Our Muscovy Flock

I’ve wanted ducks for a looooong time.
I never quite convinced Hubby that we needed ducks until a friend mentioned her work had a pair that needed a winter home…
And then we got ducks. 🙂
That’s how Jazzy and Rain got here.

This was taken on their first day here…

And then over the winter, our Jazzy ended up with a respiratory infection that he couldn’t beat, no matter how much treatment I gave him, and we lost him.
It was only a few months without his partner-in-crime before Rain followed Jazzy into the great duck unknown.

We would have been duckless, but last fall, a local woman was selling off some of her extra stock…turns out muscovy hens really like to lay eggs. And hatch them.
So when the woman posted a blowout sale where hens were selling for $2 each (normally upwards of $20-35!) I jumped at the chance to buy 5 ladies.
And then we worked out a deal for drakes for both our freezers…but out of the drakes we got for our freezer, Hubby and I decided that 1 might have to stay.
Duck eggs are grand, but bbq’d duck is better!
One thing we learned this winter, after putting a bunch of ducks into the freezers of 2 homes, is that we really enjoy muscovy duck meat.
So having our own little flock of laying/hatching/duckling raising birds is no bad thing.
1 step closer to self-sufficiency, I says!

This handsome fellow is the drake we kept…and the brown face of one of the ladies. 😉

And here he is with 4 of the ladies…the 5th is just out of frame.

Now that we have ducks eggs being layed, hopefully one (or more) of the ladies will go broody and sit to hatch some.
And then y’all will get to see duckling pictures.

3 thoughts on “Our Muscovy Flock

  1. Sandee says:

    Sorry about the ducks, but love the muscovy hens. Hopefully they will exceed your expectations.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Happy Easter. ♥

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  2. We had the ones that looked sort of like Mallards but big.
    Looking forward to duckling pics….

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  3. anne leueen says:

    Nice to see these. There two ducks a male and a female that have been visiting us today. They went for a swim in our pool which is still closed for the winter so the water is all rainwater not pool water. I shooed them away as I did not want them to think that it was a good place to set up a home as they would be in for a shock in a couple of weeks when it will be filled with chlorinated pool water.

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