Ruby

Patterned paints are a good thing. 🙂


Though, neither of my Girls are as fancy as this boy…



Marty is an adorable gelding at the stable where The Kid takes her riding lessons. And he likes to have his picture taken. 🙂


progress3Another image from the stable…where the owners are in the midst of building a new house.
I had a tough time coming up with something for triangle, until I remembered I had pictures of the roof trusses being lifted.
Large triangle!


Nancy (sitting) and Daisy Mae

Nancy (sitting) and Daisy Mae

We are hoping to have a festive holiday season. However, since we now have these 2 ^^^ in the house, there will be no Yule tree in the living room for us. It’s just not a good idea.

Between crazy kittens and the short dog with the over excited tail? Yeah, festive Yule trees will be outside.
In the pasture…
With the horses…
Who will wear Santa hats for Yule photo shoots…
And anyone in the area who wants to come out and have their picture taken with festive, Santa hat wearing horses and decorated trees, is most welcome!

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S is for So Sleepy….Zzzzzz

I have had a sleepless week.
Last Tuesday, we discovered our barn cat Polo, was moving her latest batch of kittens. 3 of the 7 were missing, but, with her being the Mama she is, we weren’t worried about it. We were sure she’d come back and get everyone together.

Wednesday, she came up to the house in the morning as usual, for her morning cream and crunchies. For some reason, I really don’t know why, I thought I’d go check where she had the kittens before moving them. There I found 4 little bodies, splayed out and ice cold. I didn’t realize Mama had followed me over, and when she saw them, she started crying and washing them. I was crying, because I was sure they were gone, and then, the tiniest sound came from one little body…I held my breath and then, saw the tiniest movement.

Well, I scooped those babies up, popped them into my jacket, grabbed Mama and headed to the house. Polo was having none of coming inside, so I left her with some extra cream, and took babies in to warm them ever so slowly.

As they warmed, I saw more movement, heard more cries, and finally, they were warm enough from my body heat, to put down in a box with a heating pad and warmed towels.

Over the day, I checked on them repeatedly, made sure they were warming up, and then, offered some formula. Everyone ate a little, everyone peed. And then…while snuggled with The Kid, we lost the little black and white one. 😥 Baby had just been too cold for too long, and hir little body just couldn’t recover. We buried Baby under one of the treelings that was ready to plant.

So far, though, the other 3 have been doing well. Eating, sleeping, eliminating, growing…they’ve nearly doubled in size, eyes are opening, and baby teeth are coming in. But, that comes at a price…they need to be fed every 2 hours. Well, at the beginning, it was that, now we’re up to nearly every 4 hours. I have to wake them to eat, or they go longer, and those little bodies need all the energy they can get! Needless to say, Ima lil’ bit tired! lol! At least I don’t normally sleep much anyways, so being short isn’t too bad.

Wanna see?

From left to right... Nancy, Robin and Sophie

From left to right…
Nancy, Robin and Sophie

No, I don’t know sexes. They’re way too young for that! Those names just seemed to stick…and I think Nancy might be a boy. 😛



Nancy chewing on me.

Nancy chewing on me.

It feels kinda neat, having them chew on me. At least until those sharp little teeth come in!

Nancy, Robin, and Sophie...that's Sophie on hir back, being smothered by Robin.

Nancy, Robin, and Sophie…that’s Sophie on hir back, being smothered by Robin.

S is for So Sleepy.

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SHS~July 13th

Yesterday’s heat must have melted my brain. With the humidex, we were sitting at a whopping +42c. Hot, hot, hot!
We had a fencing repair to do in that heat too…I’ll tell y’all about that in another post. Or, Ruby will. 😉 The Girl’s have decided they each want a chance to write a post, and after much discussion, we (the humans) have decided that it’s a darn fine idea.

Prompts this week are Down The Street, Beneath My Feet, Faceless, Blurry, and Red, White + Blue.

Down The Street

We don’t really have any streets here…I live on a gravel road, miles from any town. I like it like that. But, here’s a shot of the closest thing…my driveway.

Here’s a shot down the gravel road…

So pretty!

So pretty!

That’s the closest I can get to a down the street shot.

Beneath My Feet

9 kittens who come up to the deck every day for food…can you guess what’s always beneath my feet?

BlueCat says "Hullo Lady, gots da food?"

BlueCat says “Hullo Lady, gots da food?”

Penny will just climb me...

Penny will just climb me…

Funny thing about Penny…turns out, she’s a he. We named him before I had accurately sexed him, and I thought he was a she. Nope. Turns out Penny’s a boy. He’s our Boy Named Sue.



My little StormCat like to climb me too…here she got a little distracted by the long grass.


A faceless shot of PoloCat…


This would have been an awesome shot of Penny, if it hadn't been blurry.

This would have been an awesome shot of Penny, if it hadn’t been blurry.

Red, White, and Blue

I didn’t have anything to put the 3 colors together, so I substituted orange for red

r w b1Here we have an orange (in place of red) ball in a blue Chuck It! handle…

This thing throws the balls with the flick of a wrist. It’s awesome. Especially for a high energy dog like Daphne…

r w b 2The Kid throws the balls past the white fence of the pasture from the deck with this thing…that’s well over 100 feet!

r w b3And Daphne runs, run, runs…until she’s too hot and she flops down in her pool…which is also blue.

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SHS~June 21st…The First Day of Summer!

Summer. It’s so lovely…6 months ago all we could do was Dream of summer. Now, it’s here, and we’re working hard to get things done and ready for the next winter.

Hope all the Dads out there had a great Father’s Day.
Hubby’s Father’s Day included hooking up the 6 ft mower and cutting some grass…which made the horses super happy, since we rake it and toss it over the fence for them…and then a relaxing bbq with a beer or 2 on the deck.

I planted a whole bunch of stuff in the garden. I’ll spend the rest of the week finishing that up, and then, like always, we wait. It is, really, a leap of faith, planting these seeds, hoping, hoping, to have growth, and food.

Kid worked with her Sable. Ms Sable was a rock star yesterday! She lunged walk/trot with ease for The Kid. Both are getting more and more confident working with each other. It’s great to see. Next up, Kid will work her up to walk/trot/canter. Sable isn’t confident enough yet, for that canter in lunging. It’ll come. 🙂 I have faith in them both.

Prompts this week for Scavenger Hunt Sunday are…Special, Habit, Explore, Me, and Sprinkle.


Sable 061715Sable is our special girl. We are so very lucky to have met her, and been able to bring her Home. This is the girl we go to for horsie hugs, for those times you need a mane to cry in, for unconditional love. She’s the one that people who are hurting gravitate to in our pasture. Heck, she’s the one our (formerly) broken horse gravitates to. 😉
She is a once-in-a-lifetime horse. That’s how special our Sable is.


HabitNow that the bugs have emerged, the black birds make it a habit to follow the Girls around. Y’see, if they do, the Girls kick up mosquitoes and the birds get an easy meal. I think it’s a pretty darn good habit. So do the Girls. 🙂


Storm, Xena and Penny

Storm, Xena and Penny

These are Fiona’s kittens. Fiona is our little Siamese barn cat who was dumped in our yard by some jerk as a wee kitten.

ExploreThey’re getting old enough now to explore and eat crunchy food. Some days, between these 3 and PoloCat’s 6, it can be a real rodeo to get everyone fed. Everyone wants it now, and they don’t want to wait. Climbing the arm of the person with the food is a very real possibility!


I so don’t do the selfie/in front of the camera thing. lol! Instead, you get a picture of someone who is very special to me

Yup, it's Cookie. <3

Yup, it’s Cookie. ❤

This is from last week. I had taken my coffee to sit out on the deck in the morning, and she came walking over to me, expressing her displeasure at me for not sharing my cup with her. I love that she is becoming more and more vocal with me. It turns out she likes to talk, and I love that she likes to talk to me. 🙂


I planted a bunch of stuff in the garden last night in the hopes of getting it in before the rains came. That way, the sprinkle we were supposed to get could do the watering in for me. Well, as it turns out, we got much, much more than a sprinkle of rain!

SprinkleI know it’s hard to see in the picture, but there is a gray haze over everything…that’s the rain coming down. Hard. I was actually worrying about the peppers I transplanted. I did dash out and check on them…so far, so good! They seem to be enjoying the rain they’re getting.
Plus…just look at all that green! Some of the grass out there is higher than the Girls’ knees.
I swear, I’ll never take growing grass for granted again! lol.

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SHS ~ June14th

Mid June already. Can you believe it?!?
We just got 30 yards of dirt to fill the raised garden bed. We’ve been working since Friday afternoon to get the done, so I can plant! My tomatoes and peppers are so ready for more foot space to grow, and I am so ready for them to be *outside* and growing!
There’s my task for next week, planting just about 40 peppers, and over 100 tomato plants…plus carrots, peas, beans, beets, pumpkins, squash and zucchini. I’m sure there’s more, but, without my seed box in front of me, I’m not sure what! lol.

This weeks Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts include Then and Now, Indulge, Happiness, Summer, and Pop of Color.

Then and Now


Daphne, November 2013

Daphne, November 2013

Yup, our pup broke her paw within a month of coming Home. Silly girl! Just so folks know, puppies should not take flying leaps off of couches. Not a good idea.


Daphne, June 2015

Daphne, June 2015

She’s coming 2 in August, and is slowing down a wee bit. She has some sort of high energy herding dog mix in her-we know she’s got German Shepherd, but who knows what else-and can go, go, go, go, go…yeah, she’s a high energy girl who really needs the space out here to run. I cannot imagine this pup in a city home!


Ruby indulged herself with a big yawn…right in my face!

Oh, Ruby!

Oh, Ruby!

The Kid and I indulged ourselves with a Kitten in Cups photo shoot…here’s a sneak peek. You’ll get to see more of these in another blog post.

Gray (in the owl cup) and Screaming Mimi (in the Tim Hortons cup)

Gray (in the owl cup) and Screaming Mimi (in the Tim Hortons cup)


Happiness is hugging your horse while she lays in the grass. ❤

Ruby, Sable, The Kid and Astrid.

Ruby, Sable, The Kid and Astrid.


Summer means a lovely nap in the long grass.

Summer Sable

Pop of Color

I’ve been working on the hoof clipping jewelry. This piece is one for me. It’s a Midnight Meteorite earring, with a blue spinel as a pop of color. This is a test piece, so that I know whether or not my setting method is durable enough.

Midnight Meteorite

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W is for What a Week(End)!

My last post was during a freak April storm. Wind, snow, more wind…almost impossible to get online. Well, how fast things change! We went from almost wintery like conditions, to spring, and into some beautiful pre-summer weather. Being on a farm, nice weather means working outside, and, unfortunately, that meant I was away from the computer for a bit. It’s gonna happen! 🙂

Our whirlwind weekend of work started on Friday, when we went into the Big City to help friends take down a tree in their back yard. With a little figuring and a lot of hard work by the Guys (and a chainsaw purchase because starting my Brother’s just wasn’t happening), the tree that threatened the fence and the neighbour’s house, came down. Now it’s firewood and bundles of sticks.

Saturday was not Stable day, due to a jump clinic (Kid doesn’t do jumping…yet!) so we spent the day puttering around the farm. We had some friends and family come out for a visit too. There was iced tea, a little shooting, some chatting and of course, visiting the Girls. Later on, more folks came out for a bbq and some adult beverages to go with the visiting. 🙂 One of the great things about having folks come out while equines are still blowing winter coats, is extra hands for grooming.

It was gorgeous weather, so when friends Shaila and Will come out, I handed Shaila a shedding blade and she made our Ms Astrid nice and red again.  The Kid worked with her girl, while Ruby, well, she’s a grooming tramp, so while The Kid worked with Sable, and Shay groomed Astrid, I spent most of my time with Ruby…otherwise she pushes into anyone near by to get groomed. Hussy. 😛 At the end of it all,  Ms Cookie accepted 15 minutes or so of the shedding blade too…yay for progress!

And then, yesterday…

40ft sideThat’s a portion of a 40 foot side of our soon-to-be raised garden bed. Overall measurement is 24 x 40 feet. Each post will be set into the ground for stability. We have both 40 ft sides built, and one of the 24 ft sides…this week we’ll finish the last side and hopefully get it set into the ground.

6 Raised Beds5 of my 6 smaller raised beds. These are roughly 3 ft square. I have 3 more to build, for a total of 9. For this year, anyways. I’ll likely add more out behind the house in years to come. 🙂

Polo, the Supervisor Cat

Polo, the Supervisor Cat

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, Polo had eaten a few birds, and was resting her full tummy in a patch of sunshine.

Sable's new Do

Sable’s new Do

Kid braided Sable’s mane…it’s very thick! She has a gorgeous double mane, and Kid wants to train it to lay on one side of her neck. Braids is the best way to do that…
You can see, Sable’s boo boo on her knee is healing up nicely. We’re now just waiting for new hair to grow in. That’ll take a while, but at least the skin is healthy, and we had no proud flesh form.

Waiting at the gate for her turn to be groomed.

Waiting at the gate for her turn to be groomed.

She waited very patiently for someone to groom her. She is such a sweetie, she loves being around people and having hands on her.

Hussies. :P

Hussies. 😛

Both waiting to be groomed. Both are happy to have brushes run over them for hours. Yeah, seriously, you can brush these 2 for hours. You’ll get tired before they do!

Ruby Surcingle

This was from Saturday, after Ruby’s grooming session.

After a good grooming is the perfect time to put tack on Ruby. She’s relaxed and ready to take it. The surcingle shows how chunky RubyGirl is…she’ll work that off over the summer for sure!

So pretty...and sleepy.

So pretty…and sleepy.

Yesterday, she gave me another 30 minutes to shed out that winter coat. I scraped loose hair and mud of her until she decided she was ready to lay down. She walked about 5 feet a way and folded herself up into this pretty package. While she lay there, I brushed and de-mudded her mane. She is very comfortable with me being hands on with her while she’s laying down…except for cleaning out her hooves. I’m working on that. It would have been nice to get a really good clean out on them while she was down *and* get her backs treated with Thrushbuster. Fronts I can do, backs, well, work-in-progress. 😉

Lazy bum finally got up fro her nap!

Lazy bum finally got up from her nap!

I know…she looks like she’s getting ready to pee, but she’s just stretching. I was hoping she’d do her Yoga Cat stretch too, so I could catch a shot of it, but nope. Dork knew I was watching!

And finally, a shot of our RubyGirl…

Her Supermodel pose...

Her Supermodel pose…

I sure do love those big quarter horse bums!

W is for work, whirlwind and What a Week(end)!

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U is for Upset

We had a few upset animals this past week…

Mip and Polo

Mip and Polo

These 2 were upset that I wasn’t fast enough to get them their morning cream. Yep, spoiled brats they are! They come up to the house every morning, sing me the Song of Their People, and they get a little cream to share. Cats think this should happen as they demand it, not as I get the chance to do it.

Astrid, Ruby and Cookie

Astrid, Ruby and Cookie

These guys were upset because we had a mini freak snow storm. As far as they’re concerned, the grass should be growing, and they shouldn’t have to eat the hay. Crankiness set in when Mother Nature dropped a scant centimeter of snow on the pasture.

Ruby and Cookie

Ruby and Cookie

Cookie was upset yesterday because I came into the pasture while Ruby was laying down. I always approach the Girls while they are down…safely of course. I figure if someone goes down hurt, I want them used to me coming up to them and not panicking. Cookie tried to drive me away from Ruby-yeah, like that’s going to work! Not! Dork-so Ruby could enjoy her nap.
Silly Cookie. Ruby likes a back rub when she’s lying down. 😉
If you look close at the picture, you’ll see, Cookie is standing on Ruby’s tail!



This one…oh, this one was upset because I had to tend to yet another wound on her leg. She’s a very good patient, but rinsing the wound is not something she enjoys, and she tries to avoid it. Uh, no. It gets done, thankfully, without a rodeo too. 😉 Once all is cleaned and treated, she’s right back to her snuggly self.

Boo boo before cleaning and treatment...

Boo boo before cleaning and treatment…

Boo boo after cleaning and treatment...

Boo boo after cleaning and treatment…

We typically clean and treat wounds like this twice a day, and leave it uncovered to heal. Truthfully, since it’s on her knee, there’s no real way to wrap it anyways. So, I cover it with a light coat of a+d cream…which is basically petroleum jelly with vitamins a and d added. Works very well to heal wounds like this (tattoos too! 😉 ) because it doesn’t sting, it protects from dirt, and it promotes healing without causing proud flesh. Good thing for a horse who gets hurt a lot!

U is for Upset

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