Saturday Morning Chuckle

There seems to be a wealth of spam comments lately.
For the most part, I just empty the spam folder and go on with my day.
I do, however, try to remember to check for real comments that might have gotten sent there by mistake…because as good as Akismet is, it does still make a mistake sometimes with real comments.

Yesterday, I got this one…

Now, even with the body of that, it’s pretty easy to tell this is from a bot…no one who actually read the This Horse post would write that…spamming is just scheme to get more link clicks for traffic. It’s annoying to 99.9% of the real world.
But I have to know, what part reminds this person of their room mate?
Is it the eating of plastic?
Is it the over grown toddler who likes to put everything in their mouths?
Is it the part where I had to stick my hand in the over grown toddler’s mouth to pull the plastic out?
Ooooh…maybe the commenter has to do that to his room mate?
Or maybe, the room mate had to do that to the *commenter* , because the room mate was going to have a “good read”.

And then, mouse over the link (because you always check the link in spam comments) and BOOM…there it is…

It’s a spam laden cialis website.

I may have laughed myself a wee bit silly about it.
Of course, I also mighta been a bit punch drunk from the insane cold snap we were in last night.
Or real drunk.
Either way, it was funny to me, and I’ve had another darn good chuckle this morning over it.

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