U is for Upset

We had a few upset animals this past week…

Mip and Polo

Mip and Polo

These 2 were upset that I wasn’t fast enough to get them their morning cream. Yep, spoiled brats they are! They come up to the house every morning, sing me the Song of Their People, and they get a little cream to share. Cats think this should happen as they demand it, not as I get the chance to do it.

Astrid, Ruby and Cookie

Astrid, Ruby and Cookie

These guys were upset because we had a mini freak snow storm. As far as they’re concerned, the grass should be growing, and they shouldn’t have to eat the hay. Crankiness set in when Mother Nature dropped a scant centimeter of snow on the pasture.

Ruby and Cookie

Ruby and Cookie

Cookie was upset yesterday because I came into the pasture while Ruby was laying down. I always approach the Girls while they are down…safely of course. I figure if someone goes down hurt, I want them used to me coming up to them and not panicking. Cookie tried to drive me away from Ruby-yeah, like that’s going to work! Not! Dork-so Ruby could enjoy her nap.
Silly Cookie. Ruby likes a back rub when she’s lying down. 😉
If you look close at the picture, you’ll see, Cookie is standing on Ruby’s tail!



This one…oh, this one was upset because I had to tend to yet another wound on her leg. She’s a very good patient, but rinsing the wound is not something she enjoys, and she tries to avoid it. Uh, no. It gets done, thankfully, without a rodeo too. 😉 Once all is cleaned and treated, she’s right back to her snuggly self.

Boo boo before cleaning and treatment...

Boo boo before cleaning and treatment…

Boo boo after cleaning and treatment...

Boo boo after cleaning and treatment…

We typically clean and treat wounds like this twice a day, and leave it uncovered to heal. Truthfully, since it’s on her knee, there’s no real way to wrap it anyways. So, I cover it with a light coat of a+d cream…which is basically petroleum jelly with vitamins a and d added. Works very well to heal wounds like this (tattoos too! 😉 ) because it doesn’t sting, it protects from dirt, and it promotes healing without causing proud flesh. Good thing for a horse who gets hurt a lot!

U is for Upset

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Our little barn cat Mip has taken a liking to Astrid. On Monday she had a grand time loving up on her. Thankfully, I had the camera to get photographic proof. 😉



Astrid and Mip1

Astrid and Mip2

Astrid and Mip3

Astrid and Mip4

She even hopped up on Astrid's back...Astrid didn't care.

She even hopped up on Astrid’s back…Astrid didn’t care.

Then Ruby wanted to see what the fuss was about. Mip quite enjoyed being the center of attention. ;)

Then Ruby wanted to see what the fuss was about. Mip quite enjoyed being the center of attention. 😉

Oh, the cuteness!

Oh, the cuteness!

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday~The Almost All Sable Edition

We have had some lovely weather…if you ignore the bits of freezing rain. And we have. We’re just glad to not be under tons of snow, not dealing with freezing winds, not having to dig everything out all the time. Yeah, we’re enjoying the above seasonal temps!

This week’s pictures for the prompts were taken during the weekly ritual of “Clean the shelter and all the poop around the feeder”. Thankfully, Hubby can still get into the pasture with tractor, so he cleans up the poo with the tractor bucket. Once he can’t get there, I’ll be doing it by hand, like last year. Booo!

On to this week’s pictures for Shiny, Underneath, Decorations, Fresh, and Colorful…


Sable and The Kid

Sable and The Kid

Ms Sable got shiny new bell boots. Here, The Kid is fitting them on her, to be sure they’re the right size. The Kid bought them for Sable, because when being lunged, Sable often kicks the backs of her front hooves. That has led to cuts, and while Sable is a fabulous patient when injured (she even let me pull a bloated tick off her teat without flinching!!), we all would much rather avoid injuries. 😉 So, bell boots. Shiny, pretty, pink ones. Of course!


Ever wonder what’s underneath a horse? Wonder no more!!

Sable Fell DownSable is more than happy to show you what her “underneath” looks like! 😀


DecorationsMs Sable checks out her new hoof decorations. After a good long sniff, and a couple of licks, she decided they were fine.


Fresh WaterMs Sable enjoying a drink of fresh, clean water from the yard hydrant. She had to show me how much she enjoyed that fresh water too…Silly girl!


I thought using a shot of Sable and her bell boots again for this prompt might be pushing it, so instead I give you…

ColorfulOur colorful little girl, Mip, snuggling in The Kid’s colorful winter parka.

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