A Little Farm Yard Excitement

It is a lovely day today.
-8*c, no wind, sunshine and blue skies for miles.

The ducks and chickens were overjoyed to come out of the coop today.
I pulled their feed pan and waterer outside too.
Then, I tossed a couple of huge flakes of straw into the coop…after I gave them some straw to play in on top of the snow drifts.
This, my friends, is very exciting for poultry.
Little things make little minds happy. πŸ˜‰

Heading back towards the house, I saw Sable in the trough…
Well, of course she was. Where else would the most accident prone horse on this Farm stand to eat??

As I went to give her trouble for it (and help her out) I saw someone black and white sitting atop a straw bale.
In my excitement to see him, I got a little over-zealous with my greeting, and he hopped down and ran off a bit…
That’s when I realized it wasn’t Felix.
Because Felix always came to the sound of my voice.
Always. ❀
Hoping it was him was just wishful thinking…

❀ Felix ❀

I went back to the house, grabbed the camera and headed down to the pasture to see if I knew this black and white ball of fur.
Turns out, after I captured his picture, that I do know him:

Well hello there, Mr. TobyCat!

He showed up here 2(?) summers ago.
When we lost so much of the clowder to the stinking coyote, I thought he was gone too.
He must have gone back over to the closest neighbour’s place for a while. And now, he’s back with us for a bit.

Looking down from the rafters in the horse shelter.

So, another feline mouth to feed, and, if I can catch him, he’ll go for the Long Ride to the vet for the check up/neutering work.
7 is a good number for barn cats, right?
We’ll see if Trouble, Ghost and Max will let him stick around long enough for me to catch him.
The boys may be fixed but they’re still territorial.
They ain’t sharing the food (or The Food Lady’s lap) if they don’t have to!

Finally, just so y’all understand what I mean by “Sable was in the trough…”

“Whuts yer problem, Food Lady?”

Some people’s horses, I tell ya!!


3 thoughts on “A Little Farm Yard Excitement

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    I love barn cats. They keep the rodents down or gone altogether.

    I also love your horses. Just regal animals.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. β™₯

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  2. Toosh says:

    Mild sunny days are a treat for all, so good to get these finally. Makes for easy travels for Toby! He looks like my Tippy lol !
    As for Sable, is she hinting for a hot tub?…


  3. kara krantz says:

    I know you posted this a while ago, but your “new” kitty has already been fixed – it has a tipped ear. That is a sign some vets use to be able to easily see that a cat has been fixed. Since it has been fixed, it probably will not go into a trap again. But you will not have to worry about unwanted kitties. I do love black & white cats.

    Could you elevate the food tub? That may keep Sable out of it – she couldn’t step in so easily. I know it is better for large dogs to have elevated food and water dishes – maybe horses too???

    Take care, K2


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