I’m Meeeelllltting….

It’s really hot.
We’re under a heat warning.
Hubby put in the window a/c yesterday.
Someday, I will splurge and have central air conditioning installed in this house.
Shoulda done it when we bought the place, but put it off and it never got done.

Should also buy a pool once day.
An above ground one that we can use to cool off on these blistering hot days.
Of course we’ll have to keep Sable from breaking out of the pasture and using it…that horse does love her a place to wash her feet, I tell ya!

All we can do it keep the animals watered, us watered and try not to melt.

Almost the whole garden is planted…except for the peppers and tomatoes and a few seeds.
I put a massive amount of beans into the main garden, to go with the ones in the straw bales…which are growing amazingly in this heat.
Most things are mulched to protect from weeds.
And I just gotta stay on top of the watering.
Tonight we have the potential for a thunderstorm with a lot of rain.
Wednesday is supposed to rain.
Pasture looks good still, even after these few days of blazing heat.
Mares are tired of bugs.
I’m tired of being hot and tired.

But it is what it is and we’ll just keep on keepin’ on…
How many more cliches can she use???

2 thoughts on “I’m Meeeelllltting….

  1. Sandee says:

    We just ended our third heatwave this year. It’s nice out today, but it’s been triple digit for 6 days in a row. I hear you.

    Have a fabulous day and stay cool. ♥

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    • WolfSong says:

      Ugh, I love heat but this hot and sticky stuff is not my cup of tea.
      Ah well, I’ll complain now, then later when it’s -40 I’ll complain because it’s too cold.
      Have a great week! ❤

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