Bird TV

Nothing like having the birds sit right outside the library window and tease the cats…

“Hey Cat…whatcha doin’?”

Ignore my dirty window…it’s not like getting them cleaned regularly is a top priority with everything else going on ’round here.

“Hey Bob!! I got 2 stinkin’ cats watchin’ me now!

Finally, the bird got bored with teasing them and flew away, while Nancy and Daisy sang their lamenting cat song…


A Daisy Mae and Nancy Update

My plan, with the Meatloaf Litter, was to only keep Nancy.
He’s my special little guy.
When Sophie (now Suzy) and Robin (still Robin, because he’s a boy) went to their new furever home (together! Lucky kids. 🙂 ) I was only supposed to have 1 kitten in the house.
Well, because Daisy Mae was supposed to transition back outside, to live her life as a barn cat.


Didn’t happen.
She was inside too long, and she shed out her winter coat. Can’t put the poor little bug outside, with no winter coat.
And then, The Kid fell in love with her.
Okay, no. That’s no quite true…The Kid was in love with her since maybe 3 seconds after she found her? lol

Now we have 4 indoor cats.

Daisy "The Weasel" Mae

Daisy “The Weasel” Mae

Sir Nancy of the Fancy Pants

Sir Nancy of the Fancy Pants

They’re growing very well. Weaned off the formula 3 weeks ago.
We’ve been leaving them free at night now too.
That’s been fun. Sort of. Kittens are smaller, more energetic versions of “Oh, you’re sleeping? I MUST PLAY NOW!!!” cats.
Sleep has been short.
I could be a Miserable Cow, if I wanted to, but 1 on the Farm is enough. 😉

That's our Daisy, bites Nancy's butt to force him out of the box.

That’s our Daisy, bites Nancy’s butt to force him out of the box.

The evil glowing eyed kitty is The Kid's.  Not mine.  My kitten is the Good Kitty.

The evil glowing eyed kitty is The Kid’s.
Not mine.
My kitten is the Good Kitty.

Oh, but Miss Daisy can put on an innocent face when she wants to…

Daisy Mae...I almost believe she's innocent.  Almost.

Daisy Mae…I almost believe she’s innocent.


Yesterday I was in the pasture, giving The Kid a hand with Sable. We had a storm coming later in the day, and Sable was feeling off from it. Sounds odd, but, I was told this by a wise HorseMan. Horses are very good barometers for weather, and if there is storm coming, you can tell just by watching your horses. We’ve paid attention, since being told this, and it’s true. Well, our Blonde Girl was feeling out of sorts and Kid was worried. I took some other lessons to heart, and used a few equine pressure points to make our girl feel better. Then, I rubbed the inside of her ears-she loves this!-and she evened right out…after letting out a tremendous, stinky fart. LOL! That’s how you know the pressure points are working. Horse gas. 😉

After Sable was okay, I left The Kid to walk her for a bit, just to be sure, and went back towards the shelter. Hubby and I have been working on getting the grass cut-there’s lots of it, and it’s waist-high! We’ve had an abundance of rain, and not enough time in between to get things cut, so it got away on us. And, the Girls aren’t comfortable coming out of the pasture to graze… 😦 I’m working on that!

As I passed the shelter, I saw Fiona, our foundling barn cat stretched out inside. I went to the doorway and saw something behind her…I thought maybe Spooky had come back. But then, she started to hiss, and I realized that wasn’t Spooky…instead, I saw this, trying to get out the back of the shelter:



Well, these are the very first babies born here on Midnight Calico Farm. It’s rather exciting! 🙂

I’d like to introduce you to:



This is the little girl…yes, she has gooey eyes. So does the boy. Fiona did too, when she came. With a warm cloth, Kid and I cleaned them up, and put a drop of polysporin in both.

Daisy dozing in Kid's jacket.

Daisy dozing in Kid’s jacket.

Such a little cutie pie! See, after cleaning, her eyes are much better. 🙂

Here’s the little man:



And another:



This is after his eyes were cleaned up…he looks a little cross-eyed, but it’s from the camera flash.

Mama Fiona wasn’t worried about us handling Daisy and Duke…she had some bologna, and some chicken, so her tummy was happy. She sat up in the rafters and dozed while we snuggled the babies.

You can hold my babies...for now.

You can hold my babies…for now.

There’s no way to know, 100%, how old Daisy and Duke are, but I figure they’re in the 3-4 week mark. It’s hard to tell because Fiona is such a small cat herself, and these 2 are tiny. If they weren’t so full of wiggles, I could hold both in one hand. Hopefully, they’ll grow into strong hunters for us. In the meantime, we’ll handle them, love them, and keep those little eyes cleaned!