They were hanging out in my field for a bit yesterday. So. Cool. I was very excited. By the time I grabbed the camera, they had hopped over to the neighbouring field. I still snapped a few shots…

swans042214.6There’s one!

swans042214.5Actually, there were 2!

swans042214.4I was excited because I had no idea we had swans here. I thought they lived in warmer climates. I was wrong.

swans042214.2Oops…I startled the geese, who took off, and the swans went with them.

swans042214.3I tried walking down the access road beside our property to get better pictures, when the Great “Fly Away!! Fly Away!!” call went out…

swans042214Hope they come back. It was awesome to see them!

Camoflage Cookie

If I hide behind this tree, no one will know I’m here…

Walking back down the road I looked over and saw this ^^^…
Hahahaha!!! She hid there, watching me, until I made it to the gravel road. Then, when I came into the farm-yard, she stood behind Ruby. Just in case…

Then, when I went into the pasture to see her, she sniffed me up and down, snorted and walked away flipping her tail at me. Apparently she didn’t like me walking down the access road.
Poor sweet, broken, horse.


Fox On The Run

Living out here, there is, of course, wildlife. We hear coyotes often, and see them not quite as often as we hear them. We’ve seen 3 bald eagles around the fields for the past couple weeks…in fact, Wednesday night, we watched one land in the middle of a flock of geese, kicking them up to the air, and then standing there, challenging the geese to land again. As they swirled around, we watched him turning on the ground, following them. Pretty cool.

Last night, Hubby spotted a fox in the field. I, of course, grabbed the camera and headed out to catch some pictures.

Look who's in my field...

Look who’s in my field…

Looking around...

Looking around…

Just missed the punce...but tail is in the air!

Just missed the pounce…but tail is in the air!



Heard the biger Predator coming...

Heard the bigger Predator coming…

And whoosh! Gone!

And whoosh! Gone!

In that last picture, you can see some large brown things way up at the top…those are bison. πŸ™‚ Not mine, but one day, they will be out there too! Then y’all will get tired of bison photos, because there will be a ton of them!

Walking the Land

Some days on a farm are challenging.
Yesterday, friends, was one of them.

We are in an area where there are 1000s of geese. We have a National Wildlife Preserve a mile away, plus we are right in the flight path to Oak Hammock Marsh. Good for us, since Hubby wants to hunt geese, and has managed a few for the freezer. Bad for us because there are unethical folks around who think that they can hunt wherever they see the birds.

Yesterday, we had an issue with unethical hunters…one that involved Manitoba Conservation, Hubby racing home from work early, a pair of hunting guides(they helped us out, they weren’t part of the problem), and the RCMP-because the American hunter decided to drive the roads around our property, watching our house with binoculars for 4 hours after being chased off the land.

Once he gave up, we decided to go into town and get some “No Trespassing” signs and put them up. That, unfortunately, brought out some ugliness with a neighbour (who called me a f***ing c*** in front of my daughter-that’s now going to be handled by my lawyer…)To do that, we had to walk the perimeter of our land.

Oh, what a joy it was being out there, seeing the land that we own…it has had a few years of hard farming, but you can Feel the spark of The Mother under the surface waiting…waiting for someone to let Her burst forth into the glory that she once was. Walking the land, I Felt Her, I knew…just knew, this was home, my place, that place to coax the Mother back to life, to grow the pastures and trees to sustain us and our animals. It was a beautiful thing!

The Land Giveth

One of the main reasons Hubby and I wanted country life was for him to be able to hunt our land. Typically, he is a deer hunter. he’s done other hunts…bear, elk, duck…well now he’s decided he wants to hunt goose. One of his co-workers brought in a pressure cooked goose breast for him to try. Hubby swears it is the best bird meat he’s ever tasted. So, he wants to goose hunt. Fine. I’m willing to cook it and try it. He already likes it, so someone will eat it.

That’s rule in our home…no hunting anything that won’t be eaten. No taking lives just for the shoot. Not allowed. The only exception to the rule is a predator. If the area coyotes or skunks decide our livestock is tasty, well, then they are fair game.

This past Sunday, Hubby got his first goose. The following pictures detail how Hubby readied the goose for freezer camp.

Hubby with his first ever goose.

Hubby with his first ever goose.

Sir Goose after his ordeal.

Sir Goose after his ordeal.

This is what happens when Sir Goose decided he was going to get up after the inital shot and fall.

This is what happens when Sir Goose decided he was going to get up after the initial shot and fall.

It is unfortunate that Sir Goose did not die with the first hit. However, Hubby made sure to put him out of his misery quickly. While this image may be disturbing to some, it is a fact that if we are going to take lives to feed ourselves, we must make the death as humane as possible. Having your face blown off might not seem humane, however, it ended any pain Sir Goose would have been in immediately.

plucking feathers to get to the skin

Plucking feathers to get to the skin


Down to the skin, and taking out the breasts.

Down to the skin, and taking out the breasts.

One breast out, now for the next one.

One breast out, now for the next one.

Sir Goose, after we have taken the breasts and other meat from his body.

Sir Goose, after we have taken the breasts and other meat from his body.

Breasts, and heart. Ready for washing, and freezing.

Breasts and heart. Ready for washing, and freezing.

The rest of Sir Goose’s carcass was stripped of meat bits, rinsed and put into the freezer for our next dog. There really is very little to a goose, once you take the breasts out, however, I wanted to be sure to use as much of him as possible.

The heart I chopped and fed to the cats, after Hubby made sure there were no parasites. Max was very appreciative of his raw meal. The breasts will go int he freezer so that at the end of the season, what ever Hubby has harvested will be pressure cooked, cooled and smoked. Then sliced for lunch meat. Much like smoked chicken or turkey breast. Only harvested from our Farm.