Chicks are Out of My House

For that I am thankful.
I know people like birds as pets, and I’m happy for those who have them and love them.
Good for you. 🙂

I, however, hate the stink of birds in my house.
So I am glad to have the chicks moved outside to the brooder.
We have 45 in total this round.
We didn’t have as good of a hatch in the big incubator.
Only a 50% hatching rate.
But, I was able to identify a few things that I can work on for the next round, and hopefully that will go up.
A lot.

Next lot starts in a week or so…
I’ve got a couple dozen hatching eggs on order from the same Farm LemonChicken came from (I feel like I may have told y’all this already lol).
I’ll set those with a bunch of ours, to hatch out for our meat chick pick up day.
Assuming that still happens.
Money is funny right now, since Hubby’s work shut down for 2 weeks.
It is what it is though…we have no control over anything right now, except for our ability to grow food.
So that’s what I’m focusing on.