#@%! Tim Hortons

Back in February, Tim Hortons (huge used to be Canadian, now owned by Brazilians, coffee chain) rolled out almond milk for their coffee.
Choice is good. We should all be able to make choices on what fuels our bodies.
But there were a bunch of us concerned about this.
Y’see tree nuts is a huge allergen for a wide variety of people.
And the reactions can be small or they can be deadly.

For the member of our family, it can be deadly.
Even with an epipen.
So I contacted Tim Hortons, asking if they were going to have a way to (or even just attempt to) stop cross contamination.
After all, their decision to offer this choice could kill someone.

At first I was told to check with each store I wanted to visit, because franchise owners may decide to lessen cross contamination, or they may not.
(This was via their Facebook page)
Okay, so no across the board from the parent company about the safety of the decision.
So I emailed head office to ask about it.
Where I got a stock answer:

With this, I figured no one even read my initial email…

So I fired back, asking if they actually read what my concern was, or if stock answer was all they had.

To which I got this…

Which basically says “we ain’t trying to keep anything separate, screw you, go somewhere else…”

And hey, that’s all well and good, if that’s how a company wants to treat their customers.
I mean, I’m fine with going somewhere else.
We no longer buy coffee there, and we no longer purchase their coffee for home use.

But it took 3 messages via FB and 2 emails to get the answer that the nut juice will be at all coffee stations now.
So anyone with a nut allergy can’t even get a *black* coffee because it’s not safe.
Anaphylaxis ain’t a goddamn joke.

Fast forward a month, to mid-March, where we decide to put together a little photoshoot.

Oh, what’s that?
A wild can of Tim Hortons coffee?

Steady now…line up your shot carefully.
You don’t want it to get away…

Oh, I think you winged it…gonna have to put it out of it’s misery!

Great shot!
Might have to go one more though…these wild coffees can be dangerous when injured.

It’ll all be over soon, coffee.

That oughta get the job done!

Now you’re done for, you wild coffee you!

And that’s the end of that wild can of Tim Hortons coffee.
May we never see another ’round here again…

Fuck Tim Hortons.