December Already…

You wouldn’t know it, looking out my window.
It’s sunny and cool, there’s not much snow, and today is Rooster Rehab day.
I’m grateful for the nice weather.
Not only because I can take out more roosters from the flock, but because I’m just happy for nice days.
We don’t get a lot of those right now.
So I’m trying to find a bit of peace and happiness wherever I can.
Plus this nicer weather means The Merry Mares aren’t gobbling through the winter hay supply like it’s endless.

Last week we butchered 3 of the turkey boys.
Welp, Narragansetts win for flavor!
Holy. Moly.
This ain’t your grocery store bird, lemme tell ya!
So we’re pretty okay with our breeding flock, now more than ever.
I still plan to raise some whites, but now it’s just to prove I can.
Not that I’m stubborn or anything.

Aside from running the Rehab today, there’s not much new here.
We’re still plugging along, watching the world burn around us, trying not to get caught up in it.
Egg sales have finally caught up, and I’m making some of Alton Brown’s aged eggnog this weekend.
At least I’ll have that to sip while the world continues to lose it’s collective mind.

Here’s a picture of Astrid in the early morning light, just to make you smile. 🙂

3 thoughts on “December Already…

  1. skyepony says:

    We had a Bourbon Brown turkey from our 4-H flock for Thanksgiving. The Royal Palms we used to raise probably had bigger breasts but the flavor on any of the heritage birds are so much better. Those domestic whites.. Most after so long, get so fat their legs break. Even the hens..if you fall in love with one you will watch it die too young.

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    • WolfSong says:

      We’d only be keeping the whites until they were butcher size, then they’d be processed for sale.
      They’re just so darn fragile all the way around, but some folks don’t like the taste of the heritage breeds.
      I say they don’t know what their missing.
      I’d be happy to eat these Narrangansetts over the whites any day! 🙂
      And dang, I just can’t help but think there’s no way those whites can be happy birds when they can’t act like a turkey should.
      A turkey should be able to dance for his hen and be able to mate…

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  2. Toosh says:

    Culinary turkey, sounds wonderful!
    And I do like eggnog season 🙂 enjoy!

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