Monday Morning Ritual

Monday mornings, especially now that it’s warmed up, means coffee on the deck, with a toast to my favorite Girl…

Lovely bum!

This past weekend, on the hottest day of the year, her skull finally made it from the cage to the maceration tub.
Along with some other bones.
Now, we wait.
Change the water every couple of weeks.
And wait some more.
Hopefully, with the heat of summer full upon us now, maceration won’t take long, and I’ll have my sweet mare’s skull clean and ready for decorating.
And I know it sounds cold and awful to be cleaning her skull, but I have been a bone collector for years…longer than Hubby and I have been together.
Truth is, if I *didn’t* keep Cookie’s skull, I know I would regret it.
I always knew I would keep hers…I just thought it would be another 15 years from now before she gave it to me.


Monday mornings remind me how much I miss her sassyness, her demands for coffee and gingersnaps, those breaths of horsie breath in my face…

34 weeks today.

From her colic 2 years ago…it really was the beginning of the end for her…all the money and vet visits in the world just prolonged things, and we still had no answers until the very end.

And I still miss her like it just happened today…


Round 2

I am happy to share that our Cinder-Bella is feeling much more like herself.

This is from the day she first saw the vet…she’s feeling a zillion times better now!

She is, however, on a 2nd round of antibiotics.
The swelling on her head is way down, but not gone and she’s definitely feeling better, but not 100% yet.
So, after discussing things with the vet, we decided that a 2nd round was a good idea.
Sable does not agree.
She is very tired of getting needled.
Being a very good Girl while getting jabbed is not easy to do…ever for a very good Girl!
Flax cookies do ease the pains though.

And then there’s these guys…

Pig babies!!

I know it’s hard to tell, but they’ve grown quite a bit!
I’m working on making sure they grow as much as possible, tempting them with lots of yummy treats in their food so they eat.
They’re also having a grand time in the way over grown pig yard…the good thing is, they can hide from the heat and sun under the huge plants and stay cool.
So far, we’ve had no sunburns this year.
I am worried at how big they’ll be when it’s time for Freezer Camp, having gotten them almost 2 months later than previous years.
Ah well, whatever will be, will be, right?

This is Thor…bringing them home in the midst of a thunderstorm, one had to be named after the God of Thunder…this guy is it!

The garden looks good, all feline help aside.
Tomatoes (even my tall spindly ones) have taken off. We’re seeing tons of blossoms, and a whole lot of wee teeny ‘maters starting, and I may actually have a really good crop of peppers.
Beans are up like crazy and I am sooooo hoping for a huge harvest to can up this year!
Cats have been redecorating my rows of carrots and beets and greens.
We haven’t had a chance to get the fencing around the garden, and honestly, I’m not sure that will stop the cats anyways.
Still want to do it, so that poultry can do a lot of the weeding/clean up work come the Fall.

We’re coming up on 5 years here now, so I’m also working on the plans for our 5 year celebration.
Oh, and there’s 60 meat chickens coming tomorrow…
And haying to do…
And weeding the garden to do…
And there’s a leak in the roof over the master bedroom…
And Sable still needs her teeth floated…

Life is fun.
Life is busy.
At the end of the day, all I can ask for is to be a bit further ahead than I was when I got up that morning.
So far, so good.

But, don’t think I’m complaining!
Because I’m still getting chances to get out with my camera and take pictures, so this is good too.
My favorite shoots so far this year have been following a local group of horse-folks while they “rob” a passenger train for charity.
Great fun, and so many great photo opportunities!
Like this one, of gentle giant Clyde:

He has a story.
An all too familiar one.
But one that has had a happier journey than most…from auction to meat truck to Rescue with the stubborn perseverance of a woman and a community that saw in him something special…
He’s now an ambassador for Blackbird Ranch Equine Rescue and Rehab.
At this last train robbery I watched people, from the very young to the elderly, being drawn to him and his calm gentle presence.
And one young lady who, in the frames I captured of her standing by his head, became hooked on the most expensive and life fulfilling drug there is…equine sweat.
I’ll share those images in another post.

For now, it’s coffee time, and then on to the myriad of chores that need to be done for this day.
Happy Wednesday Friends!!


I have 2 things I tell the horses when asked to do hard things…

  1. You can do hard things. You’re not gonna die. You can do this.
  2. You can do it Cinderella!

Well, yesterday Sable had a vet visit…

Y’see, she’s been needing to get her teeth floated (link here to what that means, in case someone doesn’t know) and we made the appointment for yesterday. Hubby had the day off, so it would be an “all hands on deck” kinda day.

I love Sable.
I can do just about anything to her, or with her.
She’s pretty awful about people sticking hands in her mouth. Always has been…though with time and patience, she’s getting better about it.
But, that’s one of the reasons we knew she needed her teeth done.
And, last week, she was showing small signs of having trouble eating…which meant that no matter how much I worked with her to be okay about checking inside her mouth, I could not put off her dental work any longer.
Appointment was set.

But then…

Because like Farm Friend Toosh said…”It’s always something,…..isn’t it…?…..!!”

Yesterday morning, we go out to check on everyone, and get Sable ready for her appointment and find her face like this:

See the swelling on the right side?

I had initially said the swelling was on her left side…I’m an idiot. It’s clearly on her right side.
Oh, and she was not feeling good at all.
Thankfully, the Dr was just a 1/2 hour out and I promised her, he’d help her feel better.

When he arrived, I explained the situation, and he examined her.
He didn’t think it was a tooth causing the infection, and didn’t think it was strangles either (thank goodness!!) but something was clearly going on…

So, my “you can do this Cinderella” horse got a pain shot, and is on a 5 day course of antibiotic to clear this up.
Once that’s done, we’ll reassess to see if she needs another round of antibiotic, and then we’ll talk about her float.
She felt so bad yesterday that there was no way we were going to consider going ahead with the float.
Fighting with 1400lbs to do dental work when she’s not well is never a good idea.
So, I pay a little more in travel fees for the vet to come back out…worth it to get my Big Girl healthy before doing her teeth.

“Sing ‘Soft Pony’ to me Mama…drugged and in pain is a kinda sick…”

Somewhere along the way, when I was telling her “you can do this Cinderella” I turned Cinderella into Cinder-Bella…because she’s our Palomino Princess.
It just fit.

Bacon Seeds

The bacon seeds have arrived!!

Just about 6 weeks later than last year.
But, life happens.
We were getting close to drought conditions right around when we normally would get piglets, and I was concerned about bringing more livestock onto the Farm without being 100% sure I could keep everyone watered and healthy on the well.

So, we waited.
Then we got amazing rainfalls (that took out my garden a time or two) and now we’ve had good, regular rains (which have been helping my garden…and the weeds in it!).
That eased my worries about water.
Then, we just had to wait for schedules to align to go pick these guys up…that was yesterday.

Behold, our cute little bacon makers!


We brought home 6 little baconettes to grow for as long as possible before winter hits.

Farm Yard Excitement

Wednesday was an exciting day here.
It didn’t start out that way, but shortly after The Kid got on the school bus, things went a little…interesting.

After I let the birds out, fed and watered them, I came in to finish up some photo editing and uploads…check out the newest album of Great Train Robbery photos here:
Cookie’nCream Photography

So, I’m getting ready to upload, windows are open, it’s quiet…until I hear the mares…squealing and whinnying.
At first, I figure it just them playing…they do that, every now and then, squeal and be silly with each other.
But then, it happens again, with a bit more urgency.
That’s when I got up and looked out the window…

I saw what I thought was a huge dog running into the yard.
It was no dog.
It was this:

Ain’t he something?

I have no idea where he came from, or who he belongs to.
I did learn mighty fast though, that he was a stud.
That’s what all the squealing was about.
Oh! Yay!
Said no full size mare owner ever when a mini stud arrives out of nowhere.

So, the first order of business was to get the little goober secured, safely away from the mares and safely away from the road.
Not fun when you’re one person with a grain bucket to lead a horny little devil *away* from 3 increasingly horny girls.

I needed backup.
I called out Hubby.
Once he got home, the plan was to lead our gentlest, yet most interested mare across the driveway, and let him follow her into the front pasture. Once they were in, Hubby would lead Astrid out and I’d close the gate.
It all went to plan, until he stuck his nose right up Astrid’s business and she double-barreled him.

He went rolling over backwards, popped up and started prancing…
“See!!! I *am* man enough for you, Mare! I can take a hit!”
Thankfully he wasn’t hurt physically…maybe his over inflated pride was, but his body was just fine.

Hubby led Astrid back across the drive, while I closed the gate…little shit tried charging me, but got a sound whap on his pretty little nose from the lunge whip.
Yup, I get it.
My mares make you want to bring your milkshake to their yard, but it ain’t happening!

By this time, we were all tired, fried from the sun, Sketchy Pete (which is what I was calling him) needed some (more) water and damn, but I needed a beer!
But, still work to do…
I had called the RCMP earlier and posted his picture on FB (hoping someone in the area might know him and come get him), and now had to get a hold of Animal Control.
Hubby went off the visit the closest vet clinic, hoping maybe they knew the little jerk.
Nope, nothing there either.

Thankfully, Animal Control got back to me in pretty short order, and once they had a trailer lined up, they came and we got him loaded up.

So far, I don’t know if anyone has come forward for him.
Too bad, if they haven’t.
He was a cute little thing, and I’m sure with a gelding, he’ll have great potential for a kid’s pet…

The Heart Rock

My hands were steady
My eyes were clear and bright
My walk had purpose
My steps were quick and light
And I held firmly
To what I felt was right
Like a rock

Cookie’s memorial stone

And sometimes late at night
When I’m bathed in the firelight
The moon comes callin’ a ghostly white
And I recall
I recall

Like a rock. standin’ arrow straight
Like a rock, chargin’ from the gate
Like a rock, carryin’ the weight
Like a rock

Like a rock, the sun upon my skin
Like a rock, hard against the wind
Like a rock, I see myself again
Like a rock

~ Bob Seger

Our musical inspiration today…
The amazing, and timeless, Bob Seger.