Pasture Dragon

Sometimes, we find strange things in our pasture.
Sometimes, it’s garbage, or metal, or old barbed wire buried in horrible places.
Sometimes, it’s fun things, like toys from previous owners kids.
Like this…

I call it a Pasture Dragon...I don't actually know what it is.

I call it a Pasture Dragon…I don’t actually know what it is.

When Hubby found it, I said “Pictures!” and he proceeded to put it on Sable’s bum.

Nestled perfectly on her bum...

Nestled perfectly on her bum…

It’s like the Pasture Dragon is flying!

Sable, however, was unimpressed:

Really, Mother?!? Really???

Really, Mother?!? Really???

I thought it was cute.
The Pasture Dragon might have to make a few appearances in other places too… 😉