Planning Next Year’s Garden

As I’m finishing up this year’s garden, I’m taking stock of what we have as left overs from last year’s season.
Like, I discovered we still have 19 pints of carrots on the shelf from 2019…in 2019 there was a killer sale on 10lb bags of carrots, we bought 4 of them, I canned 42 pints and 5 quarts.
Now in 2022, I still have 19 pints.
So clearly, I don’t have to plant (or can) as much carrots, because we’re not going through them very fast.
And, if I get them on sale big time at the mega mart, it’s not a big deal to not have as many growing in the garden.

Same with beets.
Now, pickled beets fly outta here like mad.
Between us and my Uncle, beets are a hot commodity.
So a couple rows of them is still a good idea.
Problem with them this year, is the voles had a damn good time eating the beets.
And the cats and chickens ate a lot of voles.
Nature happens, right?
But dang if I want to be planting tons of beets for the damn voles.
I have found tho, that in the local gardening groups *tons* of people have had vole problems this year.
It really does seem to be a bad year for them.
We’ll see what happens next year.

What we do need more of is tomatoes.
And green/purple/yellow beans.
Neither one of those produced enough for our yearly needs.
Oh, they produced very, very well.
I just didn’t have *enough* plants of them.

Onions are off the list too…it’s easier for us to hit the local potato farm and buy a 50lb bag.
Same with potatoes.

Ah, but peppers, that’s a different story.
I have a poblano plant growing inside that will provide seeds so that we can have a lot of poblanos growing in the garden next year.
And also shepherd peppers (which are a sweet red pepper) to grow as well.

I’m also looking at more perennial plants, because I’m old and tired.
Okay, I’m not that old, but I am getting tired.
Especially with the butchering too.
So raspberries, more apples, a big patch of asparagus, more grapes, and black currants too.
And, of course, the perennial medicinal plants too…

I think that’s why I felt like I had to take a good hard look at what we use frequently, and what we don’t.
And decide what we really need to grow and what we can skate by on buying local.
I have all that season I don’t want to name to think about it.

7 thoughts on “Planning Next Year’s Garden

  1. Sandee says:

    Knowing what you use and don’t use lets you figure out that you need next year. Very smart.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Christine. ♥

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  2. Re-Farmer says:

    This has been such a terrible growing year, it’s hard to know whether some things just don’t do well here, or if they just didn’t do well this year!

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    • WolfSong says:

      We’re at the point where we don’t experiment growing new things much anymore, so I know what our good old standbys are capable of doing.
      This year the tomatoes did well, except for I didn’t get them staked and they lay on top of the straw mulch…making the prone to the dang voles.
      And this was the first year my beets were hammered by the little buggers. lol
      But everything else grew well, and I got a lot put up on shelves, but I’m finding that things like carrots aren’t worth the space/time/effort when I can buy big bags around this time of year for cheap.
      Plus, I really, really, really hate the scrubbing, peeling and chopping for jars.


      • Re-Farmer says:

        Lol! I totally get what you mean about the prep!

        This is only our 3rd year gardening since we moved here, so we are still in the experimental stage. I like trying new varieties, but I know, once we have figured out what we like and what will actually do well here, I will be just as happy to cut back.

        One good thing about having so many yard cats. Rodents are not a problem!

        Now, if only they would develop a taste for slugs… Lol


  3. Cederq says:

    Would raised beds work for you Wolfsong to keep the voles out? When I had a goat farm in Alabama, I used upright freezers that no long worked and placed them on their backs, punched a hole or three and filled with loam and it took care of the voles, mice and assorted ground bugs out of equation and was easier on the back, no manual labor…

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    • WolfSong says:

      They would, if I didn’t have such a big (and ever expanding) growing space…
      This really was a bad year for the voles, and we haven’t seen as many eagles around as normal.
      Everyone I’ve talked to had some damage from them.
      Next year I’ll let the chickens and cats into the garden sooner, and that will hopefully help too. 🙂


    • WolfSong says:

      I also think about how raised beds are obvious…and I don’t like my garden to look obvious, if you know what I mean. 😉
      I tend to grow with rows close together so that it all looks like a mess of weeds, but I, and obviously the voles, know better.


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