A Little Musical Interlude

Found this awhile back…
If, like me, you enjoyed the show Vikings, you’ll recognize Ludwig.
(He was Bjorn Ironside)
Turns out, the man can sing as well as act.

I found Jacob Bryant while looking for musical inspiration for a November 11th photo shoot and have loved the man’s voice ever since.
This song is one of my favorites…

Heh, as I’m posting these I realize, I might have a type when it comes to male singers…
But y’all…how can you *not* love Trace Adkins?

This girl, I never heard of her before today, but I love, love, love, me some Jamey Johnson.
Someone in the comments under the video said “Her voice is like an angel and Jamey’s is like a fine aged Bourbon. This was beautiful.”
I highly recommend searching out more by Johnson because he is a major effing talent.

And finally, rounding out day’s musical inspiration…

I was torn between this and Stapleton’s cover of George Jones’ Tennessee Whiskey.
But, this version is always gonna be the best version of Drink a Beer.
Yeah, Luke Bryan made the song famous but IMO he fucked it up.
Heh. Not a Bryan fan.
Maybe he just too damn pretty for my tastes.

One thought on “A Little Musical Interlude

  1. Cederq says:

    I stole your Jacob Bryant and posted on my blog. I am not impressed with the new wave of country singers, but him I like!


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