Funny People ~ aka You Can’t Please Everyone

It’s true.
You can’t please everyone.
Lately, I have posted more foraging/herbalism and Farm life stuff on my personal FB.
I’m happy and excited about the things I’m learning and making and harvesting…and want to share that excitement and happiness.
Previously (and likely again in the future) I have posted ranty, anti-govt stuff.
Because I hate the govt.
All govt.
Not just 1 party, but all of them, because they’re all the same, just with different coloured candy coatings.
And no matter what I post, I get “why aren’t you posting about _____ anymore?”
Because I don’t want to.
Post anti-govt stuff and people lose their minds.
Post herbalism/Farm stuff and people assume things.
Either way, no one is completely happy with my posts.
And for the record, I will, always and forever, use the hashtag #fuckthegovt because, welp, fuck the govt.

Today I felt like posting a cute picture of a duckling cuddled up to our Daisy Mae:

Tomorrow I’m sure I’ll post something anti govt.
Or not.
But whatever I do post is up to me…and anyone who doesn’t like what I do post is welcome to not read it.
Because y’know what?
You can’t please everyone.
And I’m not out to please anyone but myself.

A Little Jaunt

Yesterday was the first day we all left the Farm for errands in just about a year.
It’s been mostly Hubby, sometimes I go with him, but The Kid has 99.99% of the time stayed home.
Yesterday we all went for the drive.

First up we met up with a friend so she could get some delicious farm fresh eggs from my asshole birds.
That was a lovely visit…we hadn’t seen her for more than a year, between life schedules and then this *waves hands* stuff going on…but it was so good to see her. ❤

Then off to see the Lady with the turkey eggs.
Holy smokes, this woman is living the Dream!
Moved from a crowded once country turned citified area to a 1/4 section farm where she can see elk off her deck most mornings. So exciting! She’s a really cool lady, and I’m super happy for her and her family.
And when I found out I could still get turkey eggs from her this year, I jumped at the chance.

DaisyMae Flerkin helps incubate the eggs. Notice the candling light is on…DaisyMae *always* turns that damn light on.

And then from see the Turkey Egg Lady, we went into the big city to get a new well pressure tank.
Our well pump has been coming on every 20 minutes or so…which is not normal and not good.
After posting on Facebook for ideas, we checked/fixed the leaky toilet and the leaky water softener and that didn’t change things. So a friend’s son, who is a plumber and former farm boy, said the next thing is the tank, because it sounds like the bladder has a leak.
To be fair, another friend, who just recently had her pressure tank replaced, said the same thing.
So now we have a new pressure tank, and Hubby (with the assistance of The Kid and I) will set about to replace the leaky one with the new one.
Wish us all luck.

And finally, we were given some more feed seeds.
Beans, and some feed corn.
Pintos, and navy beans.
Those got put into the “we’ll plant these for food for us” pile.
And then there was the bag of feed corn.
Um, yes please!
I don’t actually have to tell y’all why I might want to grow feed corn, do I?
Knowing that I love to do home brewing?
Yeah, so I now have enough feed corn seed to do a very nice plot of corn.
That may or may not become a lovely alcohol in the fall/winter.


And the duck girls have started to lay…we’re taking the eggs away for a bit, just because it’s still chilly at night, but in a few weeks, we’ll leave them for the hens to start to sit, so we can have many, many bebe ducks.
Fingers crossed!


With the excitement of starting up the incubators for the years comes the forgotten knowledge of what the 3 days of hatching is really like…
Once the first chirp starts, there’s excitement.
Yay, we’ve got chicks!
But then…as more come out of their shells, the *loud* chirping starts.
And the scrabbling, jim jamming around…at all hours.
Then, throw in Daisy Mae, who has to tell me she can hear the chicks in the incubators.
At 2am.
Yes cat, I am aware that there’s birds chirping in the house.
Quite. Aware.

So here we are on day 2 of hatching, running low on sleep, just waiting for tomorrow morning when we can take aaaaaallllll da little birbs out to the brooder and start again.
And so it will go, every 3 weeks from now until the beginning of July.

This…this is what my face looks like right now…”Can I just get a little quiet time for a nap??!?” 😂😂😂

Bird TV

Nothing like having the birds sit right outside the library window and tease the cats…

“Hey Cat…whatcha doin’?”

Ignore my dirty window…it’s not like getting them cleaned regularly is a top priority with everything else going on ’round here.

“Hey Bob!! I got 2 stinkin’ cats watchin’ me now!

Finally, the bird got bored with teasing them and flew away, while Nancy and Daisy sang their lamenting cat song…

Feline Friday

Last night, we had the absolute pleasure of thunderstorms rolling through.
We finally got some much needed rain!
While we humans enjoy the thunder and lightning, the indoor cats have differing opinions about it all…

“go ‘way…sleeping”

Nancy just didn’t care.
Neither did the oldsters, Freyja (who didn’t even lift her head) and Odhinn (who likes deer…he just wants y’all to know that)…

The geriatrics of the indoor cats…

And then there’s Daisy Mae…

Daisy Mae would like you all to know that thunderstorms are scary, lightning is scary and that yelling at Mom about things being scary doesn’t help because Mom yells back.

Seriously though, she was the only one who was freaked out about the storm. Once I caught her, she settled into my lap and only jumped with the overly loud thunder claps.
This morning, she did her usual shrieking at me, to make sure i knew she wasn’t happy I was making fun of her.
Oh well.
She’ll get over it.

Sharing with Comedy Plus for Feline Friday.
Have a great weekend, y’all!

Garden 2017

Y’all remember how last year my garden, due to circumstances beyond our control, became a giant plot of weeds?
Not that we wasted anything, those weeds fed pigs for the summer, but still, it was hard on the ol’ FarmHer spirit to not have a garden going.
In the fall, with the last cutting of pig feed, we started covering the area with old plywood. Stuff we had lying around, but wasn’t good enough for building with…well we discovered that the soil underneath the wood was lovely. Still a bit of grass and weeds, but nowhere near as bad as last year.
Problem was, we didn’t have enough to cover the whole garden…takes a lot of wood to cover a 24×40 foot garden!

Ahhh…but we are nothing if not adaptable to the situation. 😉

The yellow/brown grass is where the wood was…

You can see though, that there is some really good grass growth on the side…*sigh*

So, the space that was covered by wood is about 12 feet wide, and the full 40 foot length of the garden. Even our powerful little tiller was having a rough time with the full grassy area…and so, what we’re going to do is this…

I’m going to plant everything I can in the 12×40 foot space, mulch it heavily with straw, and be happy with a space that is 3 time the size of any garden I had in the city…

Then, while the one side grows, we’re going to use our ever renewing composting manure pile to cover the other side, and then, we have a huge hay tarp we bought…back when I had visions of actually tarping our hay…but that never happened because, seriously, more trouble than it’s worth. You want hard on a marriage?!? Try tarping hay together…I wish I was kidding about that. :/

We’ve had this tarp sitting, and we figured now we’ll put it to good use. It can cover the side that’s too weedy right now, and then, once the growing season is done in the fall, it’s big enough to cover the entire garden.
We’ll start fresh for the entire space next spring. 🙂

Adapt, overcome, move forward.

Tilling my soon to be garden space…

Sable looks on with interest…

As he was tilling, Hubby had to stop periodically to untangle roots from the tines of the tiller…he’d toss them off to the side, and our (definitely not) starving Sable had to try to reach them so she could eat them…

“I am wasting away here, Dad….
I am but a shell of my former gloriousness as a beautiful horse…
Soooooo hungry…
Can I has those roots please??”
~ Sable

While Hubby used the tiller, I put the scythe back to work, and cut the entirety of the rest of the garden, in prep for adding compost and covering.
Like last year, those greens did not go to waste…

The Kid forking green food to piglets…

As usual, when yard work is happening, Daphne ran around like a maniac…nothing this dog does is at low speed. She just runs until she flops down, dog tired.

Having a rest in the long grass…

When we were finally done, and I walked into the house, this is what I found:

Daisy Mae and Odhinn

He’s always complaining about Daisy bothering him…she’s not even 2, he’s an old man at 15. But that doesn’t stop the snuggles when cats need naps. 😉

Friday’s Hunt March 19

I’ve been all about Spring this past week.
I refuse to let the weather (that has been very un-Spring-like) get me down.
1 more day to Spring!!

For today, though, I’ve got my offering for the Friday’s Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills.
Prompts this week are Starts with K, Week’s Favorite and Drink.

Starts with K


Daisy Mae

She was only supposed to be a temporary indoor kitty, but the little pooh-stick turned into a permanent indoor resident.
It’s okay though…this girlie has personality to spare, and loves to talk up a storm. Here I caught her in the midst of talking to the trees and grass blowing about in the wind.

Week’s Favorite

My Old Man Odhinn…

Pretty Kitty ❤

14 years old, with a myriad of health issues, but still my main snuggle Kitty at night. Such a handsome boy! ❤


Heh. Lifeblood of the Universe…

Mmmmm, coffee!

Can’t start the day with out a good, steaming hot cup of coffee. 🙂

1 day, folks…
1 more day to Spring.

Zip Tie Pie

Hello there, Daisy Mae here.
Or Weazy as Mom likes to call me. She says it’s short for “Weasel”, which is either a small carnivorous animal or a way of getting into things. I think she means it in the getting into things way, but I’m not sure. :/

I’m here to tell you about my favorite toy in the whole wide world. Even better than that stupid paper bag Nancy had. Mom calls them “zip ties” and she uses them to tie the dog’s house door shut.
I’ve learned that when they cut the ties off the dog’s house, they put them on top the house and forget about them. I like to steal the zip ties when no one is looking and play with them.
Nancy’s always trying to steal them from me. Grrrr! I tell him to go sit in his stupid cat bag that he won’t share with me.

Yesterday, Mom took some pictures of me…WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, I might add!!!…while I was playing with my zip tie.

If I take it to the bathroom, I can get to play with it by myself.

If I take it to the bathroom, I can get to play with it by myself.

Whater you doin' with that camera?

What’er you doin’ with that camera?

See? These things are fun!

See? These things are fun!

Stupid Nancy keeps trying to steal it though...

Stupid Nancy keeps trying to steal it though…MINE!!

I had to run away with it. I hid it somewhere that no one will find it! 3:)

I had to run away with it. I hid it somewhere that no one will find it! 😈

Sharing for Wordless Wednesday with Create With Joy, Blog Paws and Crafty Spices.

For Toosh

There was that bag of goodies you sent home with us on Sunday…
Once I emptied it, I set the bag on one of the kitchen chairs…
Next thing I knew, this happened…

I finded dis...

I finded dis…

Dis my bag now

Dis my bag now…

Whatchoo mean I can't haz dis house?

Whatchoo mean I can’t haz dis house?

See my teef marks? Means mine!

See my teeth marks? Means mine!

Whatchoo doing Daisy?!? Go 'way!

Whatchoo doing Daisy?!? Go ‘way!



Get out of my house!!!!

Get out of my house!!!!

The 2 of them have had a great time fighting over who gets to be in the “house”. It seems though, that Nancy is far more attached to it than Daisy…he keeps winning the wrestling matches.

Friday’s Hunt

It’s a c-c-c-cold morning today! And we’re into a cold snap for a few days. Nothing we can’t handle, though. It’s looking like the wind will be light and that, out here, makes all the difference in the world. Still, I’m not a huge fan of the cold, but it’s mid-January (already!!) and we’ve had an easy winter. I am hopeful for an early spring with an abundance of pasture and garden growth. 🙂

Prompts for this week’s Friday’s Hunt are Starts with B, Week’s Favorite and Outside. Here are my images…

Starts With B

Bad Kitty!

Bad Kitty!

B is for bad kitty, who thinks she rules the kitchen table and should use it to bask in the sun beams.

Bad, bad Miss Daisy!

Bad, bad Miss Daisy!

B is for Bad Kitty who wasn’t even the least bit apologetic for being on the table where she’s not supposed to be…Of course, she’s a cat. Why would I think a cat would be apologetic for anything?!?

Week’s Favorite

You already saw this image, but I can’t help it, this is my favorite shot of the week!

Frosty Palomino AssYup, Sable’s big bum is my favorite shot of the week. Call me crazy, but (haha!!) I can honestly see this one framed on my wall.


Did I mention it was cold outside? Well, cold tends to bring out a bit of the crazies in the Girls. And, as usual, every time I set foot out the door to take pictures of the fun and games, every one would stop….because there’s Mom with the camera and uh-uh, no way are we gonna be caught acting silly!
So this shot is from my kitchen window…it’s fine though. I didn’t really want to go outside anyways.

Outside Goofiness

Sharing with Friday’s Hunt, hosted by Teresa at Eden HIlls.


And now, for some thing else…
About a month ago, I added a donate button to the sidebar. I’ve had more than a few emails from folks asking if we’re okay, do we need money, etc, etc, etc.
Let me assure you, we’re okay. Alright?
Like anyone else, we could use extra money, but, I mean that’s life, right? There’s always something to work for. 🙂
But, we’re fine.

The main reason I put that there is this…I have people tell me all the time I should write a book. And, well, as much as I like the idea, I’m really not a writer. As you may, or may not have noticed, from this blog. I write like I talk, disjointed, and often, foul-mouthed. I think and speak in run on sentences, my grammar can sometimes be bad and my train of thought often gets away…SQUIRREL!!…While that is great for a blog, not so much, in my opinion for a book.
No, I’m more a visual artist…photography, drawing, painting, jewelry…that kind of thing.

I do, however, love to write the blog, and I would love for it to be a paying job. It’s not, and frankly, I wouldn’t even know how to go about doing that. And, if there was the slightest possibility that I’d have to write differently to appease “sponsors” well, nope, not interested.

So, I put up the donate button as more of an “Appreciation of the Blog” kinda thing. Y’know how artist’s used to have patrons, so they could keep creating? This is the same thing. If you like what you see/read, and feel like it, toss a few bucks at the “tip jar”.
This is wholly and completely voluntary, and, I’m not going to make a monthly plea for cash. It’s just a way that, if someone wanted to, they could offer a little financial support for what we’re doing here.

And, like the title over the button says, we appreciate your donations and gifts. 🙂