Pickled Beets

I plant a lot of beets.
One of our favorite things in winter is pickled beets.
Well, last Fall I pulled everything from the garden right before the first of the winter storms hit us…the carrots and radishes got dealt with, but somehow, I forgot about the beets.
So the bin of beets sat in front of the (drafty af) front door all winter.
Turns out that was a good thing, since it acted like a root cellar and damned if them beets weren’t just fine when I found them today.

So knowing I was out of beets on the shelf (my last few jars were given to my Uncle who has been an incredible help when we’ve needed it) I filled the pot, cooked them beets up and got them into the brine.

Once again I am reminded why I hate water bath canning.
It’s moist and uncomfortable.
But I got 4 jars of beets done and now we have some more.
Of course they won’t last long, but that’s okay.
Gardening season is right around the corner and I bought a lot of beet seeds, knowing that there was more than one house that was going to be eating them.

And for the record, I do safe canning only here, so no need to talk about skipping the processing (water bath) part…I ain’t going through all the work of planting, growing, weeding, harvesting and such to risk botulism in the putting up stage.
Not when for a bit more work I can put things in jars safely and know I ain’t making anyone sick.
You want to do different?
Good for you.
Your kitchen, you do what you please.
‘Round here we do it right.

Canadian Thanksgiving

Well, that’s in the books for another year.
We don’t actually celebrate it, so for us it was just another weekend of trying to get things done before winter. More roosters need doing, but we were getting hammered by rain so that got put off.
We did get some yard clean up done between rains.
Plus we got the roosters separated so that we can just get up and go on the next not-rainy day.

That was supposed to be Saturday, because the next 3 days after today is rain, and today is a Loop pickup day so we need the 2nd fridge for some of that stuff…
Oh, but then this morning?
I get the text that our pig is ready to pick up.
Awesome, right?
But now Saturday is pick up the pig and process it day…because we pick up the pig live, bring it home and do all the work here.
Saves us a couple hundred dollars doing it that way, and we are very happy with the family that raises the pig for us.
They have the same #HappyFoodTastesBetter values that we do.
And they have a better porcine set up.
So I am happy af to buy a finished pig to put down in the Fall while focusing on poultry on my Farm.

But the work…
Like I said, I’ll sleep come winter.

Garden is still producing.
With the rains over the next few days, we shouldn’t frost, though we’re hovering awful close to it.
I am hoping that it holds off a wee bit longer, since my peppers are not ripe yet.
I really, really don’t want to buy poblano or paprika seeds next year, so I need those dang peppers to ripen!
The beans are being left now to grow seed for next year.
What ever is out there will get harvested after the frost and further dried to seed for the yellow, Painted pony and Royal Burgandy varieties. The pintos will just be left and tarped over. I have a *lot* of pinto seeds. lol

And carrots and beets can be left for a couple weeks yet, since they’re underground.
Thank goodness, since I am not ready to pull them yet.
So as soon as I see a frost warning, I’ll pick the peppers, tomatoes and ground cherrys, then let the plants die off. Once the bean seeds are harvested and the beets/carrots too, we can tarp the entire space and let her go to sleep for winter.
It’s coming fast.

In the meantime, we’re just going along, trying to get as much done as possible.
Butchering, building, and trying to stay sane.
That last one in the toughest one.

Here’s Homer J…who, it has been determined, is a hen.
So next year we’ll have Homer J bebes.
I’m very happy she’s a hen. She’s growing into a beauty of a duck (not that you can tell with all the mud on her), and she’s my pal. 😉
Today we’re working on the winter duck coop so Homer J and everyone else can have a nice warm space to snuggle on those
c-c-c-old winter nights.