We’re getting that rain we wanted.
We actually have puddles.
And ducks in the puddles.
They are very happy ducks.
I am happy that I got a bunch of seeds planted in the garden before the rains came.
I am also happy I didn’t fall for Mother Nature’s trap and plant my tomatoes and peppers…since it’s a chilly 2*c right now.
But, we have the moisture we so desperately needed.
The trees are popping.
My lilacs might actually bloom…if we can keep a certain large blonde from nibbling on them. 😉
Apple trees are starting to blossom.
And the grass!
With a round of heat and a few more quick showers, I’ll be cutting hay in just a few weeks time.
Thank goodness!
And the mares are officially off hay.
They got their last portion last night, and it’s all still sitting in the feeder this morning.
Unless some weird weather event happens, we’re done feeding hay for the year. (please, no weird weather events occur!)
So with today’s rain, I’ll be doing some wine maintenance (got a few batches ready to bottle and another one to transfer out of the pail, plus a beer kit to start and a sugar shine to get going) and enjoying coffee while trying to beat off a migraine.
In short, I’m staying inside today.
Have a great weekend friends!

2 thoughts on “🖤rain🖤

  1. Sandee says:

    Life appears to be good on your farm. Excellent.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Christine. ♥

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  2. Re-Farmer says:

    Isn’t it wonderful!!! Our lilacs are starting to show flower buds now, too, and the ornamental apples by the house are starting to bloom (they always bloom the earliest). It is so great to not have to water the garden beds twice a day.

    Plus, it’ll be a huge help with all the wildfires out there!

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