Feline Friday

Last night, we had the absolute pleasure of thunderstorms rolling through.
We finally got some much needed rain!
While we humans enjoy the thunder and lightning, the indoor cats have differing opinions about it all…

“go ‘way…sleeping”

Nancy just didn’t care.
Neither did the oldsters, Freyja (who didn’t even lift her head) and Odhinn (who likes deer…he just wants y’all to know that)…

The geriatrics of the indoor cats…

And then there’s Daisy Mae…

Daisy Mae would like you all to know that thunderstorms are scary, lightning is scary and that yelling at Mom about things being scary doesn’t help because Mom yells back.

Seriously though, she was the only one who was freaked out about the storm. Once I caught her, she settled into my lap and only jumped with the overly loud thunder claps.
This morning, she did her usual shrieking at me, to make sure i knew she wasn’t happy I was making fun of her.
Oh well.
She’ll get over it.

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Have a great weekend, y’all!

Outdoor Cats

The barn cats got a new house. They still have free run of the garage, but they now have a house up on the deck too. Stuffed full of straw for warmth.

Cat house

Cat house, with Max and Polo.

We brought home a load of hay…

4000lbs of hay on our new-to-us trailer.

4000 lbs of hay on our new-to-us trailer.

Which quickly turned into a kitty cat hot spot…especially when the sun was out.





Fiona and Polo

Fiona and Polo

The ever elusive Marco...

The ever elusive Marco…

Yup, even Marco came out to enjoy the sunshine on a hay bale.
What a life these guys have…warm places to sleep, hay to bask in the sunshine on, endless amounts of food and fresh water, plus so much hunting to do!

Compare that to what my indoor cats get to experience…



I’m not sure who has the better life… 😛

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It’s a chilly, rainy day here on the farm, so I’ve been doing photo edits from this past week. Which is good, because I take a lot of photos-I mean, look at my pasture, how can I not?!?-and sometimes, like recently, I run out of hard drive space. Rainy days force me to edit, because I can’t work with the Girls. 🙂

This weeks prompts are Back to School, Family, Books, Portrait and Detail.

Back to School

Back to school shopping was done a week or so ago. Now The Kid has everything she needs to head back to class. She even has a little something extra in her back pack… 😉

Oh Calico!! You can't go!

Oh Calico!! You can’t go!

Poor Freyja. She was not impressed with sitting in the back pack. At. All.


At the stable this week, Kid rode Deimos. He’s a very good boy about lifting his feet. When you finish one, by the time you walk to the next one, he already has it lifted and is waiting for you to hold it and pick it out for him. He is not, however, good about being tied. Someone has to hold the lead rope with him. That’s what made this shot a family affair…Hubby held the rope, Kid picked out hooves, and I took pictures.

It's true...we are a horsey family. ;)

It’s true…we are a horsey family. 😉


Here’s a sample of the books on my current reading list…

Notice a theme here?

Notice a theme here?

We are a family of readers…we actually have a room in our house that is our dedicated library. More and more of our books are of the variety above. 🙂 When it comes to equines, you can never read too many books!


This one isn’t one of mine, but since this is the Farm’s blog, I figured I could get away with using The Kid’s photos in prompts too.



Our Daphne…she looks like she’s sitting beautifully to have her picture taken. She’s not. She’s actually growling at the cows across the road from us. She really, really wants to chase them…it’s the herding dog in her. We cannot, however, let her, because the farmer who owns them would be very angry. Better to just keep her home.


When I looked at the detail of this next shot, I thought “Hey, looks like someone’s eating my thumb!” She’s not, I’m using my thumb to massage the pressure point inside her mouth.

DSC_0199.1The pressure point inside the horse’s mouth, in the gum line above the top teeth, is a point that is used in cases of colic. Cookie was not having a colic episode here, I was simply practicing. Putting your hands or fingers inside a horse’s mouth can be a risky thing, if your horse isn’t used to it. Just to make sure all my Girls are used to it, I try to get fingers in everyone’s mouths every now and then.

Using the pressure point to release endorphins helps them relax, and understand my fingers in there are okay. It works…the next picture shows that! DSC_0203.1She was a very relaxed Girl afterwards. That’s what I like to see!

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(A detail I had to go back and add, because I forgot when I first published the post! Oops!)