#@%! Tim Hortons

Back in February, Tim Hortons (huge used to be Canadian, now owned by Brazilians, coffee chain) rolled out almond milk for their coffee.
Choice is good. We should all be able to make choices on what fuels our bodies.
But there were a bunch of us concerned about this.
Y’see tree nuts is a huge allergen for a wide variety of people.
And the reactions can be small or they can be deadly.

For the member of our family, it can be deadly.
Even with an epipen.
So I contacted Tim Hortons, asking if they were going to have a way to (or even just attempt to) stop cross contamination.
After all, their decision to offer this choice could kill someone.

At first I was told to check with each store I wanted to visit, because franchise owners may decide to lessen cross contamination, or they may not.
(This was via their Facebook page)
Okay, so no across the board from the parent company about the safety of the decision.
So I emailed head office to ask about it.
Where I got a stock answer:

With this, I figured no one even read my initial email…

So I fired back, asking if they actually read what my concern was, or if stock answer was all they had.

To which I got this…

Which basically says “we ain’t trying to keep anything separate, screw you, go somewhere else…”

And hey, that’s all well and good, if that’s how a company wants to treat their customers.
I mean, I’m fine with going somewhere else.
We no longer buy coffee there, and we no longer purchase their coffee for home use.

But it took 3 messages via FB and 2 emails to get the answer that the nut juice will be at all coffee stations now.
So anyone with a nut allergy can’t even get a *black* coffee because it’s not safe.
Anaphylaxis ain’t a goddamn joke.

Fast forward a month, to mid-March, where we decide to put together a little photoshoot.

Oh, what’s that?
A wild can of Tim Hortons coffee?

Steady now…line up your shot carefully.
You don’t want it to get away…

Oh, I think you winged it…gonna have to put it out of it’s misery!

Great shot!
Might have to go one more though…these wild coffees can be dangerous when injured.

It’ll all be over soon, coffee.

That oughta get the job done!

Now you’re done for, you wild coffee you!

And that’s the end of that wild can of Tim Hortons coffee.
May we never see another ’round here again…

Fuck Tim Hortons.

Ruby the Painted Alien

After the Area51North shoot, I had the bright idea that I could put the “alien” head wear on Ruby.
Handing Voldemort to my Hubby I said “Here, hold my camera and watch this…”
These are the images he captured while hilarity ensued.

“Uh, I don’t think I want to wear that…” says Ruby.

“Well…maybe just the headband part…”

What the hell is hitting my ears?!
What’s going on here??!
You’re trying to kill me!”

“I coulda DIED y’kno…wait…are those cookies I see in your pocket?”

Here, my very brave Painted Alien, have a cookie. ❤

And in the end, the final image was worth the snorting, the pulling back, the cajoling and the feeding of many, many cookies to get our Painted Unicorn to, ever so briefly, become The Painted Alien.

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This Fool Horse

Back on Saturday, I told you this fool scared the crap out of me, and I promised to explain…

Thursday was a day of wind.
Much, much wind.
And some snow.
Just crappy March weather that went on into the night.

Friday, I go out and feed the nags.
Everyone is good.
A little tired and grumpy, but that’s to be expected when you’ve had shit weather to deal with.
So after a few scratches and back rubs, I left everyone to their hay breakfast.

Couple hours later, I have a look outside.
Must be around noonish.
Ruby is laying down, so is Astrid, and Sable’s dozing on her feet.

I grab Voldemort (my camera…story for another time 😉 ) and head out for pictures.
I get cats helping, because cats go everywhere with me…note Max in the background having a drink. 😉

I get my shots, I scratch and cuddle with Ruby a bit, then head inside.
2 hours later, I peek out again…
Ruby’s still laying down.
She’d clearly gotten up and moved, but not far.
But Astrid was laying right next to her.
Okay, well, it was a rough night and the sun was shining…

By 3:30, Ruby still hadn’t gotten up.
Now, it’s not unusual for a horse to sleep lying down. Especially when they feel safe in their home.
But, the *length* of time she was down was worrying me.
More info here:
The Dreaded “Down” Horse

Out I went again…she wasn’t in any distress.
Her temp and heart rate were normal.
And she enjoyed the scratches behind her ears I gave her.
It was also getting close to equine dinner time.
At their supper, they get a pail of beet pulp, with alfalfa cubes and ground flax.
So I thought to myself, “Self…if this bitch don’t get up when the dinner pails come out, we’re gonna have to call Dr. Neil”
“Ah, shit” I said to myself “That’s gonna suck if we have to call him…but if we have to, we have to…”

And then…

10 minutes later, Hubby pulls into the drive.
I step out onto the deck, to get him up to speed on said painted moron’s condition and what do I see??
Madam Walking Stomach, on her feet, wandering over to where the dinner pails get hung up.


So yeah.
Like I said Saturday…
She worried the hell out of me, but it all turned out just fine.
The big donkey pants was just enjoying a nice long, warm nap in the sunshine.
Still, I gave her an extra little gift of a few minty Tums, just to be sure.

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Snow Ponies

A few shots of the Merry Mares romping through the fresh snow…


As soon as Hubby pulled into the pasture, they knew what the game was gonna be!

Holy fat Sable!
I’m really glad she’s carrying extra weight this winter.
Normally a fat horse is as unhealthy as a too thin horse, but this mare can be a hard keeper. Tough to keep weight on, tough to keep healthy through winter, always needing extra feed and grain…
Not this year!
She’s been doing amazingly well and I’m praying to Epona that she stays that way! ❤

And then there’s Fat Ruby…also known (quite affectionately) as Fatty BoomBoom, FatGirl, and the Slightly Alcoholic FatGirl.
Needless to say, our Painted Unicorn is weathering this winter juuuuuusssst fine.

And Astrid?
She’s doing just as well as Ruby.
But for some reason, I didn’t get a decent shot of her in the run-around-the-pasture-like-a-fool races.
I’ll have to work on that. 😉

Go CinderBella!!

Happy Sunday, folks!

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Oh Sable!!

Last Sunday morning, we got a bit of a surprise…

At random times during the day (and sometimes at night) I like to peek out the back door at the Merry Mares to see what they are doing.
This is how I capture those sleepy, laying down, cute and cuddly pony moments so often.
Because I *know* how lucky I am to work from home and have access to their equine cuteness 24/7.

So Sunday morning, before we’d done chores, I was thinking about going outside with the camera, but didn’t want to if the nags were just standing around eating…because boring!!
At least napping in the sunshine can be turned into *something* more…
So I open up the back door, stick my head out and see Sable.
Well, her head pops up and she looks at me.
I look at her, and I realize…

There’s no fence between her and I!

I turn to The Other Two and say
“Uh, guys? Sable’s out of the pasture…”

Which leads to a flurry of jackets, boots, and halters and out the door we go.
The Kid walks up to Sable, who hadn’t gone more than 10 feet from the gate, and slips her halter on her.
Sable looked relieved that her Kid had come to save her.
Hubby opens the gate up, and Kid goes to walk Sable right back into the pasture…the only trouble our CinderBella gave her was when she realized I was coming. Then she’s like “But wait!! I wanna see Mom!”…but Kid said “Nope. Mom will come to you, once you’re back in your room.”

This is the gate she got out through…

What we think happened was the gate was left unlatched the night before.
It happens sometimes.
Somewhere through the night/morning, she pushed the gate passed the post and got out.
Probably while chasing hay…because they love to toss it around on the ground and search out the smaller, leafy bits.
Knowing her, she got halfway through and discovered backing up hurt (because the gate opens into the pasture, so backing up would wedge it on her body) and so she went forward.
And she wouldn’t know that once out, all she had to do was push back through to get back into the pasture, so she went a few feet away and nibbled dried out thistles…because thistles are nummy, dontcha know!
Either way, there was a ton of hay in/around the feeders, plus the wheelbarrow load for the next feeding was right there and she wasn’t interested in it…so we know it was just an adventure she was on.

Thankfully, Ruby and Astrid hadn’t left the pasture.
Ruby was around the other side of the buildings, sunning herself.
Astrid was behind the garage doing the same.
But I had an extra halter in my hand, just in case.

What we did learn with this though, was that Sable has no problems coming out of the pasture.
Which is a good thing.
I’ve been wanting Hubby to build us a hitching post in the yard for ages and ages…somewhere we can tie a horse up for grooming, tacking up, trimming…where the others can’t get in the way.
I kinda gave up on the idea the last time I tried to take Sable out to eat down the lawn and she had a panic attack…but we figured out that the problem with my doing that was that it was *just* me doing it.
Her Kid was at school at the time, so she panicked.
Such tiny brains in such big bodies.

At least she’s really, really pretty…

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