Right Place at the Right Time

My camera is almost always in hand on the Farm.
If not in hand, close to hand, so that I can capture things that just happen…Spontaneity in photography is a lot of what this blog is about. 😉
Of course, I do miss capturing some things, some times, but still…I catch all the good stuff I can.

Like yesterday…
I went out to take a picture of Anthony Piggie in her blankets:

"What? I like a blanket while I nap in the sunshine..."

“What? I like a blanket while I nap in the sunshine…”

She looks like she needs a good stretch, a scratch and a coffee. LOL!
Kinda how I feel in the mornings…but this was mid-afternoon for her. 😉

To capture that shot, I had to go into the Henny Yard for the right angle. While I was there I checked the waterers and found the hens were needing. I lined them up, turned on the hose, and while I was waiting for things to fill, I did the daily egg hunt. I noticed one henny was still in her nest, but had just stood into the laying stance.
I went for my camera just in time to capture the egg being layed…

Here it comes!

Here it comes!



And it's out!

And it’s out!


And, that’s where eggs come from.
Pretty cool capture, if you ask me. 🙂

Piggie Pictures

Sometimes, I catch the piggies being really, really cute. Like, waking up from a nap.



He had flipped over the trough, dug up the ground it was sitting on, and was laying in the hole, sleeping.
He was rather upset that I filled the hole with rotting hay and put the trough back on top of it. lol



Nigella is our pushy piggie. We have to watch out for her when filling the troughs. She likes to try to push the cup of food out of our hands. Now, I don’t even wait for her to try, I just give her a smack on the bum and make her wait until I’m done before letting her into the food.
It might sound cute, her being that eager for food, but right now, she’s only 50ish lbs. Soon, she’ll top out around 200-250 lbs. It’s not going to be so cute then. So, like the horses, I establish the rules early. I’m the Food Lady, and if you want to eat, be respectful.
I think, however, Nigella will be the first one to be invited to Freezer Camp.



Anthony is my little sloth piggie, and he’s still a cutie. He stands for back rubs and comes when I call him. Mostly, he just loves to lie in a mud wallow. 🙂

So, we’ve had the piggies now, since April 28th.
They’ve almost doubled in size. We’ve gone through 50lbs of hog grower feed, 50lbs of All Sport that we’d bought last year for the horses, but they didn’t like, and about 100lbs of assorted veggie/fruit/bread scraps.
I won’t know if piggie growing for meat is a worthwhile endeavor, financially, until butcher time. But, so far, I’m having fun with them…even if they are a little more work. 🙂

One final picture to share today…

Felix in the Pasture wmMy pal Felix…he loves coming on pasture walks with me. ❤

Pug or Pig?

Back on Mother’s Day, Farm friend Shaila brought out Honorary Farm Dog Sabrina to meet and greet the piggies.
Here’s pictures from their visit…

Mini troughs are the perfect height for piggies...and puggies!

Mini troughs are the perfect height for piggies…and puggies!

Who wore the mud better...Anthony?

Who wore the mud better…Anthony?

Or Sabrina?

Or Sabrina?

Piggie and puggie bums!

Piggie and puggie bums!

Going for a run together...

Going for a run together…

Playing in the wallow together...

Playing in the wallow together…

Sabrina investigates Anthony's rear end...

Sabrina investigates Anthony’s rear end…

Aghast that Nigella wanted to sniff her rear...

Aghast that Nigella wanted to sniff her rear…

Enjoying a piggie water drink...

Enjoying a piggie water drink…

Trying to grab pig chow that Emeril dropped during his drink...

Trying to grab pig chow that Emeril dropped during his drink…

Nigella is interested in Sabrina's fancy harness...

Nigella is interested in Sabrina’s fancy harness…

Now Emeril wants to know about it too...

Now Emeril wants to know about it too…

Nigella was seriously focused on that harness!

Nigella was seriously focused on that harness!

Anthony was ready for a nap...

Anthony was ready for a nap…

Finally, after running together for more than half an hour, the piggies were tired, Sabrina was muddy and tired, and it was time to head up to the house to relax on the deck. 🙂 Sabrina had one fine story to share with sister Poppy when she got home!

One last picture to share…it’s not great, composition wise, but I love the face…

"Could ya quit taking my picture?!? Sheesh!" ~Cookie

“Could ya quit taking my picture?!? Sheesh!”

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Our Week So Far…

Well, so far, so good.
Weather has been lovely, pasture is drying up, piggies are growing steadily, and my Cookie and I have been doing our springtime refresher.

Y’see, this is our 3rd Spring together, and after those hard, cold winters, we tend to need to get reaquainted with one another. She needs to remember how walk on a lead line politely, how to stand when I ask her to, how to give me her feet, how to just enjoy being groomed.
I have to remember to let her figure things out in her own head, how to let her go at her own pace, stop trying to force her ahead in the “schedule”…in other words, I have to remember to be patient with her.
She’s a special Girl, who needs just a little extra special care.

This week has seen a couple fantastic sessions.
She’s doing very well.
She’s smart Girl, and once she gets what I’m asking, she’s willing.
She is, however, far too used to not being handled…remember, she came to me as a 9-year-old broodie with very little handling.
And a whole semi truck load of issues.
We’re still working through those. I think, some days, we’ll always be working through them.
But, the more time she spends here, the less time we have to spend on basics, and the farther along we get…so, this summer, I plan to push her right out of her comfort zone by putting the surcingle on her. That’ll come over The Kid’s summer holidays, just in case she loses her shit and tries to kill me. I want another person on the Farm to call 911. 😉

That’s later though…now, we’re just enjoying time together, while I remind her what I expect of her, manners wise. And, we’re going to continue gate work, coming into the yard, and going into Hubby’s workshop to stand.
Y’see, coming up this summer, she’s going to need to have her teeth done. As much as I’d like to take her to the vet to have it done, trailering her ain’t gonna happen this year…probably not next year. Hell, it may never happen.
So, the vet has to come here. She has to be comfortable in a place where the other 3 can’t be pushing up on her, or him, while she gets her teeth floated. And, she has to be comfortable in a place where she can be drugged up enough to have them done.
I have my work cut out for me.

"If I make like I'm thirsty, but play in the water instead, maybe she'll leave me alone, and I won't have to work."  ~Cookie

“If I make like I’m thirsty, but play in the water instead, maybe she’ll leave me alone, and I won’t have to work.”

Nah, that didn’t work. I give her a few minutes to play and goof off, then it’s time to work. Going back to that water pan every now and then is her reward…do well with what I’m asking, and I give you a play break. It’s works for her. 🙂

"You exhaust me, Woman." ~Cookie

“You exhaust me, Woman.”

Both Monday, and yesterday, this is what I was left with after we were done…a giant sleepy baby, relaxed and happy.
That’s exactly what I want. 🙂

And now…a piggie picture!

This is Anthony.
Anthony has put on 2 lbs since Sunday.
Anthony eats, sleeps, poops and sometimes plays…especially when I spray him with the hose.

"This trough makes a good pillow...plus, I can eat in my sleep."

“This trough makes a good pillow…plus, I can eat in my sleep.”

Happy piggies are tasty piggies. 🙂

New Additions on the Farm

Last weekend, we had friends out who helped us build a pen. A sturdy pen, even though it’s made of pallets and old chain link. A pen that now holds what will grow to become our winter food.



We spent most of the week putting finishing touches on the pen, and then, Thursday, got the message that the piggies had arrived and we were to pick our 4 up. So, we loaded up a massive dog kennel, drove a whopping 3 1/2 miles away and come home 30 minutes later with Jamie, Nigella, Emeril and Anthony. Nigella was originally supposed to be Oliver, but it turned out we got 2 boys and 2 girls. Well, Jamie works as a girl’s name, and Emeril *had* to stay (pork fat rules!) and Anthony? Named for Anthony Bourdain. Need I say more?

Sable, as always, was curious.

Sable, as always, was curious.

Ruby was a big ball of snorting, prancing and dancing "NOPE!!"

Ruby was a big ball of snorting, prancing and dancing “NOPE!!”

Felix was not impressed by the Bacon Bits.

Felix was not impressed by the Bacon Bits.

We’d had the shelter in place for a day or two, and the cats were sure it was for them. Felix was not happy to find these happy little interlopers in *his* space.

Just plain worn out.

Just plain worn out.

We see the sleeping piggie pile a lot.
Of course! They are just babies, and it’s hard work running about, playing, eating all the nummies, and being cute.
Growing is hard.
Naps must happen.

Yesterday, Farm friends, Shay and Will came out to see who was living in the pen that he worked so hard to help build…

Anthony gets woken up with a massage.

Anthony gets woken up with a massage.

This little piggies was snorting and snuffling my boot...

This little piggie was snorting and snuffling my boot…

After a bit of whining and complaining on my part, Will built this for the piggies…actually, he (and Hubby helped some) built 2…

Mini piggie trough.

Mini piggie trough.

It worked very well!
The Bacon Bits snuffled up the food, and didn’t climb into it.
As they grow, I’ll get Hubby to build bigger ones.
These troughs sure won’t go to waste…I can see where getting a few piggies a year for Fall Freezer Camp could be something we’re quite willing to do from now on!