Y’all know I make wine…
Which is funny because before we moved to the Farm, Hubby and I had quit drinking alcohol the second I found out I was pregnant with The Kid.
Didn’t touch another drop ’til the move here.
Something about the highs and lows of Farm life make ya want a drink every now and then.

Over the summer I had a chance to slip out to my brother’s 80 acres of bush and forage some chokecherries.
Being the first year I looked for them, and because he has so much poison ivy, I only found 1/2 an ice cream pail of them.
Enough for a gallon of wine, at least.

Yesterday, Hubby and I were over picking up chicken feed from the farmer who leases our big field and I noticed some black berries…I says, “y’know that tree we drive past to get back here, the one with the black berries on it?”
“Chokecherries” he says “Pick as many as you want…there’s a spot in the back where there’s tons of ’em…pick whatever you want”

So on the way out, we stopped and I grabbed a handful to see how they tasted (because they’re a bit past their prime, and we’ve had a frost) and they were de-effing-licious!
So I’m heading out to fill some pails, and my freezer where there’s space, so I can make more chokecherry wine.
And now I have a bountiful place to pick next year too!

5 thoughts on “Foraging

  1. Sandee says:

    Wonderful. Nothing like sharing some homemade wine when it’s cold outside.

    Have a fabulous day an week. ♥

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  2. skyepony says:

    Congrats on the new pickin spot. Been jamming the beauty berries and starfruit here. Saw wine could be made from the beauty berries..

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    • WolfSong says:

      Oh, beauty berries are so pretty!!
      What do they taste like?

      I may make a batch of jelly from the chokecherries. I love jam on toast, but we’ll see how much wine I decide to make. 😉


  3. Toosh says:

    And those few cold nights would have given a bit of sweetness, nice score!


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