Updates on that Pressure Tank Thing…

Lemme tell y’all something…when things can go wrong, they tend to want to go wrong.
Our current pressure tank is what’s known as a “flow thru”.
It has one pipe going in one side and a pipe going out the other side.
This is not a standard well pressure tank.
A standard well pressure tank has 1 outlet on the bottom where water goes in, then comes out again.

Now, we thought that we had a standard tank.
Nah, that would be too easy, right?
Turns out we have the flow thru…and no one stocks flow thru tanks.
To order one in could take anywhere from 4-8 weeks!
And one more time I say:

Clearly this is not going to work for us.
So…we sat down and had a really good look at the plumbing…

As it stands, we actually have 2 pressure tanks.
The small blue one, which is the first in line, and the bigger grey one (this is the flow thru…and the bladder on it is most definitely hooped…there should not be water coming out the top nipple thing when depressurizing the system to work on it, and I have a short video showing that exact thing happening.).
On the line that goes to th blue tank is the pressure switch and the gauge…and just after those 2, there is a shut off ball valve. (more on that in a moment)

This literally looks *nothing* like any of the well pump/pressure tank installations I’ve looked at online.
Like…absolutely nothing.
Plus none of the online ones have a helper tabby anywhere.

So since the well pump is running *a lot* and way more than would be if it was a simple leak, we had depressureized the system and discovered that, indeed, the bladder int he grey tank was compromised.
So in order to *not* have the well pump burn out coming on far too often (like it was coming on every 8ish minutes…that is not good at all), we’ve been doing our daily water based things, then turning the power off to the well pump.
At least until we can get the tank replaced.

Which leads me to the shut off ball valve…
Hubby decided we should try shutting that off today.
Leave the well pump on, because it also runs the equine auto waterer (they have water in the steel trough, so they are not going without) and shut down the house.
He did that and the pressure switch and gauge had a spasm.
Switch rapidly turned on and off, and gauge bounced up and down between the come on and cut off numbers.
Okay then.
So it looks like the pressure switch is hooped too.

As it turns out, we can buy a new switch/gauge assembly to go on the tee pipe we need to put on the conventional tank that we bought.
So that’s the current plan.
We think (and this is just a theory right now, so if anyone has a better understanding of those pictures, I’m all ears!!) that the shut off valve keeps the 2nd line in from the well closed…so we should be able to take the main line and attach it to the tee fitting for the conventional pressure tanks, hook up the electrical for the pressure switch and run the lines to the house.
We think.

Honeslty, I’m leaning heavily on other people’s knowledge here.
A good friend’s son (who is also our friend and a pretty awesome guy) is a new plumber who’s been sharing knowledge.
I’ve also been picking my brother’s brain, because the dude is a smart dude.

Today we’re ging to get the necessary parts and tools (because pex…jfc…so many different materials in this house’s plumbing…the last owner put pex in everywhere she worked on…which is fine if you have the $140 crimping tool and rings to work on it…which we don’t. Yet.) and hopefully this weekend, we can get this done.
Because the pro guys around here that we called and left messages with have not returned our calls.
So it looks like we’re, with the help of friends/family, figuring this out on our own.

Farm life is fun.
I don’t know what else to say.

7 thoughts on “Updates on that Pressure Tank Thing…

  1. Sandee says:

    Farm life is fine until something goes wrong and something goes wrong way to often. I hope you get this worked out soon.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

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  2. Toosh says:

    oy these types of things leave a person at a loss for words….good luck.


    • WolfSong says:

      We need it!
      Hopefully it can be fixed this weekend, and hopefully it’s *not* the foot valve like Paul mentioned…because that I think we’ll end up having someone come in to fix if it is…


  3. Re-Farmer says:

    Oh, my goodness! And I thought our system was weird. I’ve never seen a system with the mini tank before! Plus mystery pipes, and even a Nancy! 😀 😀

    I do love the size of your pressure tank. The big one, I mean.

    When we called a plumber in to look at our well pump, they couldn’t figure out why I was talking about our basement until they got here. Turns out well pumps are usually… you know… in the well.

    So is your well directly under all this?


    • WolfSong says:

      Our well is about 50 feet away from our house. Which is where the well pump is. You can hear it come on if you’re standing beside the well head when it does.

      I’m actually quite grateful for that mini tank, because that’s what’s keeping us in water for cleaning and showers right now.
      I have learned it’s not unusual to have more than one smaller tank in succession for less cycling of the well pump, but not usual in colder climates.
      Frickin’ middle of Manitoba. 🙄
      So yeah, I’m just buying parts, my brother is pretty sure he and my Hubby can get things working, and then (fingers crossed) all will be well. lol

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