Friday’s Hunt June 4th

So, we’re well on our way to having the garden in…
Yesterday, The Kid and I got our last few small beds planted. She put in 300 kidney beans. Sounds like a lot, but you pretty much plant them, and then ignore them until the pods are finished and dried. The joy of a dry bean. However, that also means they don’t produce continuously, like most other beans. Bush bean, pole beans, they’ll produce more flowers and pods the more you pick them. Which is why we’ll also plant 2 types of pole beans, and a purple bush bean…for fresh eating and putting up for the winter.

Today, the plan is to work on the main garden bed…I did say, I will have a garden this year. It’s just going to take a whole lotta heavy lifting. 😉
Good thing we’re not afraid to get out hands dirty.

This week’s prompts for Friday’s Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills are Starts with V, Week’s Favorite and Inch.

Starts with V

Now that we’re in June, summer vacation is coming up for The Kid. Already. The school year has flown past, I tell ya…
We won’t however, be taking any sort of family vacation. That’s just not something we can do…not with these guys:

My toddlers.

Truth be told, I’m not much of a vacation person anyways…I like to stay close to home, and I do love my Farm. 🙂
(And yes, Sable is doing exactly what you think she is…)

Week’s Favorite

3 horse down…flat babies in the sunshine.

Life rarely presents fully finished photographs.
An image evolves, often from a single strand of visual interest – a distant horizon, a moment of light, a held expression.

~ Sam Abell


My helper cat, Sir Maximillion…helping me do what I do best…take pictures of the horses at sunrise:

Thankfully, he helped without his usual stance of having his butt an inch from my face. It’s really hard to take pictures like that.

Farm Kitties

Every where I go on the Farm, there’s a cat.
Here a cat…
There a cat…
Every where a cat, cat…

Today I wanted to take a few shots of the horses dozing in the sunlight. Instead, I took kitty pictures.

Xena, asking for belly rubs…

She does love a good belly rub, that girl!
Then I hear meowing…

Ghost (in front) and Trouble

Every where Ghost goes, it’s with a conversation. He’s a talker that boy. Oh, and he’s a pretty big fan of the whole belly rub thing too.
So much for my big tough TomCat!

“Do you mind??!?”

She popped into a hoof hole to have a pee…seemed like a fine time to take her picture. Clearly, she is not impressed!
Notice the Ghost influenced eyes…she is obviously his daughter, seeing as how her Mama (Fiona) was a Siamese with blue eyes.

Finally, one from Saturday…

Max and Ruby

Just in case you don’t understand why this is hilarious to me, here’s a link:

Max and Ruby

Happy Wednesday…only 5 more days to Spring!!

A Little Bit of Catching Up…

In the time since we last saw each other much has happened here on the Farm.

We got chickens…yup, 20 ex-battery hens. One of the local farming FB groups had an ad for these girls, cheap, at a year old. So, since I’ve been wanting chickens for eggs, I figured we could take a chance on some older girls who needed a soft landing.
June 4th, my Henny Pennys came home.
They’ll stay with us for a year or so. Next spring I’ll get replacement chicks and then these ladies will go to the soup pot.
While that may seem cruel, to soup pot them, their life between now and then is radically different from what they knew in the barns. There is a much higher quality of life for them here…a yard, grass, bugs to eat, space to roam…they’ll have it made here, until soup time. Because, not all animals that come to live here are pets.
It is a part of Farm life.
Here’s some pictures of them…

Ihop, the day she came home.

Ihop, the day she came home.

We named her Ihop because she had a bit of a limp when she came home. Whether that came from being squished under her crate mates in travel, or it happened before we got her, I don’t know. But, she was happy to come out of the crate, and just soak up her surroundings.

Ihop June 23rd, 2016

June 23rd, 2016

This was Ihop yesterday. It’s become harder to take her picture, because she follows me around the chicken yard…and because her limp is almost gone, so it’s harder to distinguish her from the others. Hubby says I should band her leg, so we can keep track of her. She’s the only one I might consider keeping as a pet, come next spring. 😉

The hennys are fascinated with my crocs too. They’ll follow me around to peck at them, and if I stand still for a minute or two, I’ll have 5 or 6 hens checking out my shoes.

Chicken Croc
Chicken Croc2
Fascinating things to chickens, apparently. I told Hubby it’s a good thing I’m not afraid of birds, or them chasing me to peck my shoes might freak me out. lol!

Hubby is pretty interesting to the hennys too!

Hubby is pretty interesting to the hennys too!

Random henny enjoying the grass and weeds.

Random henny enjoying the grass and weeds.

Looking much better after 3 weeks. :)

Looking much better after 3 weeks. 🙂

Piggies have been growing well too…Farm friends came out to see them, and I learned that I have 3 females. Who knew?? Not me! I was going by what I was told when I picked them up, that I had 2 boys and 2 girls. I never did have a chance to see what sex the one was that we lost to heat exhaustion…it was swarmed by the Marauding Hoarde and disappeared in pretty short order.
Now, the girls like to dig and root and lie around in the mid day sun having a siesta…

Sleepy piggies...

Sleepy piggies…

When they’re sleeping like that, and I want pictures, I have to sneak up on them, and shoot fast. They all know who the Food Lady is and don’t stay sleeping long when they hear me coming. Might be some sorta yummy I’m bringing them, y’know. 😉

The past 3 weeks have also seen us doing a whole lot of porch sitting. After the work is done, of course.
With porch sitting, come the felines. They are all for me sitting and having coffee outside with them. They also like to knock my cup down so they can have some. *sigh*
But, this also brings photo ops.


Ghost~Oh those eyes!!

This is clowder sire Ghost…or Ghostie Toastie as I like to call him.
He’s been relaxing more and more on the deck…it’s where the food is, so he wants to be near by. But, he also sits and listens to me talk to him. I’ve managed to touch him a few times, but that scares the cat pants off him. Poor guy. I’m sure he’s baffled by the friendliness the others show the humans.
We’ve been working on getting everyone fixed, and I’d love to get my hands on him and get him done. I know once all the girls are spayed, he’s likely to move on though. We’ll see if I can get him into the trap…he’s such a sweet boy with all the kittens, I’d hate to lose him…not to mention, he’s one hell of a hunter. He’s taken on geese and won. That’s no small feat! So yeah, rodents for him are easy peasy hunting. 😉 A hunter like that is a valuable Farm asset…one I’m hoping to keep.


Felix~he got Daddy’s eye colour!

Of course in a round of feline photography, there is a picture of Felix. He’s so photogenic, I have to take his picture. My handsome boy. ❤



Oh how this boy has lived up to his name this Spring!
He’s been trying to learn from Daddy Ghost how to hunt geese…let me tell you, when a cat doesn’t have the experience to do it, they come home with holes in their bodies.
That means wound care, a trip to the vet (unless he’s in the area, then he stops in) and days of raw honey treatments.
4 holes in this guy so far this spring…hopefully he’s learned by now!
Everything has healed up just fine though, and he’s darn near 100%.



Look at that smile! She was lying there watching Daphne play with her ball. GreyCat loves Daphne…not in the same hissing and smacking way Max loves her, but in the “roll on her, rub on her, lick her face” kinda way.

MaxCat <3

MaxCat ❤ My big sweet grumble puss.

And Daphne?

Wet Puppy

Wet Puppy

Daphne likes to play in the water…so much so that she’s still swimming in the troughs, chasing the hose, and flopping down in every stink puddle she can find.
I know there’s German shepherd in there, but there’s also some insane water dog breed inside that body too. Give that dog a ChuckIt! ball and a pool and you have the happiest dog on the planet.

Finally, a couple of shots of the Girls…

Astrid, looking so beautiful in the morning sun.

Astrid, looking so beautiful in the morning sun.

Sable decided to wash Astrid...

Sable decided to wash Astrid…

Cookie chewing the mud out of her feathers.

Cookie chewing the mud out of her feathers.

Oh, and one last shot before I wrap this up…
This guy…

HeronCame waltzing down my driveway, looking like he owned the place.
I snapped this shot, not knowing what kind of bird it was. Hubby tells me it’s a heron.
Alright then.

Friday’s Hunt 03.11.16

Hey! Look at that…I’m posting this on a Friday.
Yay me!!

Today’s weather was amazing, which made going out to take pictures an absolute pleasure. I have a few mixed in today, but have a bunch to share with y’all later next week. 😉

This week’s prompts are Starts with K, Week’s Favorite and Flower.

Starts with K was pretty easy…Kittens!
Even though my Felix is such a big boy, really he’s still a kitten. He’s only 10 months old. Today he was enjoying sunning himself on top of the straw bales…

Felix YawnAs you can see, I woke him up…nice yawn there, Mister!

Felix2Then he came over to the fence to help as I scratched Ms Cookie’s bum.
And by “help” I mean, he took a leap from my shoulder to her back…she, surprisingly, was not bothered by him at all. She lifted her head long enough to look at him, sigh, and went back to dozing in the sunshine. 🙂

Erik the Viking

Erik the Viking

Looking oh, so dignified.
Just about 6 months old, he is.


❤ MaxCat ❤

And finally, not a kitten, my MaxCat. My big snuggle bug. Though you’d never know it by the way he grumbles. He just like to talk while he sits with me. 😉

Week’s Favorite this week, hands down (pun intended) is this…

Oh Ms Cookie!

Oh Ms Cookie!

My sweet Girl. So patient with the things I do to her. ❤ She makes me smile, even on the roughest days.

Finally for Flower, I had to go back to August to find something…no flowers here now! Still too much snow.
This I took outside the small town grocery store. Every year they have barrel planters of flowers. This one decided to go off on his own and grow where he felt most needed…

Random flower, bringing beauty to the concrete and steel.

Random flower, bringing beauty to the concrete and steel.

Sharing with Friday’s Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills.

X is for e-X-citement

Yes, I know, I’m stretching it. 😛
Honestly,  I had wanted to go find a xylophone for Sable to play, but…um, that just didn’t happen. I had to get creative with an “x” word then.

The big e-X-citement around here is the installation of the new garden boxes/bed.
Last year, on July 1st, my garden flooded out. We had this insane dump of rain, the pasture was barely visible, the Girls were almost knee deep in water, and my garden (which was already 75% planted) was gone under water.
This year, we resolved to move the garden and build raised beds. Thankfully, Hubby’s work offers up scrap wood for the workers to take home on a rotating basis. He’s brought home much scrap wood! Enough to, with the help of a few pieces in the wood pile that was already here, build 9 3×3 foot beds, plus our main 40×24 foot area.

Whew, it’s been a lot of work getting them done, and our e-X-citement has been installing them.

Several of the raised 3x3 footers...

Several of the raised 3×3 footers…

A few more of them...

A few more of them…

These are placed in between the apple and pear trees. I figure there’s easily enough space in between for beds. I mean, it’s going to be a while before we see fruit of them anyways, why have dead space? Can’t let the horses graze there, they’d just destroy the trees, but, I can grow food there. And the more food I can grow (and put up for the winter), the better.

Augering holes...

Augering holes…

In the “W” post, I showed you one side of the main bed…here’s Hubby using the tractor to dig the holes for the posts. No way are we going to dig them by hand! And really, we have this tool at our disposal, so why not use it?
Once we have the bed in place, I’ll share some pictures of that. 🙂

Of course, with all this going on, it’s bound to attract the attention of the animals. The e-X-citement is just too much for them to resist…

Sable ExcitementSable had to come see what all the noise was about…and then she was disappointed she couldn’t reach the tractor. lol! She has this love affair going on with it…well, she really just wants to chew the paint off. Goober!

Ruby ExcitementThis was all so exciting to Ruby that she had to stop and poop. Hahahaha!!

Sunset CookieCookie was coming over to get a little shedding done…I had the shedding blade in hand to scrape away at who ever wanted it done. Surprisingly (and to my e-X-citement!) Cookie was more than happy to let me get rid of some more of her winter coat.

Astrid No ExcitementAstrid just wanted to eat the green bits coming up.

Ninja DogDaphne had the fun and e-X-citement of being sprayed with the hose, and playing Ninja Dog. That’s where she barks and flips and scrambles out of the way of the water jet…it’s a game she loves to play.

And finally, with the noise and e-X-citement of the tractor making holes, my MaxCat decided that he needed to protect me from the scary, noisy thing.

Lying on my foot.

Lying on my foot.

That’s my Max, he guards me from danger and scary things every chance he gets. 😉

X is for e-X-citement.

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Outdoor Cats

The barn cats got a new house. They still have free run of the garage, but they now have a house up on the deck too. Stuffed full of straw for warmth.

Cat house

Cat house, with Max and Polo.

We brought home a load of hay…

4000lbs of hay on our new-to-us trailer.

4000 lbs of hay on our new-to-us trailer.

Which quickly turned into a kitty cat hot spot…especially when the sun was out.





Fiona and Polo

Fiona and Polo

The ever elusive Marco...

The ever elusive Marco…

Yup, even Marco came out to enjoy the sunshine on a hay bale.
What a life these guys have…warm places to sleep, hay to bask in the sunshine on, endless amounts of food and fresh water, plus so much hunting to do!

Compare that to what my indoor cats get to experience…



I’m not sure who has the better life… 😛

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Scavenger Hunt Monday

Yeah, yeah…I know it’s supposed to be on Sunday, but it’s been a busy couple of weeks. As y’all can tell by the lack of posts. 🙂

Between goose hunting, working with The Girls, chasing trailers and silk poppies, slipper making and deliveries, clothing repair and general housework, and fabric shopping for saddle pads, well, blog posts are the one thing that has suffered…well, that and my kitchen. My kitchen stays clean for maybe 2 or 3 hours at a time.

Ahh, such is the life of a busy Farm Wife. 🙂 I am not complaining!

This weeks prompts are Paint, Pumpkin, Family, Looking Cute and Photographer’s Choice. Shall we move on to the pictures?


Regular readers must know by now…a prompt like paint is going to mean pictures of my pretty Paint girls. What else could I do?

Ruby Girl

Ruby Girl

My Cookie

My Cookie


I bought my pumpkin last week…not that we have trick or treaters out here, but not having a pumpkin is unthinkable at Hallowe’en! Besides, it gives the pumpkin coloured cat something to investigate. Along with the garden gnome-who bears a striking resemblance to my Father!

Pumpkin and Max, my pumpkin coloured cat. :)

Pumpkin and Max, my pumpkin coloured cat. 🙂


This is one of my favorite family shots. I love the connection between The Kid and Astrid in this one. I also love being able to give my family the chance to grow with the horses…and soon to come other farm animals.


Looking Cute

It doesn’t get much cuter than this…Princess Sabrina drinking coffee from my cup. She is definitely looking cute!

Sabrina Coffee

Daphne’s version of drinking from a cup and looking cute is vastly different…

Oh Daphne!!

Oh Daphne!!

Yes, she’s drinking the same water she’s standing in…sometimes, she drinks the water at the very same time she’s peeing in it. LOL! Our Daphne is an uncouth Farm Dog, for sure!

And just for the record, I change that pan of water every time she goes in it, because it’s for the horses to drink out of. No one wants to drink dog pee water. Except Daphne.

Photographer’s Choice

As much as I love this prompt, it can be, sometimes, very hard to choose a photo. Today’s choice is of Sable, enjoying the salt lick. Eyes closed, tongue out, and smile on her face, Blonde Girl was definitely enjoying the salt. Not hard to see why this one was photographer’s choice. 🙂

photographers choice

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