Thankful Thursday

Things I am thankful for this week:

Sable eating her cookie…with previcox hidden inside. 😉

a. Flax/apple cookies.
They make giving her a pill soooooo much easier.

Eating a bouquet of alfalfa flowers…

2. Fancy molasses. And oats.
Since she’s been on antibiotic pills instead of shots, we’ve had to be creative with getting them into her.
Without a fight, that is.
Molasses and oats in her beet pulp, with her ground up pills and it all gets slurped up in record time.

Trying to steal Ruby’s alfalfa bouquet…

c. She’s feeling better.
A whole lot better.
But, she’s also coming onto the last couple of days of antibiotics and I’m nervous about whether or not she’s going to stay better or relapse…

Garden tomatoes…

d. Fresh tomatoes from the garden.
This is the biggest haul of red tomatoes we’ve had since we moved to the Farm. It’s been challenging (to say the least) the get the garden off the ground. Especially since I had the whole technique down pat in the city…
It’s getting better every year, and that’s something to be thankful for.

Astrid enjoying her flowers while Ruby looks on…

5. Finally, these 2 jokers.
Because as hard as last Friday was, Astrid was right there to comfort Sable and make sure she was okay.
Thankfully, our vet was understanding about herd bound fools and as long as she was out of the way, she could stay.
And Ruby has been *my* rock while Sable was sick.
When your normal leaning rock of a horse needs to lean on you for a while and you need to lean somewhere too, well it was nice Ol’ Painty Face stepped up and let me use her to brush out some stress and anxiety on…

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5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    I hope Sable is going to be okay when the antibiotics are done. I’ve been worried about her something awful, as you have.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥

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  2. Brian Frum says:

    Your horses are so gorgeous. We have a friend at Wag N’ Woof Pets who ventured into farming too, they have chickens. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop, we’re so glad you did.

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  3. I had to laugh. I thought getting a pill down a ct was hard enough but you have real challenges. Looks like you nailed it though!

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  4. Magical Mystical Mimi says:

    Wow. Your horses are beautiful and those tomatoes look great too!

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  5. Toosh says:

    Good work, Food Lady! And I’m glad you’ve got herd support–for you and Sable. Flower treats for all, nice.

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