Playing along with The Daily Post prompt of Pink

Ruby Spring 2017 wm

Pink flowers on a lovely rump…


Pink mints for a Certain Girl…


Pink of Hubby’s shirt…


What was once a pink halter crown…

Pig or Pug1

Little pink piggies…and a puggie in pink 😉

D.o.P Astrid2

Astrid wears the pink flowers…

Daily Task

Beet pulp buckets…4 pink buckets for the 4 mares…

Old Lady Sable

Sable and her pink hat…

Frozen Wasteland?

Well, we’re definitely frozen, but not a wasteland. 😉
As much as we humans may not like these cold temperatures…*ahem* -32*c this morning, with a -42*c windchill…this is the time of year where the little deaths happen, so the re-birth and renewal can happen come Springtime.
This cold?
Very necessary for the climate we live in…
And so, when we have these cold temps, instead of complaining, I celebrate the fact that we have no wind.
This cold is so much easier to dress for, compared to -20 and 60km/hr winds…this cold is so much easier to keep the animals warm in, compared to -20 and 60km/hr winds…
This cold, I can handle. 😉

Yesterday, I braved that cold with my camera…YAY!!
13 days without it in hand was not pleasant.
But fatigue will do that to you…and that fatigue I blame the wind for. Like I said, cold and calm is easy to deal with…cold, windy and snowy? Ah hell no! That’ll suck the life out of ya so darn fast.

Any ways, a few pictures, with more to come, including Daphne with her log…that dog is nuts! lol

Sun set and Cookie

Sun set and Cookie

Look! She has a teeny heart-bum! ❤
That’s what I call their rumps when they’re carrying the right amount of weight to get through winter comfortably. It’s that little dip in between rump cheeks at the spine that makes the heart.
Even our Bella has a bit of a heart-bum now…that makes me happy, because she’s my hardest keeper.
Astrid, however, her bum has never looked like a heart…Astrid’s is like a peach.

See? Peach bum. ;)

See? Peach bum. 😉

While I was taking pictures of the horses in the sunset light, I had help…I always have help!
This time, it was Trouble.
He really does live up to his name.

Astrid does seem to love the cats...

Astrid does seem to love the cats…

She's licking him...and Trouble is just fine with it.

She’s licking him…and Trouble is just fine with it.

And then, there’s this…

"Bella, you sniffing Trouble's bum?" "Well of course I am, Mama!"

“Bella, you sniffing Trouble’s bum?”
“Well of course I am, Mama!”

I did tell her to be careful. Trouble is bad for letting the TomCat spray out to mark the horses as his. That would be awful to get up the nose!

Stay warm, friends! 🙂


Poppies are one of those flowers that we love here on the farm. They are beautiful and so meaningful. I have had a photo shoot in mind using poppies for a while now. Of course, this time of year, it’s impossible to find live ones. I had to settle for silk flowers. Oh, but, trying to find silk poppies was crazy! It took more than a month of searching, until I finally found a nice bush. But…they are Oriental Poppies, the ones I bought, not the Flanders’ Poppies I was looking for…great for equine photo shoots, but not right for the other one I have in mind.

I do have some silk Flanders’ Poppies on loan from Farm Friend Toosh’s Mom, but I did not want to chance those out with the horses. Good thing too, because both Sable and Astrid thought they should eat them. 😉

I tried a couple of things…I held the bouquet out, let the Girls sniff, and snapped away. I also tried laying it on the ground and shooting whatever happened-that stopped when Sable picked the whole bouquet up and tried to eat it. Silly girl!

Here’s the best shots from yesterday’s round of photos…





I know the focus is off on this one, but I love Ruby’s big eye here…so soft and inquisitive. Makes the shot, for me.

Sable...trying to take a bite

Sable…trying to take a bite

And my favorite…



Sable and the Sunflowers

My Kid planted sunflowers in her garden. Unfortunately, her garden is right beside the pasture. It was a flower bed when we moved in, and she claimed it as hers.

Yesterday, I happened to be leaving the pasture, looked over and saw this going on…

Uh, Blonde Girl, what are you doing?

Uh, Blonde Girl, what are you doing?

Looks to me like Blonde Girl might get herself into trouble…

Hey, what are you eating?

Hey, what are you eating?

You better not be eating what I think you're eating!

You better not be eating what I think you’re eating!

As it turns out, she was eating exactly what I thought she was eating…

So much for The Kid's sunflowers!!

So much for The Kid’s sunflowers!!