Still January

January goes by so slow.
It’s cold.
Today isn’t supposed to be *as cold* as it has been.
In fact, the rest of the week is supposed to be much less cold than it’s been.
I’m happy about that.
We have a new-to-us washing machine coming tomorrow.
I’m so excited about that!
Since the beginning of August, I’ve been doing laundry with the wringer washer outside…now until it started getting cold, it was kinda nice.
Set up a load to wash, putter in the garden ’til it was ready for rinse.
Then Fall came, and weather turned, and then we moved the washer back to the garage.
And then I’d wash clothes in the garage.
Oh, but then came the c-c-c-cold days where the washer couldn’t even run because it was just too cold.
That was at Winter Solstice-ish.
So for the last 3 weeks or so, I’ve been doing laundry by hand in the tub.
Yeah, well…we need clean clothes and someone’s gotta wash ’em.
But the new-to-us machine arrives tomorrow.
And once it’s set up, Ima wash aaaaaaalllllll da things that have been waiting because it’s been too cold to wash ’em in the wringer washer.
I’m looking forward to it.

That bit of excitement aside…
I ordered seeds from Vesey’s.
Just got the confirmation email that all but my carrots and rattlesnake pole beans have shipped. Those are on backorder and they’ll ship them out once they get them.
So, now it’s one more seed order for this spring, and I’ll be ready to go.
The last seeds will be ordered from Ravensong Seeds and Herbals
I’ve been waiting for a few things to come into stock before I place that order.
Hopefully soon!
And then everything I’m wanting to start (this year) in the medicinal garden will be here…
I tried to limit what I ordered because I don’t want to do too much all at once and get overwhelmed.
That is easy af to do!

Not much else new.
Just hunkered down, waiting for the snow to melt.
Shoveling, moving snow, tending the animals, trying to stay sane in a stupid and insane world.
There might be alcohol involved.
But just think, in only 49 days we’ll start up the incubators to bring new life to the Farm.
49 days.
And I’m eying a 3rd incubator.
So we can run bigger numbers of eggs, less times.
This way, I hope to be done hatching by the end of May.
Not July like last year.
End of July left me with far too many birds to be butchered into the beginning of December.
I don’t like that.
Not at all.
So, bigger chicken hatches, less times, hopefully chicken butchering done sooner.
And the ducks will do what the ducks will do.
As always.

Just for fun…

5 thoughts on “Still January

  1. Mya says:

    I am happy for you, getting a washing machine. I don’t like it when I have to wash clothes by hand my washer only takes very small loads or it won’t run! Funny song 🙂 Stay warm!

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    • WolfSong says:

      I hate hand washing so much.
      When I was a single gal in an apartment, that’s how I did everything, so I’m no stranger to it. I’ve just become so spoiled with the machine, and I miss it.

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  2. Sandee says:

    Being able to do laundry is a wonderful thing. I know you’ll wash for days getting everything clean.

    The sun is shining here and it’s cold at night, but it warms up in the afternoon and hubby and I can go for a walk outside. So wonderful. Won’t last long but for now we’re enjoying it.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

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    • WolfSong says:

      We’re finally getting to the point where we’re not freezing everything outside.
      It’s been so cold, even our dog (who is from Nunavut) hasn’t wanted to be outside…and she *loves* the cold!

      Hope your week is awesome.
      And that 2022 treats you magnificently!

      Today though, we had a nice long stroll across the big field and pupper ran and ran and ran…it was lovely!

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  3. Re-Farmer says:

    When our washing mashing broke down, my younger daughter (being the least broken in our household) did the laundry in the tub by stomping on it. She got those clothes cleaner than our old washer did! It was amazing!

    We did the least amount of laundry we could get away with until we could get the new washer. Once it was installed, we were doing laundry every day for probably a week before we caught up! 😀

    We’re still delighted by the victory music the fancy new washer plays when it’s done. 😀


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