Digging Out

That special weather disturbance seems to have finally past us.
Leaving us with a whole lot of snow.
And then there was the wind blowing it around, which made for some pretty darn big drifts.
But it all seems to be light and fluffy stuff, so today, after my coffee, I’ll go man the shovel while Hubby runs the tractor.

And this weirdo?

Snow loving weirdo freak dog…

She’ll love every second blasting around in the snow.
She’s from Nunavut.
She lives for snowy weather.
‘Til she gets ice balls in her paw fur, then she’s ready to go back inside.

One thought on “Digging Out

  1. anne leueen says:

    We got a lot of snow while we were still at home up north. We have a mini Schnauzer puppy and she loved it. We had to snowblow a pathway for her or she was up to her ears in snow but she dashed about having a grand time.

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