Scavenger Hunt Sunday…Only 2 Days Late.

It happens. Life gets busy, things need doing. It’s getting cooler here, and we’re getting ready for winter. There, I said it. Winter. It’s coming, whether I like it or not. Trust me, I don’t like it!

This week’s prompts are Color, View, Stroll, Outfit, and Blocks. On to the pictures…


ColorBelieve it or not, under that mud, our Ruby is actually white. It’s been rainy and muddy, so she’s lost her color under another coating of mud. 🙂


A pretty awesome view, if you ask me!

A pretty awesome view, if you ask me!

My Cookie doesn’t do a lot of things that most horses do. This view of her bobbing for apples is so wonderful to me. Even more so because she actually ate one!  I know, it’s crazy, right? Horses should naturally love apples, but up until now, she didn’t know what to do with them. She’d sniff them, and walk away.

Hubby’s friend at work sent home a couple big bags of apples for the girls, and I’ve been tossing them into the water troughs. I think it’s wonderful that I had the chance to see, and photograph, this. 🙂


On October 15th, 2013, I wrote to one of the Ladies at the Rescue that “In my heart, my spirit, my bones, I believe that mare is mine…” talking about Cookie. 3 days later, we met her, and I put a deposit down. She was my horse from the get-go.

It makes my heart sing when I walk into the pasture, my Girl sees me, and strolls over to see me…


Once she knows I’m waiting, she takes her sweet time, strolling over for pets, snuggles and nummies. ❤


Around here my outfits aren’t fit for anything other than farm work. I’m just fine with that. I’m not much of a social butterfly. I’m more a hermit.

My Girl’s outfits though, are starting to get thicker, more plush…they are starting to get their winter outfits on.


Not only is her winter coat coming in, giving her a plush outfit, she has dapples on her bum!  She’s actually showing dapples on her sides too, but I’ve only been able to get a shot of them on her bum.

There is a theory that dapples appear in the coats of healthy horses. Here’s a link that give more info on dapples in a horse’s coat:
What Causes Dappling In Horses’ Coats


Our Ruby has this thing…she blocks the waterers every chance she gets. Goober. 😛


She’s sleeping here…blocking all 3 of the water troughs. Just because she can.

I try to watch for her doing this. If the other 3 want in to drink, then I wake her and send her on her way. Otherwise, I just let her have all the power. 🙂

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In the depths of darkness, there is always a spark of Hope, if we are willing to see it. When we bought this place and moved out here, we were warned a few times by Hubby’s friends who farmed in their early years…Summers will give you the highest of the highs, but Winter will bring you the lowest of the lows.

It’s true, I tell you. Winter is very trying some years anyways, oh, but this year…between record snowfalls, crazy drifting and bone numbing cold, it’s been tough. This winter has definitely shown us how tough we can be!

Ah, but there is hope, like I said. We’re 2 days away from March. A few weeks into March, seed starting begins. Tomatoes, and peppers. I have a very good selection of heirloom tomato seeds to start this year. One of the plans for the farm has always been to have a small-scale heirloom seed business. Much of what I bought this year has been with that in mind, as well as, what will grow in this zone.

Cottage Gardener has been a great resource…

Seeds from The Cottage Gardener.

Seeds from The Cottage Gardener.

Included here were seeds that I must have in my garden, and, weather willing, hope to have for sale next year. Seeds like “Aunt Ruby’s German Green” tomato, and “Painted Pony” bush beans. How can I resist the Painted Pony beans? They are, in fact, named after the American Paint Horse…which I have a gorgeous speciman of out in my pasture! Yes, Cookie will become the new face of the Painted Pony Bean…at least the ones Midnight Calico Farm will have to offer. 🙂 Same with our own Ruby, she will be the face of the Aunt Ruby tomatoes.

I also bought seeds from T and T Seeds this year.

T and T seed purchase

T and T seed purchase

Giant bags of:
1. peas ~ hopefully, I’ll have enough to put some jars up this year.
2. carrots ~ I didn’t have a chance to can any carrots last year, so we’re totally out. This year, with a much bigger garden, there will be more carrots to can.
3. kidney beans ~ this is a new one for us. We love home canned kidney beans, and they are supposed to grow very well in our climate. It’s worth it, imo, to give growing them a try.

I still have some of the white carrot seeds I ordered from Baker Creek a few years back. Us humans didn’t care for them-they are a forage carrot-so I’ll grow a plot of them for the horses.

Once we start seeds, I’ll share pictures of the fantastic light stand we were gifted. We have some amazing friends, who were also neighbours in the city, and when we moved out here, this was their house-warming gift to us. I cannot wait to use it. No more kitchen table filled with seedlings, and, where we put the stand in the basement, I can close the door and keep cats out. No more vomited up tomato plants on my pillow. Yay!

In all, I have 14 varieties of tomato to start, 2 bell peppers, plus a package of mixed color bell peppers. Chances are I’ll start a few hot peppers as well, just because I love them.

Spring will also bring the chance to plant trees. Goodness gracious, we need trees! I have bought 6 different apples, 2 pears, plus 2 pollinators for the pears(which, apparently, the fruit is not tasty to humans, perhaps for horses, and later, bison?), 50 Colorado spruce, 60 white cedars, 40 Villosa lilacs, and finally, 5 poplars. I also bought 14 haskaps (honeyberry) bushes, and 2 wolfberry plants <- aka goji berries.

There will be lots and lots of planting come the spring! That’s my little spark of Hope in the darkness of this Winter. 🙂