Still Here

Just been a bit busy.
My Kid had her wisdom teeth out, so aside from chores, life has been working around her recovery.
And WordPress is being stubborn about uploading pictures…
So the best I got for you today is one of the 3 stooges.

Sable did not want her picture taken…lol

I’ll be back next week with regular posting.

Making Plans

I’m a planner.
I’m a worrier.
I’m a research something ’til I can’t think anymore then worry about whether or not I can do it-er.
Some days, it ain’t easy being in my head.
I have big Dreams.
But I also have anxieties.
Sometimes, the anxiety can be crippling.
I freeze and do nothing because I’m scared to fuck up.
Not scared to fail, because in failure we learn how to do better.
Scared to royally fuck things up and lose it all.
Like I said…
It ain’t easy being in my head sometimes.

Which makes this time of year a little bit more challenging.
This is the time where the Farm is starting to go into it’s winter slumber period.
During that winter slumber, I…well, we…make plans for the coming year(s).
Right now seed catalogs are coming out.
So I’m working on planning the garden.
I’m thinking about a 300 gallon water tote.
I’m thinking about a greenhouse.
I’m thinking about starting seeds…
Expanding the fruit orchard…
Propagating grapes, honeyberries, adding raspberries…
Growing enough food to can for next winter and fruit to make wine.

And then I’m thinking about whether or not my garlic will grow come spring…
Will my strawberries survive?
Did I mulch them enough?
Did I mulch them too much?
What about the black currants I didn’t have a chance to plant so I mulched in with the strawberries…
Will they survive heavily mulched, but in pots?
Will they spring back to life when I plant them come spring?

Then, meat production…
Can I sell enough eggs to get the next incubator?
Will we have space to grow all the chicks I want to hatch?
What about the ducks?
Are they ever going to give me ducklings?
I’ve already decided to order 10 hatchery pekin ducks in spring, to go with my meat chickens.
But, should I try turkeys too?
I really want to grow turkeys.
Will it be worth the money to do?
Will I have enough brooder space for ducks, turkeys, meat chickens *and* the chicks I hatch?
How can I make sure I do have enough?

By now, I’ve given myself a headache and I’m starting on the stomachache to match…

But wait…there’s more!
Because now, in my frustration over not meeting our 5 year plan goals (a huge part of which was to have the entire property fenced and have a few head of bison) I’m looking at sheep…
Why sheep?
Welp, because I need a break from swine.
But, we also need something on the Farm to replace the meat that would come from them.
And I’m not allowed goats…or, it goes like this:

Me: I want a milking goat or two…and maybe a billy if I can’t find someone to send the girls on dates with.
Hubby: First goat that climbs on my truck become goat-b-q.

Considering we’ve seen goats on our Hay Guy’s vehicles on different occasions when we’ve been picking up hay for the Merry Mares, I figure we’d be eating goat-b-q in fairly short order.

Ahhhh, but sheep?
A small herd of say…Icelandics?
They’re hardy, good for our climate, bred for meat, fibre and milk.
So start with a small herd of them?
I’m thinking about it.
Researching it.
And then, once I think I can handle it…
I’ll freeze.
For fear of royally fucking things up.
In this idea, I do have, at least, a very good veterinarian who knows sheep.
The vet we had come out when our CinderBella was sick raises sheep himself.
So, unlike a lot of folks who dive into sheepses, I have a grand resource for health care on them.
Thank goodness.

Some days, I am so envious of those people who just go out and buy the livestock they want…
“Oh, sheep are cute. Got no fencing in place, but there’s one for sale…” and the person brings it home in the back of their car.
Meanwhile, I’m over here trying not to die because the acids from the anxiety are eating holes in my stomach.
If only I could manage to find that balance between what my brain currently does, and that carefree livestock acquisition.
Maybe one day?
Until then, I’m just gonna order some books on caring for ovines successfully.
And pray I don’t royally fuck it up.

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Some People’s Chickens 🙄

When your chickens are assholes and insist on hiding eggs even though it’s below 0*c and they just freeze and will never ever hatch…

Why, you asshole birds??

You end up with a cup of frozen eggs that will become scrambled eggs for those asshole chickens’ breakfast.
I just answered my own question of why…because them assholes love scrambled eggs.

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Cap’t Jack

He’s a handsome fellow…


Definitely related to the others in the clowder.
He’s got the yellow eyes that mark him as related to our Ghost somehow.
Not sure if he’s a Ghost baby…

Or if he’s one of Trouble’s offspring…

Trouble is a Ghost baby for sure…

Ghost (in front) and Trouble

So we just aren’t sure if Cap’t Jack is a Ghost son or grandson.
Either way, he’s due for getting neutered.
Both Ghost (who disappeared in the spring 😥  ) and Trouble got neutered, and soon, Jack will too.

For fun, here’s a few baby pictures of Trouble, because he was such a cute little guy. 🙂

Trouble hunts and kills a birdie.

Well now, this is interesting…

Time for a bath…

And my favorite…

That Trouble is an adorable little fellow, that’s for sure!

So you can see Cap’t Jack is a Midnight Calico Farm cat, through and through!

Sharing for Feline Friday with Comedy Plus.

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Things That Got Done This Past Weekend

You know the saying…
Winter is coming.
Which means we have to prepare.
It’s not just about food on the shelves, and meat in the freezer.
It’s also making sure we have feed for the animals and prepping for next spring’s new beginnings.


Our hay was delivered on Saturday.
Hubby stashed a few bales in the garage, so that come March, if we don’t need them, they stay there ’til next year.
Hay is never, ever wasted here!
Who knew that dried grass could be, would be, such a precious commodity!
When I think of all the times I cut mine in the city, with no thought about *what* I could have been feeding it to…
I could have easily fed a nice little backyard rabbits for meat colony off my city lawn…and no one would have been the wiser about us raising meat in the city.
No worries about that now though…

With hay, came my 4 small straw bales to go in this:

chick brooder

It’s out and ready for renovations…it’s just too tall, the door too small, and really, really heavy overall.
Hubby’s gonna cut it down in height…prolly to just under the window.
That way it’s a step in as needed but can mostly just reach in to feed and water chicks.
Because in spring, chicks is coming.
Meat chicks, and hatched chicks.
I’ve got my eye on the 2nd incubator, so we’ll have 2 running at once for more chicks.
And then I need a 2nd brooder box for ducklings.
I plan on ordering 10 pekin ducks when we order our meat chicks.
I’m still hopeful that the muscovies will actually produce chicks for us come spring, but if they don’t I want a back up plan for ducks.
We’ve found we really enjoy duck meat and I refuse to buy it, unless I’m buying from another small farmer like us.

Anyways, after Hubby renos the brooder, it’s going in the Little Red Shed…which needs to have the holes in the side and roof fixed and ridge cap put on before winter…soooooo fingers crossed we can get that done, or moving the brooder in there will be a colossal waste of time.

But we got this done…

tarp on the garden…

I was given a bunch of starting to breakdown flax straw bales, so I spread them out under the tarp, on top of the weeds, to rot and compost…it’s a soil building thing. 😉
The tarp will stay until shortly before planting time is to begin.
Then it’ll be replaced with some thick ground cloth, which I’ll plant through and mulch over top.

closed up the compost bins…

So those compost bins…
Got them from a friend when she moved.
I had them in the city myself and left them for the new owners…who then got rid of them. 🙄
I shoulda brought them out here.
But this fall, we discovered those bins make *amazing* poultry houses.
Yup, when the ducks were in the garden working on weed control, they overnighted in the compost bins.
It was awesome!
Now they’re closed up for use as actual compost bins.
And I’m on the lookout for anyone getting rid of more of them.
I can’t believe how well they worked as poultry houses!

So that was a bunch of things off the “Winter is Coming” list…
Plus I made english muffins, fed the chickens a bunch of scrambled eggs and slept. As much as I could. lol

And finally, a picture of Astrid…


Our Little Red who thinks she should eat eggs.
Well, because the chickens have been sneaking into the horse shelter and laying them in there.
That *must* mean the eggs are there for her to eat, right?
Astrid thinks my rules against horses eating eggs is bullshit.
She likes eggs and she wants to keep eating them.
I says “You leave them damn eggs alone, you damn horse!”
All while laughing my ass off…

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A Bit of a Giggle

I had a bit of a giggle at Hubby yesterday…

We went to do chores and throw hay for The Merry Mares, and like always at this time of year, while he tossed hay I went in and scratched and petted everyone.
There’s a reason for this…aside from the general love I have for the equine brats. 😉
Scratches and pets also let me make sure everyone is is good weight for the impending cold weather.
As coats thicken, if they’re not getting a bit of a fat layer, or if they’ve lost, that can be hidden under that thickening coat.
So, hands on is the easiest way to tell…

So while I’m scratching and poking and prodding, Hubby says to me he’s glad to have our hay home now, because he’s been worried about how much the mares have been eating.
I did a quizzical doggie head tilt at him…
Worrying about weight and if they’re getting enough is totally my thing.
Almost all year long, I’m worrying about making sure they’re in healthy weight.

He says to me, “well from here, I can see Astrid’s ribs”
I laugh and I’m like, “uh, fucking where???”
So I get him to come into the pasture and I show him…if you try to feel ribs, you can’t.
But looking from the angle he was standing it, it looked like she was ribby because of her hair pattern and the dirt in her coat.
Then I took him over to Sable, and showed him the same thing…find the ribs with your hands, through the coat.
Once into the coat, you find she has a nice pad of fat over her ribs…not so much that she’s overweight, but enough that she’ll do just fine with good hay to maintain her.
And Ruby?
Still getting people stopping to find out when she’s gonna have her baby.
I laugh and say, “no babies here…that’s a food baby!!”

Chubby monkey napping in the sunrise, pre-snow fall.

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Feline Friday

Chickens aren’t the only ones who were subjected to the indignity of the pumpkin…

Daisy Mae is pretty sure we’re trying to kill her…

Nancy was having none of this crap…he just kept flailing his legs out so that he wouldn’t fit.

And then there was Max…

Oh Max!!

Max was resigned to his fate, and even tried to smile a little bit.
Man, I love this cat…he’s got so much personality and is such a fun guy.

Sharing with Comedy Plus for Feline Friday.

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