Way back when Teresa at Eden Hills started this next round of her link up, Friday’s Hunt, I said I was going to work very hard to do every week in the alphabet.
Oh, how far and hard I fell off that promise!!
We’re at P…I think I stopped around B?
Okay, well, I’m joining in this week. Can’t promise I’ll join next week…I’m a “drop-in” Friday’s Hunt-er. 😀
So, this week, prompts are Starts with P, Week’s Favorite and Whole.

Starts with P

P is for plush…which is how Cookie’s winter coat is looking:

Gosh, I love that tummy!! <3

Gosh, I love that tummy!! ❤

She’s got another month or two before it’s in fully, and then she’ll be a giant fuzzy ball of horse. As much as I dislike winter, the coats that the Girls grow to weather it is so amazing to me, and well, I love rubbing those tummies with those fuzzy hairs.
I’m sure I drive the horses nuts with my tummy rubbing. lol

Week’s Favorite

Our gorgeous Sable…

"Oh, hello Mama. Watchoo doing sitting there? Got nummies for me?"

“Oh, hello Mama. Watchoo doing sitting there? Got nummies for me?”


Daphne’s toy used to be whole…

Puppy! Bring me your ball!

Puppy! Bring me your ball!

Not any more! She’s chewed the handle off, it’s flat, has holes in both ends…*sigh* It used to be a jolly ball, but not any more. It’s well and truly been destroyed. Daphne, however, feels it is perfectly broken in. 🙂

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Bella and the Ball

Yesterday, I shared a few pictures of Sable and the jolly ball.
Here’s 4 more that made me laugh like crazy…

She bit it and it collapsed into itself...

She bit it and it collapsed into itself…

Evil ball!! Popped out and scared here...

Evil ball!!
Popped out and scared her…

"What the hell Ball?!?"

What the?!? Ball tried to kill me!!

Get away! Get away!

Get away! Get away!

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Jolly Ball Fun

Jolly balls are awesome equine enrichment toys. They really are. My Girls have 2…well 3 if you include the big one that we haven’t blown up and tossed at them yet…as you can see by the following pictures, jolly balls are fun, interactive, and they make horses think.

Note** I haven’t been paid or given any products by the makers of Jolly Balls to endorse their products, but y’know, should they want to give us a few to test out, my Girls would be more than happy to give ’em a go! 😉

Bella and the Ball5First day we tossed them out, Sable got bored…this time, she really enjoyed exploring the fun of the ball. She figured out the handle pretty quick, and loved chewing it!

Bella and the Ball6Nosing it around in the snow was fun too.

Bella and the Ball7Haha! Then she chewed the whole thing. She was a happy Girl, playing with this. 🙂

Astrid and the BallAstrid kept pawing it, moving it back towards herself. She get it right underneath her belly, then hop back and paw it again.

Cookie found Astrid’s antics interesting…

Cookie and the Ball3She was so curious, watching Astrid chew and lick that ball.
Cookie and the Ball2Then she had to check and make sure Astrid was okay.

Cookie and the BallShe circled around Astrid, and came at it from the other side…brave Girl tried to figure out how to play with it, but when the ball moved she jumped straight backwards. I laughed so hard that she flounced off in a huff. 😉

Astrid came back to the ball, but in short order, Ruby decided to take it over.

Ruby Astrid Ball1

Ruby Astrid BallShe drove Astrid off. She followed Cookie’s lead and wandered over to the hay feeder.

Ruby and the BallWhile Ruby tested the strength of the handle.

More Jolly Ball pictures tomorrow!