6 Years

Not a long post, but a sweet post.
As of 9:00am, Midnight Calico Farm has been in existence for 6 years.

Some folks have been with us from the very beginning.
Some folks have joined us in the later years.

We’re happy all of you follow us.
Many of you are like family.

Thanks for being here.
Hope you stick with us as we continue to grow.

“I be rollin’
My back is itchy…oooooh, feels soooo good!!”
~ Sable

Well Now…

Yesterday I had planned on doing a photo shoot that I’ve had in mind for quite some time now. I figured while Hubby went off to work (booooo for Saturday working, but yay for o/t $$$), I’d prep what would be needed…
Unfortunately the 70km/h wind gusts put a kibosh on that.
When the wind gusts start out like that at 4:30 in the morning, you just know plans have gone awry.

So, I made the coffee, had the shower, and went to log into the Facebook…only to discover a 72 hour ban for posting something against community standards.
Well, okay then.
Normally when that happens, whatever the post was just gets removed.
Musta really upset some folks…
Thought I’d check and see if messenger was still available to me.
There I learned that I had apparently deactivated my account, but could still use the app. without reactivating my account.
Well, since I had been offline since the night before, I’m pretty sure I hadn’t deactivated anything.
So, I’ve sent an email to the Facebook to see what, actually, is going on.
Knowing them and how slowly they respond to emails, 72 hours will have come and gone before I hear anything.
In 72 hours (or more) I’ll know if I actually had a ban in place or if I was hacked. 😛
Which is why the Farm Page feed is missing on the side bar…because when my account got locked up, the Farm Page got unpublished.

Meh. Whatever.
FB is a cesspool right now anyways.
Even if I can’t recover my account, it won’t be a huge loss.
Anyone who wants to can follow me here at the blog, or I can just start a new page. We’ll see how interested I am in 72 hours.
Though, one of the things I will miss are the Ag groups.
There’s a lot of good info, a whole lotta laughs, and some great people who really understand the inappropriate sense of humour that is needed to live Farm life. If’n I lose my account, I’ll definitely miss those bitches. 😉
And the Farm Page.
I’ve done a lot of networking and followed some other great small farming/homesteading pages.
I’ll miss reading those adventures. :/

In the meantime, I have work to concentrate on here.
Taking the time suck that FB is out of my day oughta make for some super extra work getting done. LOL!
It’s already given me more time for photo editing, and that’s a good thing for y’all. That means I have more images to share here…which leads me to my storage here. I’m at 80% usage for images. I’m getting to the point where I have to think about either starting a new, free blog and linking to this one, or going paid.
If I go with a paid account, I just keep on going here.
But, I have to decide if it’s worth the $60 a year to do so.

Decisions, decisions!

I’ll think about it, and in the meantime, y’all can look at Ruby in all her unicorn glory, having a nap in the sunshine. With her 2 trusty side kicks, Astrid and CoalCat. 🙂


3 years.
3 amazing, glorious, wonderful yet difficult, trying, faith testing years.
That’s how long we’ve been here on Midnight Calico Farm.
It all started because of this one…

Cookie, m'dear, it's all your fault!

Cookie, m’dear, it’s all your fault!

Oh, Hubby and I had always talked about moving to the country. Dreamed about it. But, until I saw this Girl ^^^ sitting in Rescue, waiting for her person, it was just that.
A Dream.
And then I saw her…and I said to Hubby, we need a farm, because that is my horse. She’s mine, no one else’s, she belongs to me, she belongs with me. So, we either get land, or we have to pay to board her. Either way, I’m getting that horse!

That made the search become real, more earnest…no more half-hearted “Well, maybe we should check that out” stuff. We needed to find something! That’s how we ended up here…and I chased after getting my Girl Home to me.

Of course, 1 horse normally doesn’t do well alone. So, when we went to see Cookie, Hubby chose this character…



Oh, and she’s a character alright!! 😛 Fits right in here at our crazy little funny Farm.

And then…when we weren’t looking for a 3rd horse, we had only gone out to visit with these two and finalize payment, we met this sweetheart…


❤ Sable ❤

She chose us. Or, more like she chose The Kid.
She knew who she wanted, she knew who her person was, and thankfully, we listened. Our lives would not be the same without her. She is an amazing mare!

Since then, Astrid has joined us…



We’ve added 19 laying hennys, 15 meat chickens, our million mile an hour Farm dog Daphne, 3 piggies and a whole herd of cats.
We have a huge garden (that hopefully next year I will get planted on time!), fruit trees and bushes, and a huge field that we hope will yield many geese this year! Especially since we leased it out and the farmer planted wheat…geese love wheat…and we love geese to eat. 😉

We’re still working towards bison…that is the ultimate goal.
A small bison herd.
A good foundation bull, a handful of well-bred cows, and calves to grow into eventual Freezer Campers.

We’re getting there. This life, it’s a work in progress.
You have to love it to do it.
And we do!
I hope you all love to follow us and will stick with us for the coming year(s).

Happy 3 to us!

M is for Mowing

We have our 2 year Farm anniversary coming up this weekend.
August 16th makes 2 years for us here at Midnight Calico Farm.
It’s been a bumpy, lumpy, amazingly awesome, quietly heartbreaking, wouldn’t-change-it-for-the-world ride.
And we’re going to celebrate!
We have friends and family coming out for a bonfire/potluck/grand old time. That means we actually had to cut the grass. Now, when we cut the grass, we do it with the tractor and 6 ft mower…

Mower...it's there, in the grass. Really, it is!

Mower…it’s there, in the grass. Really, it is!

Hubby, Daisy(the tractor) and the mower, working on taking that grass down.

Hubby, Daisy(the tractor) and the mower, working on taking that grass down.

It wasn’t as long this time, or I’d be turning and stacking it for hay. I did that last summer, when we had grass to my hip. Dried it and stacked it in a loose hay stack. Let me tell you, it was a life saver for the first 2 weeks we needed hay. We hadn’t bought our trailer yet, our Hay Guy was still busy in the fields, and my Girls were hungry…hell they were bordering on hangry!
So, between the 800lbs or so we put up and the beet pulp I started them on, we made it through until our Hay Guy could get us a load on our (new to us) trailer.

Of course, with Hubby pulling out Daisy and the mower, we have to make sure the Marauding Horde is safe, so Kid and I went on a kitten wrangling spree.

9 kittens shoved into Daphne's kennel.

9 kittens shoved into Daphne’s kennel.

Unfortunately, they’re at the age where when they get scared they don’t always run. Having a little body hunker down when the mower is out is a very bad thing. So 9 little bodies had to go into the kennel, while Mama Cat was calling at the door, worried we were doing something bad to her babies. She was very happy to get them back once the tractor was put away. 🙂

And then, there’s my  riding lawnmowers…

Ooooh, the excitement!! Daddy opened the gate to the front pasture!

Ooooh, the excitement!! Daddy opened the gate to the front pasture!

"Oh boy, Mom! This is awesome!"

“Oh boy, Mom! This is awesome!”

"Nom, nom, nom...can't talk...eating..."

“Nom, nom, nom…can’t talk…eating…”

Now that we have the gate in, and I’ve been working on gate skills with them, by next spring, I do believe our riding lawn mowers will be able to cut the grass for us. After I put up some hay, of course! 😉

M is for Mower, both tractor powered and equine.

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Manitoba Pet Expo

2015 MB Pet Expo FB Timeline-Cover
We will be there! We’ve got a table to hawk our wares…if you’re in Manitoba, come on out and see us. We’d love to see you!
If you’re wondering what we’ll have, here’s a peek at the work I’ve been doing the past 2 months…



Big bin 'o' cards

Big bin ‘o’ cards

Raw Rubidium

Raw Rubidium

Tools of my trade

Tools of my trade

Some finished pieces

Some finished pieces

Still have to make the display cards for the jewelry, finish packaging the greeting cards, and put together the display for our table.
I’ll have a few pieces of raw material to work as well, should anyone be curious about (part) of the process from raw to finished. Some of the process is proprietary, so I won’t do a fully finished piece, but folks will be able to see some of the process. 🙂

2015 MB Pet Expo Poster Color

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Don’t forget to go to our Results! post and vote on Cookie’s gemstone name. Voting ends tomorrow at Midnight!