Today 2 of my very favorite beings on this planet turn 21.
This one:

Sable…who we assigned this day and her age to match her human.
We can only guesstimate both because she did come to us via Rescue who nabbed her at a meat auction.
Vet says we’re pretty darn close on year, so she can share cake with her Girl.

Yup, the other one is our Kid.
Today she turns 21.
No picture of her because she’d punch me 6 ways from Sunday for posting one…and we don’t have an updated shot of her and Sable together since Ma Nature has been kicking our butts.

But, we got through the last blizzard, and we’ll get through today’s.
Then we’ll dig out and go again.

For today though, we’re just gonna celebrate our 2 birthday girls.

Oh, and note that there’s a lot more gold on that pretty face up there…that means her summer coat is coming in underneath…spring is coming. When you see gold peeking through the Palomino Princess’s winter coat, spring is on it’s way!

Happy Saturday folks!

9 thoughts on “21

  1. Cederq says:

    Have ya’ll turned Inuit or Eskimo yet? Learn to build igloos quickly? Eat seal blubber?


  2. Toosh says:

    Happycake Day! Hope they both get spoiled 🙂
    What a nice distraction from the ****………

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  3. anne leueen says:

    Happy Day to both the 21 year olds. My horse is shedding out his clipped winter coat and his shiny darker chestnut coat is coming in.

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  4. Wyldkat says:

    Happy Birthday to both.

    Love the expression on Sable’s face.

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