Playing With Fire…Photography

We are a few miles from the nearest town. As such, we don’t see trick or treaters out here on Hallowe’en. Well, except for the 1 young man last year, and we were wholly unprepared, so Hubby gave him cash. lol!

This year, we celebrated Hallowe’en with a bonfire. Friends, family, a few wobbly pops and fire. Which, in my world, means camera time!

Playing with Fire1

Playing with Fire2

Playing with Fire3

Same image as above, with the colour inverted

Same image as above, with the colour inverted.

Same image again, desaturated.

Same image again, desaturated.

A few folks standing 'round the fire.

A few folks standing ’round the fire.

Coloured flames

Coloured flames

It was a good time to be had by all. πŸ™‚


Catching Up

Well now, I fell off the face of the planet again didn’t I? At least, here on the blog, I did! It’s been a busy time since I last posted. Much picture-taking/editing and processing. Learned a new technique in processing and had to play with that…it also brought to mind so many ideas I want to photograph!

So, where did we go that I took so many pictures?
Why, to the rodeo!! The Arborg Fair and Rodeo, to be precise.
So many pictures. So much work to do afterwards. So worth it!
Almost a week worth of work, and now, I’m ready for the next rodeo we’re attending in August.
Here’s some samples…

The cowboy meeting before it all got started

The cowboy meeting before it all got started

Here's a sample of that new technique I learned.

Here’s a sample of that new technique I learned.

This is one of 2 flag bearers who rode around the arena flying the flag while the national anthem was playing.
I was hesitant to take pictures during that time, but Hubby-who is one of the most patriotic people I have ever met!-assured me, that taking pictures was fine. Thank goodness, because this is, as far as I’m concerned, one of my best shots ever. πŸ™‚

Saddle bronc

Saddle bronc

Saddle bronc, sans rider

Saddle bronc, sans rider

This silly boy...*sigh* decided he wanted to turn in the chute. Thankfully, he didn't hurt himself, he just turned around and settled back down.

This silly boy…*sigh* He decided he wanted to turn in the chute. Thankfully, he didn’t hurt himself, he just turned around and settled back down.

I love this horse...just have to say.

I love this horse…just have to say.

This lady was trying to get her horse into the arena for the barrel was having none of it!

This lady was trying to get her horse into the arena for the barrel race…horse was having none of it!

Bull riding...

Bull riding…

Bull Rider9^^^This bull was something else.
He layed down in the chute before the ride even started, and then, after the ride, he didn’t want to leave the arena. He had to be roped and encouraged to the exit, but before they could get him to leave, he threw himself down on the ground.

"You can't make me leave, puny humans!"

“You can’t make me leave, puny humans!”

"Pfft! Try to move me now!"

“Pfft! Try to move me now!”

"I spit in the face of you puny humans...hey! Grain!"

“I spit in the face of you puny humans…hey! Grain!”

And away out the exit he went. πŸ˜‰

One of the Team Roping cowboys...

One of the Team Roping cowboys…

After the parade, we were going over to the Fair Grounds, and driving through town, we saw this…

Yard Giraffe

Yard Giraffe!

My Hubby, ever the patient man, turned around when asked to, so friend Shaila and I could take pictures of the giraffe.
Her rodeo shots can be seen here…
Arborg Fair & Rodeo


Sunday saw us back in the city, visiting with friends, and delivering some Equi~Gems.

Paul was the winner of our contest.

Paul was the winner of our contest.

We were finally able to get his prize to him, and he is now the proud owner of a Midnight Meteorite Equi~Gem. πŸ™‚
His lovely wife Toosh, was one of our 6 finalists, so she received one as well…

Yay for horsey prizes!

Yay for horsey prizes!

I’m low on Midnight Meteorite pieces, so she had the opportunity to choose from the others as well. After much deliberation, she settled on a Rubidium piece. πŸ™‚

While we visited them, I took a whole bunch of pictures in their Backyard Jungle. Oh, it’s a beautiful space! So many flowers, so much wildlife (bees, bunnies, butterflies), and so calm and relaxing.
I’m working on those images, and will share them when I’m done.


And then…there was the mead.
Checking on the gallon jugs, to find that the Joe’s Ancient Orange is clearing…



It’s still bubbling, but it’s working nicely. The claim is, with this recipe, that once the fruit settles on the bottom it’s ready to drink. Others say it’s even better after bottling and aging for a few months.
Well, Ima try both. πŸ˜‰
I figure, taste it while it’s young, to see if the underlying flavor is good, put one bottle up for aging, and see if we like that better. And, once bottled, start another batch…assuming we like the taste of it. I may even start a 5 gallon batch.
I might be enjoying this a little too much…


Sprouted Seeds

I started my seeds. In a complete moment of optimism-and really, when is gardening, or farming not about optimism?!?-I started a multitude of seeds. Tomatoes, peppers,Β  sunflowers, poppies, geraniums, and some forget-me-nots. Give it another 2 weeks, and I’ll start a few cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkins. Everything else will be direct seeded in the garden. If I can ever find the garden under the foot of snow still covering it.

Remember back in the “Hope” post, I talked about the seed stand we were gifted by friends? Here’s a picture of the stand:

Awesome, right?

Awesome, right?

It currently resides in our extra bathroom. Yeah, there’s a bathroom in the basement, with one of those grinding pump toilets…that’s going to be leaving. 1 bathroom to clean is plenty, and frankly, we can use the space for other things. Like growing plants. πŸ˜‰

Poppies peppers sunflowersThis tray has flats of peppers-Fat ‘n’ Sassys, Purple Beautys, and some random colored ones I bought at the end of a season seed sale. The green carpet looking flat is poppy seeds. I don’t what kind they are. The seeds came from the same wonderful folks who gifted us the stand. You can see a sample the varieties flowers here. Gorgeous! I can’t wait to have them growing all over the farm! There’s 2 flats full of sunflower varieties, and The Kid’s one lone geranium at the other end of the tray.

tomatoes041814I started 106 tomatoes. Each marker is a different variety. All open pollinated, all with the potential to produce seeds for sale in early 2015. When you’re shopping for tomato and bean seeds for next year’s garden, please keep Midnight Calico Farm in mind! Once I have seeds available, I’ll post a full list with prices.

Once these grow another set of leaves, I’ll transplant them to their own cups, and keep them under the lights, so they grow strong stems. All the while, I’ll be waiting for the snow to melt, and the nights to warm enough to start hardening them off.

Then, we’ll plant!

I’m really looking forward to that!

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