Oh Sable…

Remember back in the Fall I said I was harvesting as much of the broadleaf plantain weed/herb on the Farm as I sustainably could?
Okay, here:

Plantain is edible, and the young leaves are delicious in salads.
But the main reason I harvest it is for it’s other, well known, use.
To help cuts/scrapes heal.

I dry it, then when I need it, I powder a leaf or 2 in my mortar and pestle, then mix a small amount of raw honey in until it’s a paste.
Then I clean the booboo and coat it with the (not so tasty) honey concoction.

Today I did my first (and hopefully last) ice cut of the season:

Oh Sable…

Not as bad as some she’s done.
Of course it always looks the worst on the Palomino Princess.
And it’s superficial.
It’s from running through drifts of snow…as I said in the Instagram post above, the skin on horse legs is thin and delicate. And cold is not kind to thin, delicate skin.
It can be cut by the sharp crust of an icy snow drift rather easily.
But with the plantain goo, it heals beautifully.
Which is good because our BellaHazaBooBoo needs that goo far too often.

And, just because this past summer I had 2 plantain plants that I could harvest from, I bought seeds in order to plant some in the medicinal garden.
It’s handy to have on hand for humans as well and equines.


Winter just might be making us a little punch drunk.
We’re on the tail end of another storm.
The digging out hasn’t been going that well.

Here’s the mares’ waterer:

And this was yesterday, with Hubby trying to clear so we could get out to get our Loop pickup…
Needless to say, we didn’t get out!

And today so far, we’ve shoveled, and shoveled, and shoveled…
And the tractor won’t start.

We’re ready for Spring.

There We Go!

I don’t know if it’s because I was technologically stupid yesterday, or if it was something else….
Today I managed to be able to edit my sidebar.
Thank freakin’ goodness!!
I really, really didn’t want to change the theme on the blog if I didn’t have to.
I hated every single one of the new ones that WordPress has to offer.

But the new, updated non-fee taking Buy Me A Coffee (via Ko-Fi) button is now on the sidebar.

Again, I thank each and every one of you who supports what we’re doing here.
And this is not a bleg (begging blog post) at all.
Nor will I ever do the pay to read content thing.
I’m a believer in putting it aaaaaaalllllll out there for free.
If someone wants to support, the button is there.
If not, that’s just fine too.
I’m happy to have you reading and commenting and sharing anyway I can get ya!

And with that, I’m off to work on windy af chores.
Have a great weekend folks!

Good Morning Folks!

I’m working on some changes here on the ol’ blog.
Over the holidays, we had some very generous folks buy us coffees.
Thank you all again!
Every single gift of coffee is money put into Farm infrastructure to grow more food.
So we very much appreciate gifts that help that happen!

However, Buy Me A Coffee has separated from PayPal.
Not by choice.
PayPal did an “effective immediately” severing of services.
Which left some of us scrambling for a back up financial service to withdraw our coffee money.
What I ended up with was Payoneer…and damn the fees!
Between what Buy Me A Coffee takes, then what Payoneer takes…we lose almost 15% to fees!
That’s nuts.
Y’all aren’t buying us coffees to pay fees for getting coffee money.

So, we’ve switched to Ko-Fi.
They say there are no fees.
We’ll see.
Here’s that link:

And there’s always the paypal on the sidebar.
Way, way, way down the sidebar.
Note that D5Karl will stay locked up in Sendai, Japan ’til I win the lottery.
In other words, coffees, ko-fis, paypal tips are *not* going towards a new camera…D5Karl is my pet name for the Nikon D5 that one day, when I’m older and much much greyer, I will own.
After we win the lottery. 😂😂😂

Anyways…back to my point of things changing here…
The background theme of the blog is retired.
Which mean that editing things like the widgets to update the links and stuff isn’t possible.
WordPress just isn’t letting that happen.
So, I have to go find a new theme.
One I don’t hate.
One that lets me have widgets on the sidebar.
Because let’s make this as easy as possible for anyone who decides they want to support us.
I want it to be easy for you all.
I appreciate you all.

So if you pop in and things look different, that’s why.
I’m working on things.
And trying not to tear my hair out at the same time.

Still January

January goes by so slow.
It’s cold.
Today isn’t supposed to be *as cold* as it has been.
In fact, the rest of the week is supposed to be much less cold than it’s been.
I’m happy about that.
We have a new-to-us washing machine coming tomorrow.
I’m so excited about that!
Since the beginning of August, I’ve been doing laundry with the wringer washer outside…now until it started getting cold, it was kinda nice.
Set up a load to wash, putter in the garden ’til it was ready for rinse.
Then Fall came, and weather turned, and then we moved the washer back to the garage.
And then I’d wash clothes in the garage.
Oh, but then came the c-c-c-cold days where the washer couldn’t even run because it was just too cold.
That was at Winter Solstice-ish.
So for the last 3 weeks or so, I’ve been doing laundry by hand in the tub.
Yeah, well…we need clean clothes and someone’s gotta wash ’em.
But the new-to-us machine arrives tomorrow.
And once it’s set up, Ima wash aaaaaaalllllll da things that have been waiting because it’s been too cold to wash ’em in the wringer washer.
I’m looking forward to it.

That bit of excitement aside…
I ordered seeds from Vesey’s.
Just got the confirmation email that all but my carrots and rattlesnake pole beans have shipped. Those are on backorder and they’ll ship them out once they get them.
So, now it’s one more seed order for this spring, and I’ll be ready to go.
The last seeds will be ordered from Ravensong Seeds and Herbals
I’ve been waiting for a few things to come into stock before I place that order.
Hopefully soon!
And then everything I’m wanting to start (this year) in the medicinal garden will be here…
I tried to limit what I ordered because I don’t want to do too much all at once and get overwhelmed.
That is easy af to do!

Not much else new.
Just hunkered down, waiting for the snow to melt.
Shoveling, moving snow, tending the animals, trying to stay sane in a stupid and insane world.
There might be alcohol involved.
But just think, in only 49 days we’ll start up the incubators to bring new life to the Farm.
49 days.
And I’m eying a 3rd incubator.
So we can run bigger numbers of eggs, less times.
This way, I hope to be done hatching by the end of May.
Not July like last year.
End of July left me with far too many birds to be butchered into the beginning of December.
I don’t like that.
Not at all.
So, bigger chicken hatches, less times, hopefully chicken butchering done sooner.
And the ducks will do what the ducks will do.
As always.

Just for fun…

January 1st

Well, so we’ve finally made it out of the ridiculous year that was 2021.
Here’s hoping that 2022 is better in all the ways.

Today, in an act of incredible hope…because I really do hope that 2022 is better than the last couple of years…I started some seeds.
Remember I told y’all I had discovered winter sowing?
Well, I figured the very best way to start this year off right was with seeds going into dirt.

The loose seeds are red hollyhock seeds that were given to me a few years ago by a friend in the city…former neighbours of ours from back in the big city. 😉
I finally got around to doing something with them.
I love hollyhocks…they are so very pretty and as it turns out, the entire plant is edible.
Pretty and food?
I like that!
So I harvested a pod and started some of them.
Hopefully I didn’t wait too long!

All the containers are from things we got in our Loop pickups.
Trying to reuse as much as I can, without turning into a hoarder with tons of garbage around.
I think that is my biggest complaint about the program.
I absolutely LOVE the extra feed…and so do the animals.
But the recycling and the garbage…
It can get overwhelming at times.
Especially when our dump is only open a few days a week, and the closest one is not just down the road anymore…they closed *that one* last year.

But we’re doing the best we can to recycle what we can here on the Farm and then what we can’t, we take to the dump to add to the recycling there.

Fingers crossed the winter sowing works and we have an abundance of plants grow for the garden and Farm yard come spring!

Happy New Year folks…
Hope 2022 treats us kindly and gently.

Merry Christmas

First off…

Apologies to those that I haven’t emailed.
There have been some amazing, generous, fantastic folks who sent gifts and bought us coffee.
I know I didn’t email our thanks.
I am sorry for that.
I will do better with expressing gratitude.
Please know that I am beyond grateful for the gifts/coffees.
They have brightened this Yule season for us immensely.
I love each and every one of you and am so appreciative for your friendship.


Merry Christmas, my friends.
What a difficult, trying year it’s been.
How hard it’s been getting this far into it.
I hope you all are with loved ones, be they family or friends or both.
I hope you are surrounded by people who care about you, and value you for the amazing being that you are.


I think I probably won’t have a year end post.
I probably will pickup in the New Year.
So if I don’t post before then…

Happy New Year!
May 2022 treat you with gentle kindness and love.
May we all remember what it means to love one another.
May we all remember what it means to be kind.
May we all remember that division damages, unity heals.
Let us all unite and heal.
Instead of more of the same, let’s do our very best to do better in 2022.
And, if you can’t do that, then I hope you get the year that you deserve.
What…you didn’t think I was gonna be all love and light without a little darkness in there too, didja??

Hope to see you all in 2022.

Ready For Spring

I’m ready and rarin’ to go!
First of the seed orders went in on Sunday.

I went through my seed stores as well.
I saved *a lot* of seeds this year too.
Some things will be grown just for the animals…like the tons of pumpkin and squash seeds I saved.
Those ducklings sure do love them a pumpkin…and they work great as feed bowls!

And I’m trying something new (to me) this year.
Winter sowing.
I have a tiny house.
And really not enough space to start aaaaalllll the plants I want in the garden.
Which is why the push for a greenhouse (plus I can grow extra plants through the summer in there).
Then I found the Winter Sowers group on Facebook and decided to check it out.
I have an abundance of seeds.
I have an abundance of containers (hooray for Loop!! I can re-use the containers we get stuff in!).
I have nothing to lose but a bit of dirt (that will go into the garden later anyways) to try it out.
So that’s my plan.
On the Winter Solstice, I’ll prep my containers and sow my seeds.
I’ll let y’all know how it works out for me.

So now, I figure the only things I *need* to order are peas, yellow beans, and carrots.
Probably beets too, just because my store of pickled beets has dwindled.
Must have pickled beets on the shelf!!
I still have this years beets in storage and can pickle them, I just haven’t gotten to that yet.
I’ll probably order some extra of the Blue Lake pole beans too…I’ve read that they are incredibly prolific, tasty, and excellent for canning.
Those will go in the greenhouse.
Just because it’s so damn windy here.

I’m also ready and rarin’ to go on making more growing space.
With all the boxes from Loop and the compost/fertilizer from the animals, I have big, big plans.
I have the space to do it.
And a source for more straw for mulch…

Plus, in just a few short months, the incubators will be fired up again.
And in spring a new turkey coop/yard will be built, while the ducks get the shared yard they’re in now.
I’m ready for it.
I’m rarin’ for it.
C’mon Spring!!

Sharing with Brian’s Home for Thankful Thursday.
I am extremely thankful that we made the move to the Farm when we did, that I have the skills to grow this much food, and that we have the ability/wish to share with those we can.

Sooooooon….this will be happening again!


I am pretty sure Canada is losing it’s fucking mind.
I mean, the past almost 2 years have been hard and ridiculous and un-fucking-believable.

But now?

What am I talking about?
Oh well…
In the midst of companies forcing people to get a shot or be fired, and the unvaccinated being told their not “allowed” in all sorts of places, and that their kids have to now get the c-19 shot in order to play sports, and you have to show your proof of vaccine to eat in a restaurant, and the largest food bank in my province saying “no proof of shots, no entry into the building” (how do you apply for help, or pick up food if you can’t get in the building??), and hospitals refusing to do transplant surgery on people unless *both* parties are vaccinated….not to mention the walk in clinics denying people health care, without the shot(s)…and the petty tyrants who cry “we’re just doing what the govt tells us!” as an excuse to be shitty humans demanding your papers of approval…
Well now, the govt of New Brunswick has given ***GROCERY STORES*** the go ahead to ask people to prove they are vaccinated in order to buy groceries.

To buy groceries.
Don’t believe me?
Link here
Quote from the article (bold mine for emphasis):
“Malls, grocery stores, salons must enforce physical distancing or may instead require proof of vaccination from all patrons.”

Don’t even try to defend this.
If you’re going to, then just stop reading here.
There is no defense to denying people access to food because they choose what goes into their bodies.
No. Fucking. Defense.
And no, curbside is not an acceptable option.
Think it through…saying that if you don’t inject a chemical/drug into your body means you are not allowed to choose your own foods, that you must allow others to do it for you, and you have no choice in that, is NOT OKAY.
Oh and make sure you don’t run out of bread, or milk, or baby food before your next alloted curbside pickup, because you won’t be “allowed” to run in and get it…
Plus, what happens when the stores decide that you then have to show proof of your shots to pickup your curbside order?
Just like *MANY* stores did with masking.
“Oh, you can’t mask? Order curbside…oh but now, you have to wear a mask to pickup your curbside order”

Listen, if you got vaccinated because you wanted to, I am happy for you.
You made a choice for yourself, and went ahead with it.
That’s how it should be.
But your choice to do so should have no bearing on others, and others should not be penalized for making the right medical decision for themselves.
Just so y’all know, “my body my choice” it not just about popping sprogs out, got it?
You don’t have to like someone’s choice to not vaccinate, but you don’t get to force them or punish them for not doing it. And you sure the fuck don’t get to deny them access to food for not doing it.
That opens a can of worms you probably don’t want to open.

At the end of the day, no matter how the drug companies and govts want to spin it, no drug is ever going to be 100% safe for 100% of the people.
And we all know drug companies have a history of lying right?
Fentanyl is safe and non addictive?
Some reading on Candian drug companies pushing fentanyl, oxycodone and tramadol as safe and non addictive: https://globalnews.ca/news/5280201/opioid-crisis-lawsuit-canada/?fbclid=IwAR3MuX_BjOnuV9r-002w92wmTEMlSZ71Q1KbqP2yOOktkk9AZ8DrCLea9qU

Singulair has minimal side effects?
Chantix is a safe stop smoking drug?
Talc based baby powder was safe too…until it was causing ovarian cancer (hooray Johnson and Johnson!!)

To name just a few.
When those people are blatantly ignoring side effects happening, and minimizing them (because healthy teen males should absolutely have heart issues after a 100% safe drug is injected into them, right?), the trust is broken.
Add to that, trying to force people to take said drug by with holding employment, food, access to societal customs, and do you really think that’s going to convince anyone who might be sitting on the fence?
When the fuck has coercion been the best tactic??
Oh and please tell me when exactly in history any govt has been 100% trustworthy??
Like fucking ever.

Want more people to get the shot(s)?
Stop lying to people.
Stop treating them like they’re idiots for having concerns.
Stop calling them names…having concerns about *THIS VACCINE* does not make one an “anti vaxxer”. Take your shitty epithet that is spit with hatred and disgust at anyone who doesn’t tow the pro vaccine line and shove it right where the sun doesn’t shine.

Stop saying “there’s consequences for not getting the vaccine” as if denying access to FOOD is an acceptable consequence.
If letting people starve (or die) for not getting a vaccine is an acceptable “consequence” to you, I hope to all the fucking deities world wide that you never have any sort of power over another human or animal. Because clearly, you cannot be trusted.
We don’t allow that to happen to children, because it’s ABUSE.
So doing it to adults who make personal health decisions for them is also ABUSE.
And if you see abuse as an acceptable “consequence”, you might need to go have a long look in your mirror and figure out why you are such a large pile of excrement.

And with that, I’m done for today, because I have have shitty poultry coops to clean and re-bed before our next cold snap hits.