Yesterday and last night we got rain.
A lot of it.
Which is good because I hate watering the garden. My hose doesn’t reach so I have to use watering cans,
I do it, but I complain about it.
Mostly because my garden is fairly big and watering can after watering can gets tedious.
It’s kinda hilarious…especially since we’re working on expanding it.

But the rain has also made the grass grow, and that becomes hay.
That’s what I’m doing today.
Cutting hay.
Hay here in the Farm yard.
Then hay up on the side access road beside our property.
Then hay over at a friend’s place where she can’t get into with machinery.
Here hay, there hay, everywhere hay, hay…

Not that I’m complaining because every bit of hay I cut and put up gets us closer to being able to keep a ewe or 2 over winter.
Because sheep, and I refuse to keep animals I cannot feed.
So, I work my rump off to make sure we can feed ’em.

Then tomorrow I’ll be back at weeding the garden.
Which is food for not only us humans but them darn meat chickens…because meaties do love when The Food Lady tosses them weeds to eat.

My new statue addition…

Check out my new-to-me statue!
She came from the local dump.
Yup, our dump allows us to “shop” so that things can be recycled.
I ❤ LOVE ❤ that.
We’ve gotten building materials, gardening things, hardenable steel for Hubby’s forge, and now a new garden statue.
She’s concrete and just about 15 inches tall.
Ima clean her up, give her a fresh coat of paint and enjoy her beauty.

And now, on with the day!
Gotta go cut the hay.

3 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Sandee says:

    Yay for the rain and a bit of a break with the watering can. I like that and I love your new to you statue. Please take another shot of her when you pretty her up.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug. ♥

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  2. skyepony says:

    Nice statue find. Been raining here a lot lately. Moving dirt around to keep the mud in check. Had a new calf born. The pasture was so flooded kept the Moo and new heifer up on the high ground around the house. They have been good yard cows.

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  3. Sarah Davis says:

    I feel you, I’ll be in the hay field tomorrow. Got to keep the horses warm and full this winter.

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