Gosh It’s Hot

I am not complaining though. Winter will be here soon enough, so I’ll take sunshine and warmth while I can!
How hot is it, you ask?
Hot enough to melt my black barn cat…

What ya doing Felix?

What ya doing Felix?

He’s just hanging around in the pallet that forms the gate to the Henny Yard.

Are ya hot, Felix?

Are ya hot, Felix?

Just a little bit wilty…maybe soaking in some cold water would perk him up. Like lettuce.

"Don't even, Food Lady!"

“Don’t even, Food Lady!”

LOL! Poor boy, finding shade where ever he can, that’s still close to me. πŸ˜‰

The Henny Witch

The Henny Witch

That’s ^^^^ my Henny Yard Guardian. Hubby brought her home for me one day. I think she’s adorable.

You can see, if you zoom in, there's a spider and web between the Henny Witch's hat and broom.

You can see, if you zoom in, there’s a spider and web between the Henny Witch’s hat and broom.

Oh, and remember I showed you my over grown with weeds garden?

That's my garden...

That’s my garden…

Well, after some time in there with the scythe, a rake and a pitchfork, it now looks like this…

Whoa!! There's actually a garden there!

Whoa!! There’s actually a garden there!

The piggies had mounds and mounds and mounds and mounds of weeds to eat. Still have some left. They burrow down under them in the heat, and then eat their way out. πŸ˜‰ They’ve packed on a few pounds this week, with all those tasty weeds they’ve been eating.
Mmmmmm, home-grown bacon!

Nigella Piggie after a very much enjoyed forehead scratch.

Nigella Piggie after a very much enjoyed forehead scratch.

Nigella has decided that forehead scratches from the Food Lady are quite enjoyable. She often heaves a big sigh and then sits down to enjoy it. I keep telling her, “Enjoy those scratches, Nigella Piggie. Happy piggies taste so much better!” πŸ™‚

Finally, one last picture for today…

GreyCat stands on the Sasquatch...

GreyCat stands on the Sasquatch…

I don’t know why. She just likes to stand on him. πŸ™‚
She, and all our other girls, have recovered beautifully from their surgeries, and now that baby hormones aren’t in control, are starting to put on some weight. Every one is looking sleek and wonderful…and they’re still hunting like the ravenous velociraptors that they are!


Farm Gate

We have too much grass. Not grass for The Girls, but lawn. Just too much. I know people like to have the great, pretty lawns, but not us. We didn’t move out here to cut several acres worth of grass weekly. Nope. We got better things to do with our time. πŸ˜‰

Hubby and I discussed it, and the plan is to expand the garden to huge proportions next year-and move it away from where it was. That corner will be the chicken yard. I’m sure I mentioned that before…

The other thing we want to be able to do, is bring The Girls into the actual yard site to munch the grass. After all, they are walking lawn mowers. Why are we paying for gas to cut grass, when they can do it for us?

Since our Girls are young/learning, we aren’t comfortable bringing them out of the pasture without having a gate at the end of the driveway. Plus, there is the fact that my big, special Dork is afraid of gates, so even if I can get her to walk out of one to come into the yard site, I don’t know how she’ll handle not having the security of one at the end of the driveway. If we have a solid gate at the end, she can’t make a break for it off the property. Not that I think she’d purposely try to leave, but 1200lbs of scared stupid will do stupid things.

Yesterday, we tested out the 3pth auger and set a few posts, in order to build a gate.


Yeah. No joke. We set 5 posts in under 2 hours. Awe. Some.

Lining up the auger for the first hole...

Lining up the auger for the first hole…

Look at that! That's a 3 ft deep hole!

Look at that! That’s a 3 ft deep hole!

First post placed in the hole.

First post placed in the hole.

We still had to use the manual post pounder to drive the post down another 8 inches or so. Then we back filled around the post…and Bob’s yer Unkle…we had a post set. πŸ™‚

Oh, look! There's 2 done.

Oh, look! There’s 2 done.

This side of the driveway needs 1 more post, but we want to buy a round pen gate to put between the posts. Yes, we’ll have a 16ft gate across the driveway, but I don’t want to have to open the big gate to let The Kid out for the school bus. So we’ll install a 4ft man gate as well.

Pfft. Let us know when you're done, so we can eat that grass too!

Pfft. Let us know when you’re done, so we can eat that grass too!

These guys didn’t care about the noise of the tractor and auger. They just munched away. The only time we heard them was when Sable was at the back fence, whinnying for the hay Hubby cut from our waist-high grass. Moocher!

Definitely worth the price we paid for it!

Definitely worth the price we paid for it!

Only 695 more posts to install.
I’m tired already. LOL!