It’s Here!!!!

The new incubator arrived last night…

Can’t I haz the big box?

Yeah the box is huge.
The incubator is huge.
It can hold 56 chicken eggs, so I shoulda realized how huge it was gonna be.
That’s okay.
I have a spot for it, as well as the first (smaller) incubator.
This year‘s hatching is about to start!

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Wordless Wednesday

❤ Nancy ❤

Caught his attention with a shiny object and bounced sun rays around the bathroom…the streaky window makes him look like he’s in space.

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Bird TV

Nothing like having the birds sit right outside the library window and tease the cats…

“Hey Cat…whatcha doin’?”

Ignore my dirty window…it’s not like getting them cleaned regularly is a top priority with everything else going on ’round here.

“Hey Bob!! I got 2 stinkin’ cats watchin’ me now!

Finally, the bird got bored with teasing them and flew away, while Nancy and Daisy sang their lamenting cat song…

Feline Friday

Last night, we had the absolute pleasure of thunderstorms rolling through.
We finally got some much needed rain!
While we humans enjoy the thunder and lightning, the indoor cats have differing opinions about it all…

“go ‘way…sleeping”

Nancy just didn’t care.
Neither did the oldsters, Freyja (who didn’t even lift her head) and Odhinn (who likes deer…he just wants y’all to know that)…

The geriatrics of the indoor cats…

And then there’s Daisy Mae…

Daisy Mae would like you all to know that thunderstorms are scary, lightning is scary and that yelling at Mom about things being scary doesn’t help because Mom yells back.

Seriously though, she was the only one who was freaked out about the storm. Once I caught her, she settled into my lap and only jumped with the overly loud thunder claps.
This morning, she did her usual shrieking at me, to make sure i knew she wasn’t happy I was making fun of her.
Oh well.
She’ll get over it.

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Feline Friday

Nancy and I were having a discussion this morning…

It was a “facts vs feelings” based discussion.
I’m big on facts.
I haven’t always been, I’ll admit. There have been times where I let my feelings rule me. If I hadn’t been like that, I wouldn’t have moved the Family out of the city for a horse…a horse who turned out to be one of my Great Loves of my life. 😉
Nowadays, I try very hard to make fact based decisions.
Sure, I want to eventually get a 4th horse, but the facts of ownership make me far more cautious and careful as I ponder the idea.

Nancy has absolutely no interest in facts.
He’s a cat, so that’s no surprise.

“Look, I iz pretty, I don’t hav to be smrt”

This morning’s conversation went something like this:

Nancy: “Birds! I have to get in the window!”
Me: “Nope. No cats in that window”
Nancy: “But birds!!”
Me: “Nope. My plants are there.”
Nancy: “Birds!!”
Me: “Get out. You’ll kill my plants, and I’ll kick your butt!”
Nancy: “But Mooooooommmm!! BIRDS!!”
Me: “I don’t care! Go look at them out the living room window. You are not getting in this one!”
Nancy: “You just don’t understand…birds!!”
Me: “Oh, I understand, I just don’t care. Fact is, you’ll kill my plants that I have worked hard to get growing for the garden. Fact is, I’ll kick you fuzzy butt for killing my plants. Fact is, your feelings about birds can be expressed in the living room. Now, out!”
Nancy: “Mean. You are a mean Mama.”
Me: “Yup. And don’t you forget it.”

“Why you so mean to me, Mama??”

It’s a rough life being poor Nancy NotSoFancyPants. 😉
He was feeling rather betrayed by my meanness…

And, just because I love this photo of him, my lovely formerly feral Ghost…

Sweetest big boy ever 💞

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Friday’s Hunt April 9th

I made it!!
Article submitted, images for today’s post, and now, I have a wee bit of breathing room before I start editing some super ultra gorgeous shots I took over the weekend.

That means bbq, and some home made wine. Sounds like a darn fine plan before the new week begins…

Starts with N


This numbskull came home with a helluva injury this past week.
He’s been on antibiotics and pain meds, plus I’m having to clean his wound several times a day. He’ll heal up just fine though. He’s a tough boy, my Ghost is.
Dang TomCat hormones…I’m tired of patching this guy up, I tell ya! So, he’s got a date to get neutered.
That should take the fight out of him…
And when he goes, Mr. TroubleCat will go too.
That way, everyone who is still here will be fixed.
Hopefully, no more will show up. :/

Week’s Favorite

Not the greatest technically, but, I love, love, love her enthusiasm here….


The water is almost all soaked in, and the Girls were ripping it up something fierce. I just happened to step outside with the camera and she popped her head over the gate to say hi!


I make wine.
After 14 years of not drinking, we moved to a farm, and we started drinking again. It’s nice, every now and then, to sit on the deck and have a drink.
And, I have come to enjoy creating my own wines. Eventually, I hope to have a grand little fruit patch to make wines from.

Hand in hand with that, goes the need for bottles.
Well, we have a good friend (actually, we have a few friends who do) who saves her empty bottles for us and she’s given me some really pretty ones…

Nancy is helping me…

And colours!
These are the prettiest shades of blue. 🙂

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Friday’s Hunt March 12

Well now, I’m rather proud of myself.
I’ve made it all the way to “J”…and then I thought I was going to fail this week, because really, J? What the heck was I going to do as a photo prompt for J?

As it turns out, I have the perfect image for J…
And, it’s because this little numpkin is such a Jerk!

Fancy Nancy in chair jail.

He’s pretty, he’s adorable, and he knows it.
He also likes to sing in my face at night while I’m trying to sleep. If I don’t wake up enough to acknowledge him, he tries to eat my hair…or he sticks his butt in my face.
I love the little ass, but he is such a jerk.

Week’s Favorite this week comes from a quick shoot with the Girls yesterday…

Astrid herself isn’t as crisp and clear as I’d like her to be (I had a condensation spot on the filter) but I couldn’t resist this pose. ❤
She looks so lovely!

My final image is for wings…because I didn’t have a new bird picture, but this guy was hanging around the pasture yesterday…mighta been looking for an equine meal. We all know how they love a good horsie snack. 😉

Stay away from my ponies you two-headed devil, you!! 😡

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Zip Tie Pie

Hello there, Daisy Mae here.
Or Weazy as Mom likes to call me. She says it’s short for “Weasel”, which is either a small carnivorous animal or a way of getting into things. I think she means it in the getting into things way, but I’m not sure. :/

I’m here to tell you about my favorite toy in the whole wide world. Even better than that stupid paper bag Nancy had. Mom calls them “zip ties” and she uses them to tie the dog’s house door shut.
I’ve learned that when they cut the ties off the dog’s house, they put them on top the house and forget about them. I like to steal the zip ties when no one is looking and play with them.
Nancy’s always trying to steal them from me. Grrrr! I tell him to go sit in his stupid cat bag that he won’t share with me.

Yesterday, Mom took some pictures of me…WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, I might add!!!…while I was playing with my zip tie.

If I take it to the bathroom, I can get to play with it by myself.

If I take it to the bathroom, I can get to play with it by myself.

Whater you doin' with that camera?

What’er you doin’ with that camera?

See? These things are fun!

See? These things are fun!

Stupid Nancy keeps trying to steal it though...

Stupid Nancy keeps trying to steal it though…MINE!!

I had to run away with it. I hid it somewhere that no one will find it! 3:)

I had to run away with it. I hid it somewhere that no one will find it! 😈

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For Toosh

There was that bag of goodies you sent home with us on Sunday…
Once I emptied it, I set the bag on one of the kitchen chairs…
Next thing I knew, this happened…

I finded dis...

I finded dis…

Dis my bag now

Dis my bag now…

Whatchoo mean I can't haz dis house?

Whatchoo mean I can’t haz dis house?

See my teef marks? Means mine!

See my teeth marks? Means mine!

Whatchoo doing Daisy?!? Go 'way!

Whatchoo doing Daisy?!? Go ‘way!



Get out of my house!!!!

Get out of my house!!!!

The 2 of them have had a great time fighting over who gets to be in the “house”. It seems though, that Nancy is far more attached to it than Daisy…he keeps winning the wrestling matches.

A Daisy Mae and Nancy Update

My plan, with the Meatloaf Litter, was to only keep Nancy.
He’s my special little guy.
When Sophie (now Suzy) and Robin (still Robin, because he’s a boy) went to their new furever home (together! Lucky kids. 🙂 ) I was only supposed to have 1 kitten in the house.
Well, because Daisy Mae was supposed to transition back outside, to live her life as a barn cat.


Didn’t happen.
She was inside too long, and she shed out her winter coat. Can’t put the poor little bug outside, with no winter coat.
And then, The Kid fell in love with her.
Okay, no. That’s no quite true…The Kid was in love with her since maybe 3 seconds after she found her? lol

Now we have 4 indoor cats.

Daisy "The Weasel" Mae

Daisy “The Weasel” Mae

Sir Nancy of the Fancy Pants

Sir Nancy of the Fancy Pants

They’re growing very well. Weaned off the formula 3 weeks ago.
We’ve been leaving them free at night now too.
That’s been fun. Sort of. Kittens are smaller, more energetic versions of “Oh, you’re sleeping? I MUST PLAY NOW!!!” cats.
Sleep has been short.
I could be a Miserable Cow, if I wanted to, but 1 on the Farm is enough. 😉

That's our Daisy, bites Nancy's butt to force him out of the box.

That’s our Daisy, bites Nancy’s butt to force him out of the box.

The evil glowing eyed kitty is The Kid's.  Not mine.  My kitten is the Good Kitty.

The evil glowing eyed kitty is The Kid’s.
Not mine.
My kitten is the Good Kitty.

Oh, but Miss Daisy can put on an innocent face when she wants to…

Daisy Mae...I almost believe she's innocent.  Almost.

Daisy Mae…I almost believe she’s innocent.