Lucy Goosey

We have a crazy amount of overland flooding going on right now.
I did say that Lake Midnight was going to make a comeback this year, and boy freakin’ howdy, has she!!

The duck coop is flooded.
Ducks are currently living in my garden.
More than half the pasture is under water.
We watched Ruby go through one of the deeper spots the other day and it was up to her chest…granted, she went through a shallow in the willows, but even before she got to the low, she was up past her knees…and she’s no shorty!
My backyard is, literally, lakefront.
The big field is covered.

But the frost is letting go and it’s slowly starting to soak in…and the ditches out front are flowing…at least they’re flowing away from us as far as we can see. Haven’t driven into the next municipality to see if their ditches have opened up…our field ultimately drains into a creek via the ditches down in the next municipality. We’ve been on the phone with them, trying to explain that those 10 and 15 foot snow banks *they created* over the winter are hindering the ditches from opening and letting the water flow away from all of us…


Meet Lucy Goosey…

Lucy will be staying with us for a month or so, while she sits on her nest.
I’m just hoping Astrid doesn’t notice she’s out there…Astrid is notorious for egg eating.
I’d hate for Lucy to loose eggs to a horse!!

2 thoughts on “Lucy Goosey

  1. Sandee says:

    Well everything thawed out and now you have a lake. I hope it dissipates rapidly.

    Fingers crossed that the eggs survive.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Christine. ♥

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    • WolfSong says:

      So far it seems to be soaking in nicely.
      We’re seeing huge drops overnight in water levels, so, so far, so good!

      Have a wonderful week, my friend! ❤

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