We just came off an extreme cold warning.
We’re now facing *another* blizzard.
Enough Mother Nature!!
We get it, you’re trying to make up for alllllll the snow we missed the past 4 years…but seriously Lady, enough already.

Y’all should see the snowbanks in front of my pasture…the Municipality just had a guy out here with a dozer pushing snow off the road because *the plow* can’t get through.
There is so much snow.
Even for a born and bred Manitoban, this is more snow than normal.
Ima have sea horses come spring time…

4 thoughts on “Oh FFS…

  1. Cederq says:

    Well, you can enjoy it, making snow forts, and having epic battles and there is Snow angel competitions, and my all time favorite, upside down risque’ snowmen/women and of course snow cone decoration… At least your chin doesn’t get covered with snotcicles like your husband Christine….


  2. Re-Farmer says:

    These are snow levels I remember as a child in the 70’s, when my dad used the old Farm Hand tractor and the front end loader to clear snow into huge piles all over. I fondly remember the tunnels and rooms my late brother and I used to dig into some of the piles, complete with niches in the walls for candles held in the necks of vodka bottles, and with cardboard and old braided rugs we snagged from my mother on the floor. It was quite cozy!


  3. Sandee says:

    Yikes on all the snow. I hope this storm is the last and spring will arrive. You’re right, enough is enough.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Christine. β™₯


  4. Toosh says:

    It’s official. I’m done with the snow. Too much. I’d put up my surrender flag, but alas you’d never see it…..

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