Winter Solstice

Shortest day.
Longest night.
Tonight we hold Vigil for the beginning of this year’s Journey back into the light…
Blessed Solstice.
When I think about the return to Summer, this image always comes to mind.
The epitome of the warmth and beauty of Summertime, with the bestest horse.

December Update

Yeehaw, it’s December.

We’re alive and kicking…the cold is here, and everyone is staying warm.

Still no computer fix, but, it’s fine. I haven’t been interested in picking up my camera anyway. 🤷‍♀️

Last week our truck was dropped off to get new-to-us tires installed…
Today we got it back to the tune 🎶 of $2500(ish).
Our mechanic noticed play in the ball joints, and the cv axle we had replaced in February was broken.
He pulled it all apart to discover the intermediate axle needed to be replaced…that’s what caused the cv axle to break again.
We now have all new ball joints, new cv axle and intermediate, new rear sway bars, spark plugs, front end alignment, and he tossed an oil change in too…
And the tires, of course.
Merry Yule to us.
😂 🤷‍♀️
if any one wants to give us Yule presents 🎁 send cash💰and whiskey 🥃

Hope everyone is doing well and ready for the upcoming holidays. 🖤